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Episode 20.

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Patience had been home for a month but still there was not much talk between them, she went about her own business despite the attempts Philip made to get closer to her.
It was almost their wedding anniversary and Philip was planning a surprise party for them, he engaged the ladies to come help that is Petrina, Nonde and Kassy. Patience had no idea what was happening except Philip and the ladies. Deep inside Patience wondered if Philip could even remember their anniversary.
The day finally arrived that Philip had well planned, it was at a beautiful resort some few kilometers away from town. Patience had no idea what was happening but Petrina had called her the previous day asking that they go to the salon together. Patience was happy that she could at least celebrate her anniversary with a friend, so many questions were left unanswered but at this point all she wanted was to be happy.
Kassy and Nonde were busy making sure the place was well organized and they constantly updated Petrina. After a number of calls that Petrina had to pick Patience got concerned and she now wanted to know what was going on.
“Petrina you’ve been on the phone from the time we came, its one call after another. Anything the matter?” she asked.
“uhhm no theirs no problem, I’m just checking up on the people at the shop.. that’s all” she responded.
“You are or they are? Which is which?.. Anyway.. Thanks for this treat again girlfriend I needed it”. Patience said.
“Don’t mention love.. i did it for the love of a sister”.. Petrina said.
After the hair and makeup Patience was excited from nowhere.
“boyi after this hair and makeup you better have a nice place for me otherwisse I will not waste these looks without anyone seeing me”.. she giggled.
“Actually we could have lunch what do you say?”.. Petrina asked
As Petrina drove to the resort Patience was thinking about her first anniversary, she didn’t think that 2years later that’s what she would be putting up with., she fought some tears as she looked through the window.
“halo, I said we are here.. “ Petrina said as she shook her out of her thoughts.
Oh im sorry, I was thinking about something.. she responded.
How did you find this place Petrina? I didn’t know such a wonderful place existed in this town.. Patience said again.
Oh here it’s actually not me who found this place Patience someone else did… Petrina answered.
Oh someone who? She asked.
As they walked on to the chalet that’s was decorated white and blue Patience wondered what was going on…
“Petrina you should have told me you are bringing me to a wedding, I would have prepared myself more.. She said.
Petrina just smiled and led her to a table where they sat.
Ok what are we doing here Petrina? She asked.
Suddenly people walked in shouting from every other direction
Philip suddenly walked in with a big bouquet of roses.
“Happy anniversary honey”.. he said
Patience couldn’t believe what she saw, she felt overwhelmed and happy but a part of her broke inside and tears ran down her cheeks.
Philip and patience hugged for a while as people cheered, both of them shed tears.
“honey am sorry, I know I can never say anything to make you feel better but please forgive me”… Philip whispered.
Patience just cried more as she rested her head on Philips chest.
“Patience please, please forgive me..”.. he cried.
“The world doesn’t have to know our dirty laundry, lets not talk about it anymore. Will talk about it at home”.. Patience whispered back as she cried.
“Promise me you will talk to me honey”.. Philip said.
I promise.. I do promise… she responded.
Everyone who was present admired the two love birds as they held each other close and cried in each other’s arms, everyone including Sydney. (Sydney was Patience’s ex before she got married to Philip)
The party got started and everyone ate and drunk and had fun. Patience went to greet the guests, however she saw a guest she was not expecting and she was shocked.
“Sydney. Wow.. what are you doing here?” she asked.
Patience you say it as if I am not welcome.. he said.
No its just that I wasn’t expecting this to happen…. You here.. who invited you?.. she asked.
“lets just say am your guardian angel”.. he said.
No come on Sydney.. please tell me how you came… she insisted.
I just came to check up on you.. I’m leaving.. he said.
Well can you at least tell me how you came here.. She asked him.
Sydney was already walking so she avoided following him because of the awkwardness. She quickly got her phone and sent him a message asking what he was doing there.
“it was all mare coincidence and I apologise for being there”.. he responded.
The party went well and Patience was optimistic about the future. Patience and Philip reconciled after the anniversary party and she shifted back into the master bedroom.
