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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 27)

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ALONE story

Episode 27.

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Hillary: Bae, I don’t know him.
Me: Then how did it happen?
Hillary: Was withdrawing from an ATM when he suddenly bumped into me. He took my phone, my wallet and the money I withdrew. I’m glad he didn’t notice I was with my ride if not,he would have driven away in it.
I gasped and Kamsi focused more on me.
Hillary: But I’m fine.
Me: We were worried. Kamsi, Ken and I are even on the highway now.
Hillary: It’s alright. I’m fine. Just go back to the house. It’s late already.
Me: Of course we’ll go back. But I must get to that hospital and get your phone and other stuffs.
Hillary: Baby, let him be. I’m sure he’ll still sell those things off to foot his bills.
Me: I….
Hillary: Bae, just…,you know what? Give the phone to Ken.

I gave the phone to Ken who’s being silent throughout the call. They talked for a while before he gave the phone to Kamsi. When they were through, Kamsi ended the call and gave me my phone.
Kamsi: Let’s go home.
Me: But….
Kamsi: Now,don’t argue. Ken, let’s go.

Ken started the ignition and hit the road again. I was angry. I don’t know the exact brand of that Samsung but I knew it was very very expensive. How can we leave something that expensive for a common criminal? Nobody said a word anymore till we got home.
Mum and Gospel were outside when we drove in.
Mum: Amanda, come my child.
I went into her arms immediately.
I heard Gospel asking Ken what happened.
After mum released me, Kamsi told her what had really happened and she was relieved.
Mum: I was worried. God please save this children.
She led us all inside. We said a quick prayer and everyone retired for the night. I went to my room, undressed and laid on the bed. I was very tired and I hoped to relax my bones for a while before putting on my nightie and going to bed.


I unlocked my phone and started chatting. I got a message notification so I opened it;
“why can’t you just love me the way you love this boy? I saw how you ran out of the house just because you got a call that he was in an accident. Amy please, love me”
With a quick thought,I knew it must be Gospel so I replied;
“love comes to those who love. You’re not the right person for me so I’ll advice you quit trying.
Seconds later, a reply came in;

” I love you and I’ll do anything to prove it to you. Just give me some time with you.”
I refused to reply. I continued with my chat, Kamsi had a picture of her and Ted in her profile. I opened the picture and started looking at it, imagining it was me and Hillary. Just then, a call came in. It was the same number Hillary had used in calling me.
Me: Hello dear.
Hillary: Not sleepy yet?
Me: No. But I’m lying down. I’m very weak and tired.
Hillary: Enough reason you should be sleeping by now. So ma’am, close those lovely eyes.
I stiffed a yawn and smiled.
Me: Not yet honey, I’m yet to dress for the night. I’m bare.
Hillary: Oh! Okay then, I just called to say good night.
Me: Thanks my love. Sleep tight.
Hillary: Thanks. And don’t sleep bare.
I blushed.
Me: I won’t. Take care.
Hillary: Okay dear.


We hung up and I changed position, lying face up with my tips pointing towards the ceiling. I smiled as I thought of Hillary’s goodness. We had never gone past kissing and he seemed comfortable with it. Now I was through with my counseling, I’ll initiate a deeper intimacy. He’s my boyfriend and he deserves it.

To be continued….

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