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[STORY] ALONE (Episode 10)

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ALONE story

Episode 10.

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

Mum: you want to be great by using every opportunity to prove that my daughter and myself are bad people right? You want to smear my name in the mud trying to act all innocent eh?
Me: No mother. If I did something wrong, forgive me please.
I knelt down immediately, rubbing my palms together to show my sincerity.
Mum: Your good acts won’t save you today. You’ve done more than enough.
She attacked me with the cane, flogging me everywhere she thought would hurt me; my head, my breasts, my face, my back, she didn’t spare any part of my body. I cried nonstop but she wouldn’t stop either. It was at this point that I knew how much she hated me. Suddenly, she stopped.
Mum: Now look at me

Her voice was loud enough to wake a deaf man. I shot my head up and I felt something drop on my hand. I looked down and shivered. It was blood, my blood.
Mum: You had the guts to be kissing that boy in my house. You’re just like your mother. So shameless. Not only that, you had the effrontery to hug Kenneth, my daughter’s boyfriend, I’ll deal with you today.
She resumed her flogging again, but this time, I didn’t cry, not because it didn’t hurt, but because I couldn’t cry anymore. She flogged my head especially, I don’t know if she had plans to kill me or something. I just remained on the floor, protecting my face from her assault.
Mum: Get me the grinded pepper right away.
I raised my head and watched Nenye leave the room. They had it all planned out already.
Mum: UnCloth.

Goodness knew how I felt that moment. I wouldn’t stay here and let them add pepper to my wounds. No I won’t.
She kicked my stomach and repeated her order.
I gently stood up, struggling with myself not to fall back on the floor.
When I was standing erect enough, she flogged my ribs repeatedly while I screamed in pain.
Mum: I said, UnCloth. All down to your pant.
I shook my head as no words could exit my mouth at that moment. Nenye came into the room, carrying a plate.
Nenye: I know you’re not deaf. So just do as mummy said.
I kept on standing, holding my ribs which felt like it was going to break that moment.
Mum: You’re tasting my patience right? You think I can’t tear your clothes to shreds?
I coughed and felt blood leave my throat and into my mouth. I opened my mouth and they dropped.
Nenye: Mum, just do it let’s get out of here.
I could detect the fear in her voice. Mummy herself had wrinkles in her forehead and I was sure it was from fear and worry.
Me: You…….you can do what you wa….want to do mummy. I won’t hold it against you.
Mum: Who cares if you hold it against me or not? Who are you? What do you have? Disgusting. You want me to fall for your acts and pity you? Never. Never. You did me wrong by coming into this world and letting your mother will everything to the child she had not even born. Not only that, I had to nurse you when my children were just two months old. I heard people gush about your beauty and brains whereas my daughter was called the black sheep of the house. Your entire life did me wrong. I’ll never feel pity for you. Never.
And like a flash,I felt it on my face. I heard a scream which I was sure came from my mouth. I closed my eyes immediately as the pain started. She had poured the pepper on my face. What wrong have I done?


I writhed in pain and tried using my hand to locate the door to my bathroom. I found the door quite alright but the flogging started again. This time, she rained curses on me while I cried in pain as I felt my face burning from the pepper. Even in the darkness I felt, I knew I had to struggle to survive. I stood up and located the bathroom even with the lashing I was getting. I always leave water in the bucket and I’m grateful I did. I quickly located the bucket and started pouring water on my face. I knew the pain and hotness won’t stop but I needed to wash off the pepper to stop it from causing more damage. While I was washing off, she stopped flogging me and I heard footsteps and a door close, which means she had left the room. Out of instincts, I buried my face in the bucket full of water and prayed nothing will happen to my face. I needed to be in school tomorrow and I don’t want anything to spoil my education. When I eased up a little, I stood up with my eyes still closed. I walked to the bathroom door and picked my towel, dabbing my face gently. I slowly………… Incomplete


To Be Continued……

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