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Episode 17.

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“wow this cake is nice..” she said.
“oh that cake, yes its for twin boys”.. the baker responded.
They are handsome boys.. she said
They are, I have met them. The mum came with them when making the order.. Actually the other cake is theirs too.. the baker said.
The other cake was a spider-man cake which read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MENA TWINS”.
Their last name is Mena? Patience asked with a surprised look on her face.
Yes dear.. the baker responded.
When Patience took a second look at the first cake the image of Philip was all over them. Philip had one brother and he was a half-brother who was actually coloured so either these children were his or he had another brother somewhere but the resemblance was too obvious.
These children resemble my friends babies, is Tamara the mother?.. Patience lied in an attempt to get the truth from aunty mercy the baker.
Her name starts with T but I don’t think she is Tamara.. the baker said as she tried to recall.
Oh it is Tisa her name is Tisa.. in fact she called me a while ago saying she is coming to pick up the cakes.. the woman said.
Shortly there was a hoot at the gate.
Oh that must be her… aunty Mercy said as she peeped through the window.
Indeed just like she had guessed Tisa drove in looking very expensive in a short yellow dashiki dress with masai slippers, her 22inches Brazilian hair with a neat lace front fixture was tied back in a ponytail.
She wore Gucci sunglasses to cover her eyes but immediately took them off as she walked into the house. Patience was intimidated by the mere sight of her young fresh looking body, her body was in perfect shape while she thought of how uncomfortable she felt in her own body especially after delivery.
“hi im here to collect the cakes.. Remember me? Tisa said as aunty Mercy opened the door for her.
Patience stood staring at Tisa as she walked toward the dining room, every bit of her hoping it wasn’t true. As Tisa drew nearer Patience lost her strength more and more.
“oh here they are, you are so good.. you never disappoint, these look beautiful”. Tisa said as she lifted the cakes.
Tisa was so excited about the cakes that she did not even recognize the presence of Patience. As she was about to walk out Tisa looked up and saw Patience standing in a corner by the window where she had watched Tisa come in.
Oh Patience you’re here I’m sorry I didn’t see you.. Tisa said with a teasing smile.
You know my name? how do you know my name?.. Who are you? Where are you from? By the way aren’t you the one from the milkshake place? Patience asked in shock.
Judging by the way you talk to me, I would like to believe you already know me.. Tisa responded in a slow rude tone.
Patience felt like she was losing her mind as Tisa walked out. The baker was shocked and asked Patience if anything was the matter but patience walked past her quickly and followed Tisa to the car.
Excuse me you did not answer my question.. I asked a question. Please just answer me.. Tisa said as her heart ached terribly. Her worst nightmare was becoming true.
‘if you want to know anything ask your husband, you have my name so i guess you can start from there. Tisa said before entering the car and driving off.
As Patience remained standing thoughts quickly crossed her mind, she remembered the day the parcel reached with items that were receipted in Tisa’s name. The day she met Tisa and the over friendliness at the restaurant and how she saw Tisa at the house Philip claimed to have sold, it was now all adding up. Her heart was racing, despite all this she still hoped Philip would say it wasn’t true.
Patience immediately drove to Philips work place and bugged into his office.
Philip was talking to some people in a short meeting when Patience suddenly banged the door and forced it open.
“Philip tell me it’s not true, please tell me its not true. she said as her her body shook terribly. Her hair was unkempt and she left her shoes in the car.
“Patience what’s going on? as you can see I have people in my office and we are having a..”
Patience screamed on top of her voice to the extent that the entire company was alarmed. “Tell me its not true Philip!!!..
People in the office got uncomfortable and they started moving.
”Am sorry please excuse me.. Philip said to the people.
When they all stood up to go Patience looked at him and in a soft calm voice she asked Him
“Philip who is Tisa and why does she have children that bear your name?”..
Philip could not say a word but he came close to her and tried to touch her.
“don’t you dare lay your hands on me Philip.. who is she?”
