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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 14)



ALONE storyEpisode 14.

Kenneth: Can I say that this room is tensed? I don’t like how you both are silent.
Kamsi: You’ll never be comfortable in a quiet place. We’re both worried about what they’re both discussing in the doctor’s office and you’re here talking trash.
Ken: Did I call your name sis? Anyways, Amanda, have you eaten anything?

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I nodded, still placing my hands in my chest.
Ken: Eh?
Kamsi: This is no time for that your question and answer Ken. You……
The door opened and Mrs Kalu walked in with the doctor.
I stared into there faces but it was just plain,no emotions.
Mrs Kalu sat down and the doctor asked me to lie down and I did.
Doc: Like I told you,we were able to collect some sperm samples as evidence which we’ll keep safe in case she needs to file a report.
Mrs k: I heard when you said that. But is there no way the culprits can be found with those samples?
Doc: I’m sorry madam. Our hospitals are yet to get the equipments for that. I even doubt if its here in Nigeria.
Ken: What nonsense? Stuffs like these are easy to trace in the states. I…..
Mrs k: Kenneth you’re not in the states. I’ll advice you keep quiet for now.
Ken: Sorry doc.
Doc: Its okay young man.
Mrs k: So doctor, you said you’ve ran all the necessary tests right?
Doc: Yes madam.
Mrs k: And she’s not pregnant or infected?
Doc: Not at all madam. We just found some traces of staphylococcus in her but we started treatment even in her unconscious state.
I heaved an audible sigh of relief and everyone in the room looked at me.
Doc: Its okay Ander. You’re fine.
I nodded with a smile and Kamsi started rubbing my arm.
Doc: She’ll be free to go home by next week.
Mrs k: Thank you doctor.
Doc: You’re welcome.
He left the room and Mrs Kalu smiled at me.
Mrs k: You’re fine my child.
Me: I’m also very lucky ma.
Mrs k: That’s why you shouldn’t bother about anything else because God is always by your side.
She looked at her wristwatch.
Mrs k: Its late now. Ken and I will be on our way. I’ll be travelling to China tomorrow to get some supplies done but Ken and Kammy will be here for you. Once he drops me off at the airport, he’ll get you and Kammy breakfast and some change of clothes. Gospel will also be home tomorrow.
Me: Thank you ma. God bless you a lot.
Mrs k: He will. And before I come back, make sure you’re used to calling me mummy and not that ma.
I smiled and thanked her again.
Mrs k: And if I don’t come back and you’re discharged, don’t hesitate to follow them home, is that clear?
I looked on in confusion. Who are the them?(forgive that blunder)… Hope its not Nenye and her mother? She read my confusion and redirected it.
Mrs k: I’m talking about my children.
Me: Oh! Thank you ma.
She stood up and approached me, gave me a peck and left the room. Kenneth did the same, promising to come early tomorrow.
Kamsi: Those people. Very wicked species of human beings. You won’t believe what they told us.
Without being told, I knew she was referring to the two villains at home.
Me: Tell me please.
Kamsi: Gospel had gone to school to look for you that Monday but you were not there so he went to your house. He asked after you and your mother told him that you went out on an errand. He called your line but it was switched off so he left. He kept going from your school to your house every day till that Saturday when I followed him to your house. I insisted I’ll go to your room and wait for you till you return. I went to the BQ but your room was locked. That was when they told us that you had invited a guy to your room and when she found out, she was beating you and you ran away.
Me: Chineke! Why will mummy say something like that nau?
Kamsi: That’s not all. Nenye started telling us how you flirt with every guy in the neighbourhood, how loose you were. I didn’t believe that but Gospel was already mad. We got home and he vomitted everything to mummy.
Me: Now I understand why he spoke to me like that when I called him.
Kamsi: But you don’t have to worry. I believe mummy will tell him everything tonight and if he doesn’t apologise to you, I’ll disown him.
I was forced to laugh.
Me: Kammy you need to help me cause I doubt if I can walk properly. I just remembered how I could barely walk that night.
Kamsi: Its alright. Let me help you up.
She helped me stand up on my feet and pleaded with me to close up my legs. I did and it hurt. She kept on pushing me to try. After some minutes, I started walking round the room, but I was limping.
Kamsi: At least, your legs ain’t open.
She guided me to and fro. I stood at the window and looked out into the dark night. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.
Kamsi: Come in.
Ted walked into the room. He was no longer with the same clothes I had seen him with so I guessed he had gone home. Like he did that evening, he was with a bag.
Kamsi: Hi.
Ted: Hi.
He dropped the bag and walked up to us.
Me: Ted, meet my best friend, Kamsi….Kamsi,
that’s the guy who had hit me and brought me here,Ted.
Ted laughed at my dry joke.
Kamsi extended her hand and he shook it.
Kamsi: Nice meeting you Ted.
Ted: Pleasure is all mine.
He turned to me immediately.
Ted: Your friend is gorgeous.
We laughed and Kamsi thanked him.
Ted: Amanda, I’m glad you’ve got someone to keep you company tonight. I went home to change my clothes and bring you dinner.
Me: That’s very kind of you Ted.
Ted: I also had plans to spend the night here but since your gorgeous friend is staying behind, I’ll have to leave now. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Me: Now that’s funny. Did you think I’ll let you suffer yourself by spending the night here?
Ted: I….
Kamsi: Its settled now. I’m here so thank you very much
Ted: That’s what I expected to hear Miss gorgeous. I beg to leave you two now.
Me: Thanks. But, the food, don’t you think it won’t be enough for my friend and I?
Ted: Oh! Like I said before, I thought I would spend the night here so I had packed dinner for two.
Me: Okay. Thanks alot.
Kamsi: Thank you.
Ted: You’re welcome. Let me leave now.
Kamsi: I’ll walk you to your car.
Ted: That will be nice.

