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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 22)

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ALONE story

Episode 22.

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The exams were over and I was grateful. Kamsi and I invited Rose and Hillary to the house for lunch and dinner on Sunday and they had agreed to come.
The next day being Friday, Hillary called, asking for permission to come pick me so we could eat out. I dressed up and didn’t wait for long before his honk came and I stepped out to meet him. We drove to an eatery where we ate quietly. We finished without discussing anything and he drove to shoprite.
Me: What do you wanna buy?
Hillary: Anything. I just want to spend this afternoon with you.
We shared a quick kiss before alighting from the car.
He asked me to pick anything I wanted. I had always fantasized about finishing a full bucket of ice cream so it was the only thing I picked. He wasn’t satisfied with that so he started picking boxes of sweets, chocolates, biscuits and drinks.

The ride back home was interesting as I had my bucket of ice cream and was spooning good quantities into my mouth and that of Hillary. I texted Kamsi, telling her that we were coming back and she said she was going to wait for us at the car park.
Hillary drove into the house and while he made for the bags, I just stepped out with my bucket of ice cream which hasn’t gone down a bit.
Kamsi welcomed us and took the bags inside including my bucket of ice cream.
Me: So you ain’t coming in?
Hillary: Not today. I have somewhere to be by 5:30 and look, its almost 5:00.

He fixed his gaze behind me and I followed to see Gospel walking towards us. My face flushed as I wondered why he was at home.
Hillary: Good day.
Gospel: Save your greetings. Who are you and what are you doing here?
Hillary looked stunned. He looked at me and I couldn’t say anything.
Hillary: I’m Hillary, a…..
Gospel: What are you doing here?
I had to come in now. He won’t embarrass my boyfriend. I won’t let him.
Me: Gospel you’re embarrassing my boyfriend and I don’t like it.
Gospel: Did you say that to my face?
Me: You heard right. It’s…..
Hillary: Baby!
I turned to him and he asked me to come. I went closer and he hugged me.
Hillary: Don’t argue. I’ll be here on Sunday. I won’t allow you to get into a fight with your brother.
Me: But….
Hillary: Sshhh.

He kissed me not minding Gospel’s presence. He entered his car and drove off.
Gospel: How shameless. Better tell him not to step into this house on Sunday because I’ll break his bones.
Me: You’ll do no such thing. You won’t dare.
Gospel: Don’t push your lucks. You can’t just bring in anybody to this house. Its not done.
I scoffed and walked closer to him.
Me: You just feel threatened by him. He’s a lot better than you so quit trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill.
Gospel: I can never feel threatened by him. If you want to do anything to spite me, look for already made men, men who’ll treat you right, not some university boy who goes round in borrowed cars.
Me: Made men indeed. Made men like you? God forbid. Its better I follow this university boy around than a made man who can’t control his libido, a made man who doesn’t care about the feelings of those he hurts. You don’t know Hillary Thompson but I promise you, he’s already a made man, not some fake guy who is wallowing under his father’s treasures.

He raised his hand to hit me and I ducked. He didn’t stop. He held my arm and pulled hard, causing me to cry out in pain.
Gospel: Not a word against me next time you cheap…..
Kamsi: Cheap what?
Gospel left me immediately and stepped back.
Kamsi: You’re just disgustingly jealous. I regret that you’re my brother.
She held my hand and we walked into the house, leaving Gospel behind.
We got to the kitchen and she brought out a pack of ice and placed it on my arm.
Kamsi: Sorry okay?
Me: Is that how he is?
Kamsi: Sometimes,especially if he’s angry. But what happened?
I told her everything and she just smiled.
Kamsi: Just let it be. We’ll report to mum once she’s back.
Me: No please. Let it be.
Kamsi: That’s what you always say. I’ll let it go this time but when next he touches you, I’ll tell mum.
Me: better

To be continued…..

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