Patience I would rather die than confess that I hurt you because I love you too much to let you go.. Philip said.
Patience pulled the rings from her finger and threw them at Philip and she walked out of the office. Nothing made sense at that point but Patience knew she wanted to be far away otherwise she would do something that she was going to regret. So she drove home to pick the baby and dumped a couple of her clothes in the suitcase as well as the babies clothes then she dragged it to the car. The maid asked what was going on but she did not respond, she left her phones.
She fastened the baby in her car sit and started the engine. Patience parked at the fueling station and put a full tank and started driving south without any idea where she was going.
Her heart was heavy but she couldn’t cry, the betrayal was too much.
After driving for an hour she stopped to breast feed her baby and change her diapers then she drove on, she took the route heading towards siavonga. Upon reaching Siavonga she stopped and booked a room at a beautiful hotel near the lake.
Patience bathed and she bathed the baby.. Her heart ached more as she looked at her poor daughter who was so innocent.
When the baby was asleep patience called for room service and ordered a bottle of red wine, she had the bottle and stared at it.
“I never thought this day would come when I would need you to send me to sleep”.. she said.
She drunk the bottle almost half way when she suddenly blacked and slept.
Philip had gone to the club that night, he drunk so much that he nearly made an accident on his way home. He had a feeling that he would not find Patience home and for sure she wasn’t home when he arrived. Patience had left without leaving any traces behind.
There was a loud bang on the door and some people were banging on the window when Patience suddenly woke up, her head was spinning and her body felt weak. The baby was crying and she lifted her as she went to open the door while struggling to open her eyes.
“excuse me woman are you crazy?”.. a man shouted as she opened the door.
She didn’t know what was going on but her eyes were now fully wide open as she stared at this man in front of her.
‘Your baby has been crying for almost an hour.. Have you lost your mind that you can’t feed the poor child!”.. the man yelled.
Patience looked at her baby and then smiled, she is fine now… thank you.. Patience said.
Is that all you going to say!! If you don’t love your child give her up for adoption! The man yelled.
Patience was sad inside and she looked at this man standing before her.
“I said thank you, she is fine now..” patience said before closing the door.
She overheard the man telling people in the hallway that the situation was under control.
I didn’t mean to let you cry like that.. She said to her baby.
The baby looked at Patience with a small grin on her face.
“at least you understand me..” Patience said as she sat down and started breastfeeding.
When she was done breastfeeding she put the baby against a pillow in front of her and started narrating to her what made them go to siavonga. Knowing very well that her little girl did not understand a thing Patience asked her if she understood. The baby just stared back. The baby fell asleep peacefully and she tacked her in immediately.
For the first time Patience felt a big lump on her throat and tears rolled down her cheeks. Her heart was heavy and her mind was filled with thought, what could have led him to do that? Wasn’t she good enough?
No question could complete her, Patience cried so much that her night dress was starting to get wet.
She left the bed and sat on the floor, her heart ached in every way but she wanted to ask God why..
Many thoughts rushed through her head at once. Patience grabbed her purse and removed Philips photo, her tears quickly covered the photo.
She cried out to God bitterly as tears rushed down her face……….
“My Jesus what did I ever do wrong? What did I ever do wrong?.. Philip and I communicated so well, if there was a problem why didn’t he tell me?……………………….. Lord why did you allow it to happen? ………………. Why!!!! When she was pregnant God why didn’t you terminate it! …………….. Why did you allow my husband see the nakedness of another woman!!!…………………… what went through his mind when he did it?……………. what happened to our vows when he chose to undress another woman?……………. Jesus it hurts so bad.. it hurts to breath….., God where did I fail? Where did I fail you my Jesus that I should land in this predicament?……… How will I ever face the world my God?………. Answer me GOD!!! Answer me now!!!!!!!!
It felt like a spear had struck her chest and it stayed there.

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To Be Continued….

Trouble has started. What do we do now?

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