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[Music] R Kelly – Same Girl Feat. Usher

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Happy new month guys! Thrill your day with this 2007 beautiful song from R Kelly featuring Usher on a hit-song titled “Same Girl“.

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Same Girl” is a song released by R&B singer R Kelly, from his 2007 album Double Up, with R&B singer, Usher. The song was recorded over a year by upcoming R&B group Nephu. R. Kelly and Usher’s version leaked to the Internet on May 2, 2007 and later leaked to radio stations. This song was number 26 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007.

The video was shot from June 1–3, 2007 by Little X. On June 19, 2007, BET premiered the official music video for “Same Girl” and aired it throughout the day, every hour on the hour. It later premiered on the network’s 106 & Park as a New Joint of the Day.

In the song, R. Kelly and Usher talk about a girl they love who turns out to be the same person. In the video, during the first verse, R. Kelly is seen in Chicago calling Usher at his home in Atlanta, telling him about a woman that he is in love with, sparing no details. Usher, taken aback by the similarities to the girl he is dating, inquires further about R.Kelly’s new love interest and comes to the conclusion that she is, in fact, the “same girl” as R.Kelly’s partner. R. Kelly, in an attempt to resolve the situation working together with Usher, flies out to meet up with Usher in the chorus. As the second verse begins, Usher picks up R. Kelly at the airport in an Aston Martin Vanquish and the two discuss the way they each met this girl in their respective home towns. Eventually, as the two play basketball together, they concoct a scheme to call this girl out on her lies, and show up at dinner with her together, thus shocking and embarrassing her by directly confronting her with her own duplicity. However, at the end of the video, as their plan is carried out, it is in fact Usher and R. Kelly who are shocked, as the tables are turned and it is revealed that they were not, in fact, dating the same girl as they had come to believe; the girl just happened to have an identical twin with an identical car, license plate, ankle tattoo, beauty mark, and child as well as an identical penchant for Waffle House despite living over 700 miles away from her sister; in addition, both possessed a blue and pink phone which they would alternate occasionally. Also, even though one lives in Chicago and the other in Atlanta, both amazingly live on streets of the same name (Peachtree, right on 17th Street). This is never actually stated in the song, though, so it is debatable whether this is also the case within the song itself. However, in the end of the video, they stare at each other dumbfounded as they realized the girl they thought they were both dating is actually extremely identical twins. – Wikipedia.

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Some Quotable Lyrics

We messing with the same girl, the same girl.
She’s the apple of my eye
And my potential wife.
The same girl, same girl.
Man I just can’t believe that we’ve been messing around with the same damn girl.
The same girl, same girl.
Thought she was someone I could trust
But she’s been doubling up with both of us.
U, K man we been messing with the same girl.
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