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Episode 22.

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The divorce took less than a month to be finalised as there was no battle to do with property. Patience had decided to give everything to Philip and only accepted the judge’s order to receive upkeep for Thandiwe from Philip every month.
It wasn’t easy in the beginning but eventually she started coping and became stronger. She went to church every day and this helped her move on. She moved Loveness with her as she shifted back to her mother’s house.
People did not make it easy for Patience, everyone came up with their own idea of what they thought she should have done but she ignored it all and leaned on God. To others she was the once happily married young lady who had just lost her husband to another lady.

****** 3 MONTHS LATER ******
It was long that she heard Philip had decided to officially make Tisa his wife in colorful wedding. Tisa was now swimming in wealth.
Patience stayed strong when she got this news, she did not at all cry but just thanked God for what was happening, and unlike Tisa she didn’t need a man as passport to be rich. Her career was great and she could afford what she needed.
Philip only sent upkeep for the baby once and after that he never bothered to send the money or even to see Thandiwe.
Patience was offered a beautiful house in Roma that she would buy by paying for it slowly, she gladly took the offer and moved with her mother immediately. It was quite big and comfortable. Her mother was her best friend and she opened up to her about everything, staying with her made her realise the relationship she failed to build with her before.

****** 8 MONTHS AFTER DIVORCE ******
Every day was easy than the day before, it took one step at a time and now this was just a memory Patience had to leave with.
One day Patience was in the office working when suddenly her phone buzzed with a notification from facebook, she reluctantly opened and found a friend request. She looked at it and wondered what it was all about it suddenly her secretary disturbed her with a knock.
“madam your appointment with Mr. Patel is in 20 minutes.” The secretary said.
“oh thanks dear, help me clear the desk let me touch my makeup in the bathroom..” she said.
The meeting went on and by the time it was done her phone had blacked out and she couldn’t remember the Facebook friend request.
Thandiwe’s second birthday was coming up and Patience was busy planning for it. She hired a planner to make it extra special and she invited a number of people young and old, it was a deliberate move to have as many people over as possible so she could finally show the world she was doing fine.
Patience had also hired someone to help her redecorate the house to make it more comfortable, her mum was somehow against the idea of her having many people over but she didn’t mind.
In the morning as Patience was going through the menu to make sure nothing is left out, her maid Loveness brought something to her attention.
“Madam the cheese won’t be enough we need to buy some more for the lasagna” Loveness said.
“Loveness did you really have to tell me this at the last minute”.. Patience conplained
“madam Im sorry I thought the caterer had informed you..” she said.
“I don’t have time Thandiwe has to do her hair, come with me I will drop you there then you can come by bus”.. patience said.
The caterer immediately opposed.
“we will need it soon she may delay if she comes back by bus…”
“ok that’s ok I will book a taxi for her, hurry up Loveness lets go”.. patience said
Patience drove out with Loveness and Thandiwe, they went straight to Manda hill.
“hurry up go and get the cheese” Patience said.
“ok madam” Loveness said as she rushed out.
Patience waited impatiently for Loveness when she suddenly came back running.
“What is it Loveness where is the cheese”.. She asked
“Madam you did not give me the money” she said.
“Loveness come on, why did you not remind me?.. “ patience said
Patience quickly searched her bag and then gave her the money.
“there you go please hurry”.. Patience warned.
“ok madam” Loveness responded and ran back.
Patience turned around and looked at her daughter who was in the baby sit behind.
“its your birthday today honey.. Its Thandiwe’s birthday today”.. Patience sang.
Thandiwe giggled at her mother in excitement.
“Mama ish my burfday”.. Thandiwe said.
Patience laughed at the sound of that.
“im so proud to be your mommy, you have no idea my angel”.. Patience said as her eyes became teary.
Loveness came back to the car without the cheese.
“What is it now Loveness?”.. Patience asked.
“Madam I don’t think it’s there or maybe I have forgotten the name” Loveness responded.
Patience did not want to go back and forth with her again.
“Jesus Loveness!! ok just give me the money I will get it myself” she said.
Patience was angry but she just rushed into shoprite and bought the cheese then quickly checked out..
She looked at the time on her phone and she realised time had flown by.
