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Episode 11.

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Clive was confused, what was happening did not make sense to him, the pastor tried to calm him down and explain what was happening. As they went round looking for Nonde all Clive could think of was Tasila the girl he was supposed to marry before he impregnated Nonde. It was all clear to him, Nonde had forced herself on him and he married her, the more he thought about it the more he hated Nonde.
“Pastor I cant, I really can’t do this anymore” he
said as he parked by the side.
“Look pastor she has caused me enough harm, I don’t want to see her..” he added
“She is still your wife.. she may have wronged you but she is your wife..” the pastor interrupted.
“She deceived me she is not the woman I loved
in fact I have never loved her..”
As Clive sat in the car arguing with the pastor
Nonde passed by the vehicle and they ran to get her. Nonde was truly mad and she did not even recognise Clive but they put her in the vehicle and drove home with her..
She slept in the quarters and the follwing day the pastor came with a few people and they started to pray for her, after 4hours of serious praying, Nonde finally let go of the spirits that were in her.
When Nonde narated everything she had done Clive was in shock and he wept, all he wanted was to find Tasila and at least apologise even if it meant he would never be with her again.
“How could you do this to me Nonde? What did
Tasila ever do to you?..” he asked her.
Nonde couldn’t give an answer but she just looked down without saying a word..
Clive went through counselling, he did not chase Nonde but they did not share the bedroom, Clive had moved to the spare bedroom. He always went to see Bwalya and the twins, the more he saw and spent time with her the more he realised that she was different, she was nothing like Nonde.
One day Clive came back from work and went
straight home, he hadn’t been home early in a long time and he also never ate from home. It was clear that the marriage had reached its breaking point.
Nonde was surprised that he had knocked off early and he called her to the sitting room, when she had settled down he handed her some papers.
She read the first paper and they were title deeds for their mansion, the titles were in her name, the second document said that everything they acquired together was now hers including his two vehicles. The third document was a commitment that he would take care of all the needs of their son, and he also signed and left a slot for her to sign too.
Finally, the set of documents which was quite thick and stapled together were divorce papers, he had already signed on his part.
Nonde looked at Clive and burst into tears, she
cried so much that she couldn’t even hear anything he said. Clive stepped outside and let her cry while he played with junior.
After close to an hour she joined him outside
and handed him the divorce papers which
she had signed. Clive did not hesitate, the moment he got the papers he picked his suitcase that had all his clothes and dragged them to the dooor.
“see you in court,” he said before walking out.
He had called a taxi that was waiting for him andhe moved immediately to his new apartment where he would stay until the divorce was final.

******* 3 MONTHS LATER *******
Court had just ended and Clive was now a free
man, Nonde walked out of court feeling sad but
deep inside she had realised her mistakes and it was time to let Clive go. Her sadness was that she
was now going to raise her son away from the
father but the joint custody meant that he could get the boy anytime. She rubbed her eyes as the sun hit her face while she watched Clive get into a car and drove off. She took in a deep breath and walked down the stairs of the high court. “God I know it hurts but finally I don’t have to leave my life like that anymore’ She thought to herself.
That was the first time Nonde genuinely talked to God, as she drove home she thought about her son and how she would explain to him as he grows older what had happened.
The three months leading to the divorce had really drained her, she had lost a lot of weight and her face did not hide the frustration, as she drove home she decided to pass through church for the first time in a very long time.
She parked at the nearest church she could see, walking in felt like dragging a heavy bag full of stones. There was a service in procession but she did not even notice that, all she cared about was to get to the front and get on her knees.
The pastor stopped talking the moment she walked in and the whole congregation focused on her as she walked. Nonde dragged herself to the front looking all worn out and her strength failing her. She threw herself in front and laid on the ground as she cried terribly
The pastor asked the choir to sing while the
congregation started to pray..

I surrender all to you…..,
Everything I give to you…
Withholding nothing… withholding nothing…
I surrender all to you,
Everything I give to you…
Withholding nothing… withholding nothing…
I surrender all to you,
Everything I give to you…
Withholding nothing… withholding nothing…
I surrender all to you,
Everything I give to you…
Withholding nothing… withholding nothing…

The pastor and the congregation prayed so much and while they prayed Nonde kept on crying as she lay flat on the floor. It was an hour of serious worship and at the end of the prayer Nonde gave her life to Christ.

******* 2 MONTHS LATER *******
It had become routine for Nonde to go to church everyday and she had now found herself a family there, she had since started working for a good company and she held a good position, her heart was still looking for the day she would finally face her friends and tell them she was sorry. It bothered her the fact that for so long they had been quiet.
Nonde started counselling people in relationships and marriages teaching them the importance of putting Christ at the center of their union.

