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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 30)

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ALONE story

Episode 30.

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

I went home a different person. Enough is enough. Maybe I’ve being too naive and vulnerable but from today henceforth, I’ll change. In fact, I’ve changed. No more men.
I refused to mention what had happened to anybody even Kamsi. I’m not going to spoil her fun. I started going out, trying my best to socialise more with people that weren’t just course mates. I registered into a driving school and that was how I started passing time, waiting for school to resume.
I was in my room five days later when my phone rang. It was an unsaved number. I picked it and listened.
Hillary: Bae.

I hissed. I’ve refused picking his calls and now, he’s calling with different numbers.
Hillary: Bae, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I wronged you, yes I really wronged you but please, for the sake of all we’ve shared, forgive me.
Me: Is that all?
He paused for a while so I continued.
Me: For goodness sake, why my friend? Do you know Gospel is better than you? To think I trusted you and loved you with all my life? Jeez I can’t believe I’m in this now.
Hillary: C’mon bae, I’ll do anything to make it right. Anything.
Me: Fine. Alright. Anything right?
Hillary: Yes. Anything.
Me: Good. Kill yourself.

I hung up and went back to my magazine. Nobody was going to kill me in this life. If I had survived at the Okoye’s house, I’ll survive anything.
I was flipping through the pages of the magazine,muttering to myself when Gospel came in.
Gospel: Hey.
I looked up. He was looking calm and a bit happy so I relaxed.
Me: Hi.
He sat down beside me and rubbed his palm
Gospel: You free to talk?
Me: Yup. So long as its not those your normal bickering.
He chuckled and oh yea,I was surprised.
Gospel: I wanna apologise. Sincerely,I’ve being a pain in the a$$ and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gone to certain extents but I dunno what happened to me. I’m not that kinda person. So I just wanna ask for your forgiveness.
STUNNED is indeed a very big understatement to the way I felt at that moment. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. He noticed my reaction and plastered a smile.
Gospel; I knew that’s how you were going to take it. I’m deeply sorry for everything. It’s wrong that we’re living in the same house yet we don’t talk. I understand that we can’t be together again but at least, bring me to heart just like you do with Ken and Kammy.
Me: So you’re jealous.
Gospel: Of course. You run to them for explanations, you laugh and play with them and I’m the outcast. Its somehow dear.

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Me: And thus is not a plan to get something from me?
Gospel: Oh please. I’m not that kinda person okay? I promise never to hurt you with my words or actions anymore.
Hmmm. Today can’t get any better.
Me: Okay. We’re good but under one condition.
He rolled his eyes and clapped his palm.
Gospel: Name it.
Me; You’ll make up for the lost times. You’re taking me shopping and getting me another phone. We’ll go out together till the vacation is over and that’s next two weeks. Movies, lunch, dinner, window shopping, everything.
Gospel: Hmmm. Why not make me your husband? It will be better that way
Me: Your head. In or out?
Gospel: Can I ever be out?

Me: Good for you. We’ll start tomorrow and better don’t use this as a reason to try any rubbish with me cause I’ll ply out your manhood.
Gospel: Oops. That’s scary. But I promise,I won’t misuse my new opportunity.
Me: Okay. Maybe I should just call Kamsi and tell her the good news.
Gospel: She knows already.
Me: Oh. So you had it all planned out?
Gospel: Kinda.
Me: Okay. Its alright.
Gospel: And, the doctor called me this morning.
Me: What doctor?
Gospel: From comforter of the afflicted.
I sat up immediately, my curiosity switch(like in smartestpopqueen s literature) active immediately.
Me: What did he say?
Gospel: Its good news actually. With the sperm samples collected from your body that day, those criminals has being caught.

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Me: What? How? After a year? But the police said they couldn’t do anything about it since there was no evidence.
Gospel: Yes, but thanks to the equipments that were shipped into the country from the US, the police and the doctor used your case to check if the instruments work and just like magic, it did.
Me: Have they being arrested?
Gospel: Just one of them. The other is late. But one thing is that,he’s refused to speak up.
Me: Hmmm. I thank God. I don’t even want to seec c c him.
Gospel: If its necessary,you’ll have to see him
Me: Thank you. Till I’m called then..

To be continued….

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