A couple of weeks later her leave ended and she was going back to work, it was quite hard to adjust to leaving the baby home but she had to. The first day was hard and she constantly called home, she even went for lunch. Philip was always on her mind and she wanted to know what he was doing at every hour, he called her often and updated her on what he was doing.
On her way back from work she passed through the supermarket to get baby porridge when she bumped into Tisa.
“we meet again”.. Tisa said.
Patience was keeping her cool and she completely ignored Tisa. However, she peeped into Tisa’s basket and saw baby food and some diapers.. Her heart raced and ached but she decided to ignore and pass.
By the teller as Patience was about to pay Tisa came behind her.
“I see someone has gone back to work today”.. Tisa said.
Patience got upset and decided to respond.
“So being a sidechick is not enough, you still want to be all up in my business?” Patience asked.
“I became all up in your business when your husband..”
“Hold it right there Tisa!.. Am glad you called him my husband because he is my “husband” and I am the only Mrs. Mena there is.. You hear that?”.. Patience yelled.
Tisa giggled at Patience irritatingly.
At that moment Patience felt very angry and she looked at Tisa with pity.
“You know I actually feel pity for you.. are you happy dating a married man? How does it feel waking up knowing he can never be yours? It hurts doesn’t it?.. Patience said
“uhmmm let me see”.. Tisa responded while holding her chin.
“And you? Doesn’t it hurt to know your husband left his matrimonial bed and went searching? Doesn’t it hurt so bad? I bet it does.. am sure you put all the blame on me. Well to answer your question.. it does a little and that’s just because my babies may never be close with their young sister.”
“Wicked is what you are, get out of my sight you devil”.. Patience said before continuing her transaction with the teller.
Tisa was not backing out and she passed a very silly comment that Tisa ignored although her heart bled inside.
As Patience drove home she cried as she remembered the painful words “our children should meet someday”
When she got home she went straight to the bedroom where Philip was.
“Philip!!!!!!” patience yelled as she entered the house.
Honey what is it?.. Philip asked.
“She has the audacity to talk to me!! Philip my coming here was not to accept this rubbish..” Patience screamed as she burst in tears. She knelt down and cried on the floor.
Philip held her close and wiped her tears.
“Honey I’m so sorry, I’m sorting this thing once and for all. I love you..” he said.
Patience cried bitterly and she went straight to bed.
The following day in the morning Patience woke up early and she woke up Philip.
“what is going on Philip?”.. she asked.
“going on where?” he asked.
“did you put her in her place? Why does she feel the need to talk to me and in fact what gives her the right to do so”… patience said.
“honey I told her it’s over and I’m strictly sending her upkeep for the babies only”.. he responded.
“why have you said nothing about her approach?” she asked.
“are you sure you want me to be talking to her about that?.. she will only grow more pompous if I start telling her about you”.. he responded.
“ok so in short I should just bear the insults? And how does she know today is my first day at work?” she asked
“honey she could even be spying on you she is just bitter.. “
“bitter about what?” patience asked bitterly.
That day Patience was depressed at work but she tried to wear a smile for the sake of work.
Philip took her for dinner after work and they reconciled. A month passed by successfully without a word from Tisa, two months, three months, four months and finely they met in the fifth month.
Patience made a couple of new friends from the office, people that drunk and chilled. She would often have a small drink up with the girls and Philip often permitted her as she was not getting out of hand. Slowly her dressing was becoming more casual and she became more outgoing.
There was a beer and food festival where Patience wanted to go, she talked to Philip about it but he refused and insisted that he did not want her to drink. The day of the festival arrived and they were still arguing about her going there but she insisted that it was just a reunion with the girls, nothing more and nothing less.
”I don’t really care what you call it but I wouldn’t want my woman to go to such a place” he said
“Honey I told you am just going to have fun with the ladies please let me go”.. she begged.
“And Thandiwe? Don’t tell me my baby will be out in the cold with you” he said.
“Honey Thandiwe can remain with the maid.” She insisted.
No, you are not going.. you are not going anywhere, lets say I have a better idea… he said
Really honey what? She asked excitedly.