******* PATIENCE AND KASSY *******
“So God works in mysterious ways, how you and I are pregnant at the same time still remains a shock to me”.. Kassy said.
“My dear He is good indeed, I really needed this
outing girlfriend thank you so much you don’t know how much I’ve been craving for ice cream this week”.. Patience replied.
Kassy we need to go and check on Nonde, it’s been long. It’s realy been a while, what do you think?… Patience asked
“No dear, Nonde has been distant but hey it’s ok, I think it is for the better. I just want to see Petrina I really miss her. We need to see her one of these days.. she said.
Kassy, Nonde is also our friend despite her tantrums it is almost a year, even if we don’t want her in our inner circle it is better we just check on her.. Patience interrupted
Ok, if you say so and hey my cousin told me about some lady who has been changing lives at her church. I heard she is so good at helping couples to restore their marriages and all.. I really want to go and see her.. Kassy said.
Ok! That sounds like a good idea, I mean Philip and I could benefit a whole lot from that..
Is he still being disconnected?.. she asked.
Well! You know he is doing his best and you know we are not doing bad at all, it’s just that I feel something Is missing.. I don’t want to seem like I want too much but honestly speaking I really need more, maybe we just need to talk to someone.. patienece replied.
Uhmm! Are you sure it is just not the pregnancy? I read somewhere that women have such when they are pregnant.. you know like wanting a lot of attention..
Well I don’t know really… anyway that sounds like a great idea so make sure you get all the details from that woman and then maybe we can pick days when we can see her. She replied.
I’m told she is available on Wednesday and Friday starting from 3pm, Sundays it is a bit hard to see her.. Kassy said.
Maybe we can go there together tomorrow and just make appointments.. what do you think?.. she asked
.That is a deal..

The following day Patience and Kassy were at the church around 14hrs waiting for her to show up, they were not the only ones. Two other couples joined them and also sat waiting for her to show up.
“Kassy I hope you did not bring me here for
nothing, seems like this lady is not coming and I left work to come and sit here And wait ..”..
Relax, there is still time.. it’s only 10pastmins 15hrs she will be here.

Nonde arrived carrying a laptop and her handbag on the other hand. Kassy and Nonde did not recognise her from afar as she had lost a lot of weight and she looked very smart and youthful in her pink suit.
“Am so sorry the office was very busy.. she said as she unlocked the door
It was then that Kassy and Patience saw her closely and realised it was Nonde.
Kassy was shocked and she stared at Patience with a blank look. Patience on the other hand couldn’t believe her eyes..
They got up and walked in to the office… Nonde
couldn’t belive her eyes, she quickly got up from her sit and knelt down before them.
Glory to God, Abba father you are merciful.. Nonde said as she held their pregnacies.
Nonde what is going on here? You are now a
pastor?.. patience asked.
Nonde wept terribly as she knelt before them..
‘Get up… boyi get up… talk to me what is the
matter?” Kassy said as she struggled to lift her from the ground.
Nonde gathered herself and went back to her sit and finally broke the silence. After narrating
everything and confessing to what she did to them by using charms to block them from giving birth.
Patience and Kassy had nothing to say, they were both in a state of shock.
Patience was busy with her life and did not even realise that she struggled with conceiving, Kassy was more affected
because she had miscarried a number of times.
“You have gone through enough pain, May you find peace in all you do, God has been so kind to me that it will be unfair for me not to forgive you…. Patience get up lets go..” Kassy said.
Nonde was shaken and she remained staring at the ceiling.

As Patience and Kassy walked to the car park they were silent and could not believe what had just happened.
“I wish I could be mad at her but indeed God
knows why certain things happen
I was just shocked. Patience said
“you are right mama we live in a wicked world,
whoever thought our very own friend, not just friend but childhood friend would do this to us.. Patience this world world is wicked..”..
“Let’s go Kassy, let’s go my friend, we cannot change what has happened”
Sure we can’t,, about Philip.. try to talk to him and tell him how you feel. Otherwise.. I’m sure it’s just the pregnancy…” Kassy said
Prayer is key at the end of the day.. I wish we knew better in our junior years.. Patience said.
It is fine mama God is on our side still.. kassy
responded before parting ways.

Philip had delayed to come home that day, but as usual he always came with gifts for his wife.
“why the late night?”.. Patience asked
I’m sorry honey I was working late but I will make it up to you.. he said as he pecked her forehead.
Patience was happy seeing her husband but her heart was not at peace.
Before she fell asleep that night she asked him to massage her feet and he agreed.
As philip sat massaging her feet Patience couldn’t stop staring at him, she had known her husband so well that she could sense a problem from afar. Worry was written all over his face. She did not know what it was about, could it be that he was hiding something?
“Honey why have we suddenly grown apart?” Philip quickly asked as if he was reading her mind.
Patience had no idea what to say but she just smiled at him.
I have being missing you too honey and I feel like something is missing.. She said.
Nothing is wrong on my part I guess it is just that you need me more now in your condition.. I promise to make it up to you baby.. he said.
She looked at him closely and then kissed his lips.. She was so happy as he said all that she needed to hear.
“I guess so honey… I need you more”.. she said.
“I am here honey and always will be,”.. he said

Meanwhile Tisa had started becoming impossible despite everything Philip did for her she was making serious demands. It was either the babies needed something or she needed something. Philip was becoming
more stressed.
Tisa had everything at her disposal and she had opened three other branches of her boutique with more than 25 workers under her. She was doing well for herself and swimming in luxury.
Philip danced to her tune for fear of Patience finding out. He now had to gamble between work and visiting her during the day as he could not pass the night at her house, she was very jealous and demanding. She took it upon herself to spy and she finally knew Patience. When she discovered that Patience was pregnant she did not give Philip peace, she made demands like crazy and before he could budget for his home the first priority was Tisa’s house. She made many demands including listing her as beneficiary to his wealth, he also opened a joint account with her and listed her as his wife.

To Be Continued…..

Who can question this mighty God? He does whatever He likes at the time He wants. Who would have thought that Nonde could still get another chance to live right?
What a mysterious God!

Can you see what Philip brought upon himself?

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