They both left the room while I dragged my feet to where he dropped the bag. I had faith that if I continue practising, I’ll be able to walk perfectly in some days.
Kamsi and I ate away on the plates of breadfruit (ukwa) Ted had brought. It was so delicious with the right spices, it was in a lunch box so we guessed he made it himself. Kamsi wouldn’t stop talking about how handsome Ted was and then how fluent his speech are. I knew without being told that she’s got it hot for him. Sh even told me they’d exchanged numbers at the car park.
After eating and putting away the lunch box, she opened the cupboard and got out bread which had crunches label and greased it with butter generously. I was even surprised at the amount of provisions Ted had brought me. Being with Kamsi, I always eat plentiful and excessively. Even now, we ate a good quantity of the bread before we showered and talked some more. Gospel had called before we slept and I refused to speak with him.
The next morning, just after Kamsi had helped me shower and put back the hospital cloak on me, Ken came in. I looked at the clock and it was some minutes last 8.
Me: Good morning.
Ken: Yes dear. Good morning.
Kamsi just waved and entered the bathroom.
Me: You’re early. Didn’t you drop mummy anymore?
Ken smiled and I realised I had taken the first step in accepting that I was now part of the Kalus’ family.
Ken: Her flight was scheduled for 7:30. So sis, I dropped mum off before coming.
It was my turn to smile.
He handed me the minibox he was carrying and helped me open it. There were towels, clothes and some slippers.
Me: We’re not living here are we?
He laughed out loud
Ken: Now I knew you would say that. I didn’t know which of them to bring so I decided to come with as many as possible for you to choose from.
Me: Nice. But I don’t see any food with you.
He hit his forehead with his palm.
Ken: Give me twenty minutes. I’ll be right back.
Kamsi came out,changed her clothes and made tea for us while we waited for Kenneth and Ted.
Ken was the first to come back. He bought rice and banga soup(ofe akwu) with lots of meats and fried fishes and plantain. We all ate and chattered away. We were busy with our meal when a knock came and the door opened. Ted walked in with the doctor and we all greeted them
Doc: Ander how are you?
Me: I’m very fine doctor
My mouth was filled.
Doc: Of course I can see that.
We all laughed and he checked my pulse.
Doc: Do you still feel pain anywhere?
Me: No. Just my thighs.
Doc: Its normal. With the injections and drugs you’re taking, it’ll disappear in a couple of days. You’re really a very strong woman.
Me: Thank you sir.
Doc: I’ll leave you all now. The nurses will come to you soon.
Me: Okay.
Everyone in the room thanked him before he left. That was when I took a closer look at Ted and realised he was carrying a bag. He noticed me staring and frowned his face.
Ted: Its wrong to stare I hope you know.
Me: I’m sorry.
Ted: Good. So you all didn’t tell me there was a food party going on.
We all laughed.
Ken: Join us then. There’s still enough in the cooler.
Kamsi: Yes. We’ll have yours later.
Ted: If you all insist.
Kamsi stood up and Ted replaced her. She served him and joined me on the bed while we all chartered away.
Ted told us about himself. He was 26, born and raised in California. He worked with a telecommunications company there in California and was just home to see his parents who lived at Enugu but somewhere I couldn’t remember the name. He said his own house was in TransEkulu and he was just going home from his parents house the morning he had hit me. I wanted to ask him why he would leave his parents house that early but I thought against it. We all said a thing or two about ourselves and that was how we all became friends. Surprisingly, Ken paired him with Kamsi and said they would be perfect together and he laughed, admitting that he liked Kamsi. The conversation flowed so well that we didn’t know that it was afternoon till the nurse returned to give me my injections and drugs. And she came in with Gospel.
He ignored every other person in the room and enveloped me in a warm embrace. I had never received such show of emotion from a male before who isn’t related to me so I was shy…..very shy, as all eyes were on us including that of the nurse.
When he finally released me, it was to look at me with loving eyes.
Gospel: I’m sorry
Me: I…..
Kamsi: I thought you won’t say that.
That was when he remembered that there were other people in the room. He began talking with them while the nurse gave me my medications and left.
Gospel: Thank you Ted for bringing her here. So many people would have left her and disappeared. To think that you’ve even being around all this while, helping the doctors take care of her.
Ted: I did what every normal human being would do.
Gospel: Thanks once again.
Ted: You’re welcome.