“oh my God time has flown, this is why I needed you to hurry Loveness. You know Thandiwe’s stylist is usually busy. I will just have to go to Namel Salon. Use this for a taxi.. I have to remain here”… she said.
Patience immediately lifted Thandiwe, locked the door and then walked to the salon.
“Mummy im doing my hair?” Thandiwe asked
“Yes baby we are going to have your hair done”.. she responded.
“And mummy?” Thandiwe asked.
“Does baby feel I should have my hair done?” patience responded.
“Yes!!” Thandiwe responded excitedly.
Patience pushed the salon door open and entered.
“Ok mummy will style her hair also.. ok Thandi?” Patience responded as she walked in.
“ok mummy even Tiara”.. Thandiwe said.
“no honey mummy can’t have Tiara, Tiara is for Thandiwe”
Suddenly Patience heard a response from behind her.
“She has really grown”.. The stranger said.
Patience knew the voice was familiar but didn’t know who it could be. She quickly turned around
“Elvin? Oh my God”.. Patience said in shock as she blushed.
“patience…….” he responded with joy.
Elvin walked towards Patience and gave her and Thandiwe a bear hug.
“wow she has really grown.. can I hold her”.. he asked.
Patience just smiled and blushed at Elvin. She then realised what Elvin had said.
“oh sorry, I mean sure of course you can hold her”. Patience said as she passed Thandiwe to Elvin.
“hi young lady”.. Philip said to Thandiwe as he lifted her.
“we actually came here for her, she turns 2 today so we came for the hair styling”. Patience said.
Elvin did not hear what Patience said and he continued his little conversation with Thandiwe.
“still haven’t had one of your own yet?” patience teased.
It was a deliberate way of asking if he was married or in a committed relationship.
“actually i…. have..” he said as he giggled.
“no am just joking well I guess its pretty soon and you whats been happening with you. By the way you look good..” He said.
“do i? thanks a lot.. well its actually a lot.. can we talk as she gets her hair done”.. Patience said
“sure I have quite some time on my hands” he responded.
“I was saying it’s her second birthday today”.. Patience said.
“Oh is that so, where’s the party at? He asked
“At my house”…. she responded.
“I see… that’s great wish I could get an invite but I know thats a no go area, anyway how has everything been with you?” he said.
“First you are invited” Patience responded with a smile.
“And secondly this is what happened.. I got divorced” She said as she lifted her left hand to show that she had no ring.
“What? Really? Just after that?” he asked with a shocked look.
“No a lot more, we got back after that but it was impossible to stay together.. He did it again”.. She responded.
Elvin was shocked and he just shook his head.
Thandiwe’s hair was done and she looked beautiful, as Patience was about to pull money out of her purse Elvin opposed.
“Allow me”.. He said as he pulled his wallet out of his pocket.
Patience’s heart jumped with joy but she hid the excitement inside.
“thank you so much” she responded with a smile.
“Thandiwe say thank you to uncle”.. Patience added.
“thank you….” Thnadiwe said with a smile.
“aww youre so adorable… don’t mention”.. he responded as he lifted her from the stylists chair.
“mummy but your hair”.. Thandiwe said..
“my baby uncle doesn’t have enough money to pay for mummy so she will do it next time ok..” patience said.
Patience turned to Philip and whispered “please tell her that also or she will cry”
“Yes next time Thandi my wallet is now dry”.. Elvin told Thandiwe as they walked out.
“I will drive behind you..” Elvin said as he handed Thandiwe to Patience.
“ok sure” she responded.
When Patience was done fastening Thandiwe in her chair she drove out and Elvin followed behind.
When they got home Patience took Elvin in and asked Loveness to serve him some juice and cookies while they waited for the party to begin.
“wow what a beautiful house you have” he said.
“Thank you dear.. I will freshen up now and also dress up Thandi, feel free to move around” she said.
Patience’s mother quickly followed her behind as she entered the bedroom.
“Who is that gentleman?” she asked
“oh.. him.. uhmm his my workmate”.. Patience responded.
“Child you are not a good liar… who he Is he?” her mother insisted.
“mum really?” patience responded as she looked for clothes in her wardrobe.
“I saw the way he looks at you”.. The mother said.
“oh that’s great.. so you greeted him?” Patience said without looking at her mother
“You won’t answer me?”.. she insisted.
“Mum please help with what to put on and forget about him”… she said.
“Don’t come and introduce him to me as your partner” her mother said.
“Eh mum why would you say that?”.. She asked as she looked at her mother.
“Oh there you go.. So he is your boyfriend”.. Her mother said as she smiled.
Patience giggled and then rubbed her mother’s shoulder.
“Relax he is a friend I haven’t seen in a while.. That is all” she said.
“im just saying”.. her mum responded.
Patience showered and put on a yellow dress and she styled her hair then dressed Thandiwe up in a yellow dress as well.
