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[STORY] A Twisted Fate (Complete Episodes)

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A Twisted Fate Story

Hey guys, here’s another amazing interesting story you wouldn’t afford to miss. The story is titled “A Twisted Fate” written by Unknown Presented to you by ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT.

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Kanua Village, Zambia; January, 1991
There was a murderous glow in the eyes of the ten year old Luyando Chimeko as she stood watch over her drunk and passed out father snoring away on the mat inside the tent that a good Samaritan had lent to them which they had come to regard as their home for the past one week.
Luyando had had enough of living like a destitute at the hands of her vagabond father whose own life seemed to be rotting away ever since the untimely demise of his wife a year ago. On that day, the ten year old had not just lost her mother, she had lost her father as well. The man she was now looking at was only a shell of the man she once called dad…and she had had enough of watching him waste his and her life away like someone who no longer had anything more to live for.
Luyando wiped away her tears with a rage that was beyond her years, her gaze still fixed disapprovingly on her father.
“What about me!” Luyando cried, her hand hitting her chest. “Am I not a good enough reason for you to want to live?”
As if in response, Bernard Chimeko stretched in his sleep and wiped at his drool before turning to face the other way. Luyando took in every piece of his being; the dirty sandals on his feet with enough holes in them that defeated the manufacturers original purpose of production, the tone jeans and the oversized sweater with a colour she was convinced could not be traced on the colour wheel.
“Every single day….” the ten year old cried harder, no sound, just barrels of tears streaming down her cheeks.
“Over here mum!”
Luyando heard a boy shout from outside the tent. She turned away from her father to slightly open the tent so she could peep outside. Not far from their tent was a family of three; father, mother and son.
Right away Luyando could tell they didn’t belong to that compound. It was the first time she was seeing such immaculately dressed people in the market and all the people crowding around them trying to sell things to them told her everything she needed to know about the kind of people they were.
Luyando’s eyes rested on the boy who appeared to be her age as he cheerfully pointed to the things he wanted his parents to buy for him.
“This one too mum…and this one…ooooh look at this dad?” the boy was pointing at items that ranged from foodstuffs to boys wear.
His parents watched on the side as their boy tried on different hats and not seeming to find one that pleased his eye.
What if that was my family? I wouldn’t be suffering here like this. Luyando thought.
If Bernard could see the envy glowing in his daughters eyes, he would have picked himself up and gone out to do whatever it takes to give her the kind of life that she most desires…. Continued reading here

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DURATION: To Begin On – 19/10/2019, To End On – 20/10/2019.

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A Twisted Fate Episode 01

A Twisted Fate Episode 02

A Twisted Fate Episode 03

A Twisted Fate Episode 04

A Twisted Fate Episode 05

A Twisted Fate Episode 06

A Twisted Fate Episode 07

A Twisted Fate Episode 08

A Twisted Fate Episode 09

A Twisted Fate Episode 10

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