We spent the rest of the day chatting and eating away our lives. They would take turn to help me walk around the room. It became the normal routine; Ken would bring breakfast,Ted would handle lunch while Gospel would take care of dinner. At night before they all left, we’ll put a call to mummy through Skype and we’ll all talk for long. Then when they finally leave, Kamsi and I would help ourselves to some provisions from the cupboard.
I experienced so much love and affection like I’ve never experienced before but one thing kept on bothering me; Nenye and her mother,

I was in the school canteen with Kamsi one afternoon after lecture, munching our meaty meatpie with a can of lacasera when I felt I was being watched. Its being two weeks since I resumed school. I had spent three more weeks at home after I was discharged, perfecting myself and learning to walk and talk like I’m royalty (trust Kamsi nau). Gospel had taken us shopping, buying me clothes I’m sure I wouldn’t finish wearing in six months, shoes (combination of heels, snickers, flats and boots), handbags, make up box (I didn’t even know they used to exist), deodorants and so many things. I was taken to a spa where goodness knows the magic they did with my skin and my entire looks. I became a princess in three weeks. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with all that but mummy (Mrs Kalu) and Kamsi always encouraged me. While I was being transformed to Chimamanda Kalu, Kamsi got admission through the supplementary form and we resumed school the next week. Did I say that Ted and Kamsi were now dating? Forgive me. Everyone approved of their relationship and they were perfect for each other. He and Gospel took turns to take us out for lunch. Ted had applied for a transfer to one of their companies in Nigeria (I think it was because of Kamsi). His transfer was not granted so he had started making plans to start his own company here in