“How do we look?” She asked her mother as they walked out of the bedroom.
“Just perfect but unfortunately your visitor won’t see how beautiful you look”.. Her mother responded.
“What do you mean?” Patience asked.
“He has left”.. Her mother responded.
“Really?” Patience asked.
“Yes you can go and check..” her mother said
“Mum its fine he wasn’t invited…” Patience responded to brush her mother off but deep inside wondered where he had gone.
People started arriving and the party got started, Kassy, Nonde and Petrina also came. Everyone kept talking about her house and how beautiful everything was.
Patience was uneasy and she kept staring at the gate wondering if Elvin would come back, soon many people arrived and her mind was shifted away. They adults had a braai while the kids played their games.
It was time for the presents and the adults gathered with the kids to open the gifts.
The master of ceremony read names out as the gifts were being opened and the people cheered, when a present was opened the owner of the present had to stand to receive a small hamper that was pre-packed by the planner.
“wow who got my daughter a baby pool” patience wondered as she looked at the many presents.
Kassy bought a pink scooter, Nonde a set of “hello kitty” beddings and Petrina bought her a number of clothes.
“ok we have a huge looking present wonder who it’s from”.. the MC said as she looked at the box that contained the baby pool.
“oh heres a note.. lets see what it says”.. the MC said.
“The note says happy birthday princess Thandi from uncle Elvin”.. The MC read.
Everyone cheered and Patience looked behind waiting to see him come out but no one came out.
“Uncle Elvin where are you?” The MC called out.
After a little while Elvin walked from the back majestically to the front. Patience immediately took a sigh of relief and clapped.
“Mummy a pool”.. Thandi pointed with joy..
“Yes baby.. Uncle got you a pool”.. Patience responded.
Thandiwe ran to Elvin and he lifted her and ticked her. Patience looked on with a smile.
“Girlfriend who is that fine looking man?” Petrina whispered.
Kassy and Nonde heard Petrina and they backed her up.
“Yes who is he?..” they asked.
“Ladies relax.. He is her uncle like you heard”.. Patience responded.
“mmm uncle from where?”.. Kassy responded
“From .. from heaven”.. she giggled.
“OK it’s now time to cut the cake”.. The MC announced,
Thandiwe was sitted on Elvin’s laps and Patience signaled to him that he had to bring her to cut the cake.
“ok so the cake will be cut by mummy and baby”.. The Mc said.
“And uncle”.. Thandiwe interrupted as she pointed at Elvin.
“Girl you’re too smart for a two year old”.. The MC teased while everyone laughed.
Patience felt a little embarrassed but she agreed to cut the cake with Elvin and Thandiwe and they fed her while photos were taken.
People were already murmuring and Patience felt nervous, she hadn’t seen him in a long time and here she was cutting the cake with him happily. What if he was actually dating?
The party went on and Patience distanced herself from Elvin, she sat with the ladies while Elvin sat with Thandiwe who had refused to play except sit on Elvin’s lap.
The party finally came to an end, Patience had achieved all she wanted and she was happy. Except she had given people too much to talk about and that gave her fear. Almost everyone left as it turned into night except a few relatives including Elvin.
“Thank you for coming” Patience said to Elvin as they sat near the pool outside.
“No thank you for allowing me be present for your angels birthday”.. He said.
“Oh am sure she was most glad..”.. She smiled.
“Wow.. I guess people are talking”.. She said.
“I know they are, I already noticed it”.. He said.
“Oh God”.. Patience said as she rubbed her hair in panic.
“Hey what’s wrong? Are you worried about people?”.. He asked.
Patience just smiled as she rubbed her arms..
“Are you feeling cold?” he asked her.
“Not really.. Well it’s a little chilly”.. She said.
Elvin quickly removed his cardigan and put it over her shoulders.
“Is that better? He asked her
Yes sure its is.. She responded.
“It’s a lot to talk about.. So many things left unsaid”.. Elvin said.
“Like what?” she asked calmly.
“Let me not stay here for too long or your relatives will suspect things.. can we have lunch together soon?”.. He asked her.
“How about next weekend?”.. She responded.
“Do I have to wait that long? He asked with a smile.
She immediately giggled and removed the hair from her face.
“Ok two days from now” she said.
“That’s Tuesdays?”… He asked.
“Yes Tuesday” she responded.
“Ok let’s it make Monday.. What do you say?”.. He asked.
“Ok Monday it is..” she responded with a smile.
“Let me go, I will see you Monday”.. He said.
They hugged and said there goodbyes.

To Be Continued…...

What do you think about Patience divorcing her husband? Is it good or not? If it is bad can you tell us what is supposed to be done to bring her marriage bad?

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