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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 25)

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ALONE story

Episode 25.

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

Ken: Wow! So you’re a citizen there?
Hillary nodded, sipping from his glass again.
Ken: I swear you’re good man. You don’t even act like one. Your personality is beautiful.
Hillary: What’s the need? I love this place more that’s why I tried to adapt immediately I came in.
Ken: Beautiful. I like you man.
Hillary: Same with me here.
Ken: Follow me to my apartment. I need to show you some stuffs.
They excused themselves and left the sitting room. I was now alone with Gospel. He wasn’t smiling and he seemed so distracted. I went to him and tapped him.
Me: Thinking of what to do next?
He hissed and looked away but I won’t stop pestering him. No.
Me: You got a degree at 23 yet you can’t maintain a relationship. You’re not even good at it. Things…
Gospel: Amanda please.

Me: Please what? Accept defeat and leave my life alone. Let me be. I’ve moved on. Quit trying to show Hillary that he’s not good for me. He’s the best gentleman I’ve ever met outside Ken so leave us alone.
He stood up and held my shoulders lovingly. I was even surprised.
Gospel: Okay. Fine. I accept that I don’t like that boy. I admit okay. But you know I love you. You know how much I care about you.
Me: No you don’t care about me. You don’t.
Gospel: They say,you don’t know the value of what you have till you loose it. I’ve lived in regret and it worsened after I saw you with this boy. I love you so much and I’m ready to make amends. I promise.

I stepped away from him,turning my back to him and fighting the tears that were threatening to fall.
Me: I needed support, love, attention but you offered none. Even if you couldn’t continue with me,at least, you would have being kind enough to hide those words. You said them before me,in my presence, you didn’t mince words remember? What happened? Now you’ve seen this light that is shining on my path and you want me to leave it and come back to you? Gospel, its not done. I love Hillary a lot and I’m ready to step on toes just to prove that point.
Gospel: The same way I’m ready to step on toes to prove mine too. I love you so much. Don’t you get it? You drive me crazy,being without you has left me empty and useless. I need you in my life baby and I’m willing to do anything to make you happy, I promise.
I turned back to face him and he held my hands.

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Me: You don’t need to step on toes for my sake cause you’ve stepped on more than necessary. You’ve done enough. I don’t care about whatever stupid love you have for me. I’m happy now so quit trying to be nice.
He left my hands immediately and frowned his face.
Gospel: I’m sorry Amanda but you’re making things very difficult for me. What part don’t you get? The part that I love you or the part that that guy doesn’t deserve you?
Me: Oh! I don’t get any of them cause the only language my brain listens to now anything positive about my boyfriend.
He sneered and turned away.
Me: I don’t care the way your brain interprets it. I’m in love with someone else and that’s final.
Gospel: You lie.
Me; I see.
Gospel: If I can’t have you, nobody will.
He turned and repeated it again, pausing his lips to make sure I understand.
I stood there as we looked each other in the face like sworn enemies.
Gospel: If you can’t be mine, you can’t belong to anyone else. I made you what and who you are so you owe me a lot. I own you and there’s nothing you or anybody can do about it.
I found my voice immediately but instead of speaking, I found my arm flying in the air and registering a slap on his face.

Me: You listen,I own my life. If there’s anyone I should be fighting with about it, it should be God and not any useless and selfish man. That you picked me up from a dungeon, brushed me up,sheltered me, clothed me, doesn’t mean you own my life. And as for what you said,you’ll see with those two miserable eyes of yours how I’m so going to spend the rest of my life with the boy who loves me a lot and not you. You’ll apologise with that miserable mouth of yours for every damn word you said here.
I stuck a finger out and poked at his chest.
Me: And when that time comes, I’ll give you more slaps than I just did.
He didn’t say another word. He just rubbed his chin and walked out.
I sighed and sat down, giving a deep thought to what just transpired. He shouldn’t dare to hurt my boyfriend, if not, hell he’ll have me to battle with.
I felt a new fire light up in me and I knew I had to fight this one, no matter who was involved, even if its not for my relationship, at least to get my sanity back.


To be continued…….

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