Nigeria. Life was so much fun and back to the present,I felt I was being watched.
Me: Kammy, look behind me please and see if you’ll notice anybody giving me an odd look.
Kamsi: Why?
Me: I feel like I’m being watched.
Kamsi stylishly looked around before resuming her eating
Kamsi: I see no one babe. Besides, who wouldn’t stare at you,with all these your hotness.
She was right. I had started receiving more than enough glances and “hi” from girls who I’m sure were from rich homes. It was good to be rich and classy but in all that, I never let it get into my head. I still remembered who I was and I had promised myself that once I graduated from school,I’ll take back everything that belonged to me.
We had finished eating and was about stepping out when four girls walked in and stopped in front of us. I looked up at there faces and was I surprised to see Nenye with them?
Kamsi: And what’s the meaning of this?
I stood there, staring at each of their faces. I remembered two of the girls. They used to visit Nenye back then at home.
Nenye: I’m not here for you. I’m here for my sister.
Kamsi scoffed and shook her head. Everyone in the cafe had turned there attention to us.
Kamsi: Did you just call her your sister?
Nenye: Of course she is my sister who your family took away from us.
Kamsi looked at me and smiled. She held my hand and we walked away. We got to the door and she left me and returned to them.
Kamsi: You’re lucky. Very lucky that I’m in a good mood today, if not,I would have beaten you black and blue here and this nitwits you call friends won’t do anything about it. Spoilt daughter of Jezebel.
Nenye: Never you call me or my mother names or….
Kamsi: Or what? What will you do? I’ve even forgotten that you’re a student of this school so watch closely. I’m sure you barely recognised Amanda. That’s what love and care can do to someone so stick your fingers into your ass and watch how beautiful her life is now. Stop us any other day and I’ll have you locked up. Bi’tch.
Kamsi approached me and we walked out of the cafe and headed towards school gate.
Kamsi: That girl! I’ll so deal with her. Because we didn’t file a case against them right.
Me: You’re angry. Calm down.
We got to the bus stand and sat down.
Me: Kammy, why are you angry now? She’s not worth it.
Kamsi: I know but a part of me tells me that they’re up to something. My instinct can never lie to me.
Me: I….
Rose: Excuse me please.
Kamsi and I turned to see a girl of our age. She was pretty and average in height. She was dressed in a jean short, jean snicker and a while crop top. Her jean jacket was tied to her waist. She had money written all over her.
Kamsi: Hi.
Rose: I’m Rose, from the department of social sciences.
Kamsi: I’m Kamsi. This is my sister and best friend, Amanda, we’re both studying radiology.
Rose: Oh wow. Nice meeting you.
We shook hands with her and she sat down between us.
Rose: So, I was sitting down at the cafe where the show down had happened. You’re a brave soldier girly.
Kamsi and I laughed.
Rose: So I’ve being following you girls, thinking of a way to start a conversation but you stopped here and I decided to stop as well.
Kamsi: Oh!
Me: Hope there’s no problem
Rose: Not at all. I’ve just being seeing you girls around for some days now and I love your closeness. I just want to be friends with you two.
My phone rang and I brought it out from my handbag. It was a blackberry passport which Gospel had gotten me two weeks ago. It was Kenneth calling.
Me: Hi Ken.
Ken: Hey sis,where are you two? Being calling Kammy but she didn’t pick up.
I glanced at Kamsi but she was saying something to the new girl.
Me: Uhm, she turned it off before we went in for lecture but we’re on our way home now.
Ken: Okay. Hope you both are safe?
Me: We’re at the bus stand beside school gate actually.
Ken: I came around to see someone. Wait for me there and I’ll come and pick you both.
Me: Okay then. Don’t keep us waiting.
I hung up and let the girls in on what’s happening. We decided to take pictures before he arrives. We were having fun with ourselves when our (I’m now part of the family so everything is ours now) red spider stopped just in front of us and Kenneth came down. We all turned to him and Rose stared at him for a while before shouting;
Rose: Ken!
Ken: Rose
It was our turn to stare as we looked at them hug each other like long lost friends.
Ken: Where in God’s name have you being?
Rose: Sweetheart, I’ve being here. Its you who just disappeared.
Ken: Baby its not that. What……
Kamsi: Hello! Like you both have forgotten that we’re here.
Me: I don’t know for these two.
Ken and Rose smiled.
Ken: Sorry girls. Meet Rose, my sweetheart from forever. Rose, those are my sisters, Kammy and Amanda.
Rose: They’re your sisters?
Kammy and I nodded with smiles on our faces.
Ken: So how come you all are here? Like you know each other?
Kamsi: We just met here. She schools here as well, department of social sciences.
Ken: Wow. Wow. I’m glad to hear that you’re finally in this our Enugu.
Rose: Come on. I’ve always being here. You know online dating doesn’t work this days.

Finally I got it, they had met online. Kamsi and I just shifted and got busy with our own topic and left the two lovers to talk for a while. After about thirty minutes, they remembered they were with us.
Ken: Girls, let’s go home. Rose lives at GRA so we’ll go there and drop her before going home.
We all agreed and got into the car, leaving the front seat for our new friend/brother’s girlfriend.
Personally, I was glad that Ken had gotten over Nenye. Goodness knows how they even fell for each other sef.

School became fun for me. Rose, Kamsi and I were the talk of the school, among the 100 level students. People who didn’t know us started seeking our attention. We were not only beautiful but intelligent. I never for once allowed all that get into my head. My only problem now was Nenye. She seemed to be in a competition with me and try as hard as I could, I couldn’t figure out what the competition was all about. On the other hand, Gospel had travelled and we were kind of distant. His calls came once in a blue moon and I was very worried.
I was in my room,going through a magazine when my phone rang. The number looked so familiar but I couldn’t place it.
Me: Hello.
Mummy Joy: Yes. Hope you figure out who you’re speaking with.
Me: Mummy?
Mummy J: Save that. Heard you’re now living the life of a goddess. Don’t forget who you are and what you are. Your life is made to be miserable and so….
Me: God forbid that. I’m the image of God and whosoever declares war on the anointed shall get war in tenfold
There was silence from the other end so I continued.
Me: I can’t forget who I am. I can’t do that because I have people who feed from my wealth. You should be grateful I’ve not come for my properties.
Mummy J: Wow. The girl has learnt to talk. I wonder what they feed you….
Me: Love mummy. They feed me with love, the love that you never gave me, that is what they feed me with. I’ll advice that you stop calling me so I won’t get angry and remember all you did to me.
I hung up and walked out of the room. I was angry, very angry with myself. I stormed into the sitting room and met mummy (Mrs Kalu). She was taking a call and immediately she saw me, she ended the call.
Mrs k; Young woman, what’s the matter?
I went close and sat down beside her
Me: Its mummy.
Me: The twin’s mother?
I briefly told her about the call and she flared up, threatening thunder and brimstones. I felt relieved, at least, she’s got my back and I was sure that she’ll never let anything happen to me.

To Be Continued……

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