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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 23)

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ALONE story

Episode 23.

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As early as 11am on Sunday, Rose was already at the house. She had told us that she came straight from church. As usual, mum was very happy to see her. They talked for a while before Rose changed into one of my clothes and we sat down to chat for a bit at the terrace.
Rose: So how’s Hillary? Kamsi told me you both went out the other day?
Me; Yes. I had fun.
Rose: So you finally said yes?
Me: Of course. Hillary is such a nice guy. I wonder where he’d being all my life.
Rose: Wow.
Kamsi: He’s being waiting for the right time. And immediately the time was ripe, he came.
Me: Miss philosopher.
Kamsi: Call me that again.
We all laughed and got busy with our phone. Some minutes later, Hillary called.
Hillary: Hi bae
Me: Hi dear.
Hillary: Will you be kind enough to step outside your gate? I’m parked here and waiting for a Cinderella to come and walk me to the ball.
My chuckle got Kamsi and Rose’ attention and they stared at me.
Me: You won’t only get a Cinderella, you’ll also get Jasmine and snow white.
Hillary: Beautiful. Please I’m waiting
I hung up and told the girls and they smiled.
Rose: So, I’m not fair so I’m Jasmine.
Kamsi: Unarguably Snow white.

We shared a laugh before walking downstairs and outside the gate. He was sitting on the hood of his car. He was dressed in a body hugged shirt and jean trouser. His shoe was shiny black and he looked like one going for a fashion show. My friends and I couldn’t help but stare shamelessly.
Hillary: Won’t you stop staring and at least give me a hug.
I came out from my trance and hugged him, sharing a quick kiss too.
Hillary: (turned to Rose) Jasmine, how are you?
Rose: I’m fine handsome. You look amazing.
Hillary: Thank you. (turned to Kamsi) Snow white, how are you as well?
Kamsi: Better than yourself.
Hillary: I doubt.
We shared a laugh before entering the house. We led him to the sitting room where mum was seeing a movie.
Hillary: Good day Mrs Kalu.
He greeted with a little bow.
Mum: Good day son. How’re you?
Hillary: Very fine ma. You look quite good yourself.
Mum smiled like a teenager.
Mum: Thank you my dear. Please have a seat. You’re just in time for lunch.
I looked at the wall clock and it was some minutes going to 1:00.
We all sat down.
Mum: Amanda,go ask the girls if they’re done with making the table, Kamsi, go call your brothers.
Did I mention that Ken had moved to his own building? I guess I did not so please forgive me.

Kamsi walked out while I went to the Kitchen. I passed the dinning and noticed that the table was already prepared and I liked what I saw. I was tempted to take a peak to know the meals we’ll be having but on a second thought, I turned and went back to the sitting room.
Mum and her in-laws (Rose and Hillary) were already conversing so I stepped out of the house.
Kamsi was taking a call so I stood beside her. She dismissed the caller and turned to me.
Me: So you’ve not called your brothers?
She smiled and kicked my shoulders playfully.
Kamsi: Was thinking of a way to inform Gospel, maybe sending him a message. I’ve vowed never to go into his apartment again.
I frowned at her but she didn’t stop.
Kamsi: I’m beginning to see him as the black sheep of this house.
Me: Are you alright?

Kamsi: Of course I am. You don’t get it do you? He’s not the gentleman I’ve always thought him to be. I don’t know what changed him and….
Me: You know what? Go and call Ken while I call Gospel. We’ll talk about this after today.
Kamsi: Whatever.
I spanked her behind with my palm and we both went on our different directions.
I got to the door and rang the bell and the door swung open immediately.
Me: Hi.
Gospel: Amanda, come inside.
He was on a jean short and polo and he had a smile plastered on his face.
Me: No. Not now. I was sent to call you. Lunch has being served.
He looked at me like I was hiding something.
Gospel: So I guess your boyfriend is here?
Me: Yes. Together with Rose.
Gospel: Okay. I’ll join you guys in two minutes.

I walked away, surprised that he didn’t react, also praying that he doesn’t have a back up plan hatching somewhere.
Mum was still busy with Hillary, asking him his parents occupation, where they lived, where they came from,trying to drill out everything about him, with Hillary in turn,giving her all the answers with a smile.
I sat down and joined Rose. Kamsi and Ken came in some minutes later.
Ken walked to Hillary who stood up and gave him a handshake.
Ken: Hillary right?
Hillary: Yes and you are?
Ken: Kenneth. Nice meeting you.
Hillary: The pleasure is all mine.
They both sat down beside mum.

Ken: I’ve heard quite a lot about you and I do hope they are all true.
Hillary laughed, throwing his head back.
Hillary: Depends on what you heard.
Ken: I see you’re an intelligent guy. I hope you’ll be able to take care of my sister.
Hillary: I…..
Gospel: Of course he will. If he doesn’t, I’ll so beat him up.
We all turned to look at him and he was all smiles. He approached Hillary and offered his hand for a handshake. We were all surprised including mum. Hillary looked into his face and shook his hand, looking back at me for answers but I just shrugged my shoulders, indirectly telling him that I knew nothing.
Was this part of a plan? Or has Gospel changed for good?

To be continued…..

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