You and your friends can go to any place of your choice and I promise to give you some money myself but I just don’t want my woman being seen in such places.. he said
Patience jumped excitedly and immediately changed the plans with the ladies.
Philip wasn’t coming as he would be working late.
The ladies didn’t take long to get ready and they met, at an open resort.
“so Philip had to cut our happiness short.. I so wanted to be there at the festival”.. Patience complained
The ladies laughed and brushed it off. As they went on talking and chatting Patience suggested that they pass through the festival just for a few minutes and they would move.
“Come on ladies it won’t be a bad idea, I just want the caption that I featured at Oktoberfest also.. Don’t be boring ladies come-on” she insisted,
“dear he is your husband and if you feel alright with going where he stopped you then well I guess will just follow suit”.. her workmate said
“its for a few minutes and then we can leave , we can also find another chill spot after that”.. Patience insisted.
“Ladies I have a better idea, let’s have my driver take us there because us going there alone will not be a good idea, we are drinking and Chisamba road is busy”.. one of the ladies opposed
That’s even better so let’s all park at neutral place where we can pick the cars easily.. Patience said.
They were a group of 4 including Patience, all of them were married but one of them was in a distant marriage for a while as her husband had travelled for work overseas and she happened to the wealthiest in the group. Her name was Melissa.
“ladies lets park at my house’.. Melissa said.
The ladies sang aloud as the driver took them to festival, the giggled and told silly stories.
What was supposed to be a few minutes turned out to be an hour, two hours and finally it was going to 3hours. The ladies ate, drunk and danced.
Patience was tipsy but not too much, she was just excited but was also very aware of everything around her.
“ladies let me look for a toilet am coming..” patience said to the girls.
After using the toilet Patience wanted to get herself some “HUNTERS GOLD” when she suddenly saw in a quick vision someone that looked like Philip pass, the man in a jean short and a tshirt.
“mm is my mind playing tricks on me?” she asked herself.
After looking around she realised maybe she was just imagining things. She went back to the ladies and the continued drinking. A little while later she saw Tisa and without a doubt it was really Tisa.
“what is going on here?” she thought again
Patience watched Tisa walk as her heart raced, her eyes escorted Tisa until she reached a spot where Philip suddenly immerged from the opposite direction holding drinks. The on camping chairs and started drinking.
Patience rubbed her eyes one time but it wasn’t a dream, they were really there.
Tisa was in a bum short exposing her legs freely while Philip stroked her hair. All the strength in Patience disappeared and she thought of going there to approach them but she couldn’t.
She felt insulted and betrayed, Philip had taken her for a fool. He fooled her once again and this time it hurts so badly because he lied to her face, he brought her back home to face the betrayal. This time it was before her eyes.
“ladies lets go”.. patience said.
What? All of a sudden when the fun just began? Her friend opposed.
“no ladies we need to go, my husband may start calling a minute from now”.. she said.
When Patience arrived home she bathed and straight away went to bed, her head was occupied with thoughts but she managed to sleep immediately.
Philip only came back around 22hours and she was fast asleep by then. The following day and the days to come she said nothing to him concerning what she saw, she did not move from the master bedroom however she denied herself to him every time he tried to touch her.
One morning Philip got really angry after she denied herself to him.
“Patience I am your husband and you cant keep treating me this way!” he yelled.
“im tired its too early besides today is Sunday cant you train your body to be holy and concentrate on church at least?” she said.
“are you mad!!!… how can you talk to me like that?”.. Philip asked angrily.
“I would like to believe you are not talking to me”.. Patience responded.
“Patience respect me, it things like this that…”
“Things like this that do what!!!.. answer me!!! Things like this that do what Philip???? That cause you to cheat????”.. she yelled.
Well maybe… he responded.
“I wish that could make angry but I have harbored too much hurt in my heart to get any angrier. Have a good day bashi mpundu (father of twins)”.. Patience said before walking out of bed
She carried the baby and went to visit her mother, she never opened up to her or anybody else about her problems. Patience loved Philip too much to let anyone have a say about her marriage.

To Be Continued….

Things are just getting worse for Patience. Can you suggest how she is going to handle it?

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