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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 28)

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ALONE story

Episode 28.

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

He walked into my room na’ked and surprisingly, I smiled at him. I was still lying face up and made no attempt to cover my bare self.
He bolted the door and started a graceful walk to my bed, with his huge member pointing upwards and a bit curved. I sat up and we held each other’s gaze for a while before I raised my hand and wrapped his huge member in my hand. It was so big that my hand couldn’t even cover it properly.

He came forward and I lowered my mouth to his joystick. I’m still surprised with what I’m doing but I didn’t stop. He held the back of my head and started directing my pace. I sucked on, trying my best to get the whole of him into my mouth. He was grunting and whining his waist to the rhythm of my own movement.
I continued with what I was doing, looking up at him once in a while and he always gave me a smile to encourage me. After some minutes,he gently pulled out of my mouth and pushed me down on the bed. With expectant eyes, I looked at him, wishing he would touch me in places I’ve never being touched. He opened my legs very wide and used a finger to press on my cli’t making me quiver. He slowly lowered his head to my womanhood and started feasting away. He wasn’t gentle yet, he wasn’t rough. He was lapping, sucking and gently chewing on whatever he found down there while I kept on giving out my screams of pleasure. I pressed on his head, silently asking him not to stop. He didn’t. Instead, he inserted a finger to increase the crazy feeling I was having.

I felt something heavy on my chest and I started shaking, throwing my legs and hands in the air. A warm sensation washed over me and I felt myself going through an orgasmic bliss. He gently and lovingly cleaned me up before coming up to kiss me, making me taste my juices. He paused and we both looked on.
Hillary: Are you ready? Or should we wait?
What kind of man is this? Even at this point, he sought my opinion.
Me: Please. Make me a woman.
Hillary: But bae,I don’t want you to regret anything. I’ll wait till you’re ready. Don’t do this to please me.
Me: No no. Please. I want it now. Take me now.
Hillary: Let me get the CD from the bathroom.
I nodded and he stood up and disappeared into the bathroom. I turned to face the direction he had gone only to feel someone tapping my shoulders. I turned to see who it was.

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I jumped and looked at him. He was smiling. The chilly sensation on my tips reminded me that I was still bare so I quickly grabbed my blanket and covered myself. I had slept off while I thought about my boyfriend and Jesus! Was that a dream? It was too real to be a dream. Now,what was this fool doing in my room? He had seen my unclothedness. Gosh!
Gospel: You’re beautiful.
what guts?
Me: What are you doing in my room?
He still stood there, just beside my reading table and he was smiling shamelessly.
Gospel: Was your dream about us? I’ve been here, watching you beg for a release.
Now I was angry. But I can’t let him have a second show of my body.
Me: I repeat for the last time, what are you doing here?

Gospel: Hey! Come on. I had sent you a message and you didn’t reply so I decided to come and talk to you. We’ve passed the stage of sending messages. We should sought it out once and for all.
Me: You’re talking nonsense. And when you saw I was na’ked, why didn’t you carry your filthy self out of my room?
His smile disappeared.
Gospel: Amanda, don’t use stupid words on me.
Me: Why? Wait till morning when I’ll tell mum you were spying on my bare form.
He shook his head and grabbed the edge of my table.
Gospel; It’s okay. I’ll just go. Not because I’m scared of your threat or something but because I want to respect you.
Me: Thank you. So get out.
Gospel: Okay.

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Instead of going out,he came in further and stopped at the edge of my bed.
Gospel: Between, if that’s how you moan, then he’s not doing it better
He smiled and turned, trying to leave the room. I had to say something to make that smile disappear. Just before he opened the door, I found the right words;
Me: But at least, in my dreams, he’s getting something you’ll never get and very soon,I’ll make this dreams turn to reality, trust me.
He turned, his smile disappearing entirely. It was my turn to smile. He couldn’t stand it so he walked away, banging my door in the process.
I smiled, carried my bare form to the door and bolted it before going to bed.

To be continued….

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