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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 32)

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ALONE story

Episode 32.

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I was behind the wheels while Gospel was beside me,giving me directions on how to handle the steering. We were in Okpara square where he had insisted to be the one teaching me how to drive instead of going to the driving school where I had registered.
I had successfully reversed the car and was going to continue moving when I saw Hillary’s car drive into the square. I quickly turned off the ignition and watched the car, waiting to see whoever it was he had come in with. Surprisingly, he got down from the car and started walking to Gospel’s car. My face turned into a frown.
Gospel: Your boyfriend is here. Did you invite him?
Me: I didn’t.

Gospel got down from the car and went to Hillary who was now close to the car. They shook hands and said something to themselves before Gospel walked away and Hillary came and opened the car.
He occupied where Gospel had being sitting and faced me.
Hillary: Bae how’re you?
Me: Are you stalking me or what?
Hillary: No I’m not.
Me: Then who told you I’m here.
Hillary: Kamsi did. I went to the house but I found her instead.
Yes. Kamsi came back the previous day and she was looking very robust and happy.
Hillary: Bae I’m sorry. Please don’t punish me this much. I know I wronged you but I’m sorry. The temptation and urge was just too much for me to handle. I…
I got down from the car, closed the door and leaned on it. I’m done hearing whatever he has to say. I’m done with letting myself fall so cheaply for men who will spare no time in hurting me.
He also got down and came to my side..
Hillary: Bae
Me: Hillary please. Get out of here. I don’t want to embarrass you. Get out.
Hillary: If that’s what will make you forgive me, fine, embarrass me,do anything to me but please, forgive me. I can’t be without you, I can’t even concentrate anymore. I’m deeply sorry.
Me: Whether you eat,sleep or concentrate less, its none of my fu’cking business. When you were with Rose, did you pause to think about me? Listen,don’t make me remember what I’ve tried to forget and don’t make me forget my hand on your face.
Hillary: Do it.
Me: Get lost.

I opened the car and got in,locking all doors immediately and driving away. I don’t care anymore. Why should I?
He was there while I rode to and fro, angrily stepping on the brakes and honking nonstop. At about 45minutes later, Gospel called and asked me to stop. I halted the car and waited for him to come to me. He did,asked me to get down and I did. We both walked to a shade.
Gospel: You’re angry. What’s wrong? Did he say anything to you?
Remember that Gospel isn’t yet aware of what happened between Hillary and myself.
Gospel: Amanda?
Me: He didn’t say anything.
Gospel: Are you two okay?
Me: Let’s go home.
Gospel: No. I’m calling him. I need to know what’s happening.
Me: Suit yourself.
He walked away and went to where Hillary was standing. The next minute, they were walking up to me.
Gospel: So both of you, indulge me, tell me what’s happening here.
Me: Nothing.
Gospel: Man, tell me.
Hillary looked at me before he started talking, saying everything that had happened. I was mad with rage. How dare he?
Hillary: But I’m really sorry. I am.
Gospel: Amanda….

Me: Don’t call my name, he has the effrontery to say he’s sorry? He did it the first time and didn’t tell me. What if I hadn’t caught them that second time? Will he have told me? You guys should just not mention my name here. If he wants to continue stalking my life,fine,I’m out of here.
I walked out without sparing them another glance. I got into the car and decided to wait patiently for Gospel. Time passed but he seemed to be enjoying whatever Hillary was saying.
I took my purse and got down from the car,I walked out of the square, found a cab and made for home. Why won’t he enjoy the story? They were birds of sane feathers and they are so good in flocking together.
The first person I went to see was Kamsi. She was stepping out of the bathroom when I got in.
Kamsi: You back?
Me: Yes Mrs Abidjan.
She laughed and hit my shoulder playfully.
Kamsi: Can see you and Gospel have bonded so well.
I shrugged my shoulders.
Me: He’s shown how repentant he is.

Kamsi: Yea. He called me as well, begging to have back his position in my life. I only agreed to forgive him because he said he’ll apologise to you as well.
Me: Its all good. At least, since then, he’s being good.
I told her about our shoppings and the new things he bought for me.
Kamsi: Wow. I’m sure Rose must have taken some. I dunno why she’s refused to pick my calls since yesterday.
Me: Ehe. Why will she pick it when she’s afraid you’ll also give her the beating of her life like I did.
I unlocked my phone and showed her the pictures I took after beating Rose.
Kamsi: Jesus! What did she do?
Me: What else? She’s being sleeping with Hillary.
Kamsi’s face flushed. She sat down on the bed and hugged me. I was past this emotion stage so I just hugged back and freed myself.
Kamsi: And that slowpoke had the guts to come here and look for you?
Me: Leave it. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to spoil your vacation.
Kamsi: Chai. Why was I not here?

Me: She even came to deceive Ken, because she thought I wouldn’t tell him. I wanted to keep quiet but when she asked that I excuse them, I had to open my mouth.
Kamsi: That girl eh. Wait till I see her in school on Monday.
Me: I’m not going on Monday o. I’ll start by Wednesday.
Kamsi: Onye ujo akwukwo. Anytime we start, I’m still going to pay her a visit. She made a mistake by messing with you.
I smiled and rubbed her back.
Me: Dress up joor. You’re showing too much skin and I’m not Ted.
We both laughed before she dressed up and we went down to watch a movie together..

To be continued………

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