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[STORY] ALONE (Complete Episodes)



ALONE story

Hey guys, here’s another amazing interesting story you wouldn’t afford to miss. The story is titled “ALONE” written by unknown Presented to you by ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT.

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From the topic phrases, you should’ve definitely note the message the the content is gonna pass! We wouldn’t like to kill the thrill by giving you the summary, rather  we’d love you as our awesome reader to scale through each episodes by carefully monitoring each lines with understanding to give us the summary of it thereof after reading. We promise you, it’s definitely a story you wouldn’t afford to miss!! As you’ve always knows our stories to always be an interesting type, even from the likes of The Story Of My Life, Bukky Alakara, MY VILLAGE PRINCE AND I, Do It Like A Dude, Love And Revenge and others has been a hot cake!

Please don’t forget to always leave your comments on each episodes as your comments remains a great value to us! In same vein, don’t forget to always use the share button below the end of the story so as to outreach your love ones to enjoy the story too! Enjoy while it last! Hey, don’t forget to sip zobo, teem, Pepsi, coca cola, kunu or even soya milk as you enjoy each lines of the story. Good luck!!

Once again, We highly recommend you to share this story with others so they can benefit also from this. Thanks!

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NOTE: Keep refreshing this page so as to get the latest episode posted.

DURATION: To Begin On – 05/11/2019, To End On – 06/11/2019.

Author’s Note: ALONE – the end of the wicked. Your story today may be a lesson to someone else tomorrow so take life suffry and never regret any second of it.
Thank you all for sharing in my story. I love you all to the moon and back to earth especially everyone of you who supported the growth of this story,who invited friends to the thread,who shared the links,and those who read and refused to acknowledge it. I love you all.  Happy reading! 🙂 


ALONE Episode 01

ALONE Episode 02

ALONE Episode 03

ALONE Episode 04

ALONE Episode 05

ALONE Episode 06

ALONE Episode 07

ALONE Episode 08

ALONE Episode 09

ALONE Episode 10

ALONE Episode 11

ALONE Episode 12

ALONE Episode 13

ALONE Episode 14

ALONE Episode 15

ALONE Episode 16

ALONE Episode 17

ALONE Episode 18

ALONE Episode 19

ALONE Episode 20

ALONE Episode 21

ALONE Episode 22

ALONE Episode 23

ALONE Episode 24

ALONE Episode 25

ALONE Episode 26

ALONE Episode 27

ALONE Episode 28

ALONE Episode 29

ALONE Episode 30

ALONE Episode 31

ALONE Episode 32

ALONE Episode 33

ALONE Episode 34

ALONE Episode 35

ALONE Episode 36

ALONE Episode 37

ALONE Episode 38

ALONE Episode 39

ALONE Episode 40

============ COMPLETED =======

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