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Episode 08.

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Honey can you imagine I saw Bwalya today.. Well I don’t know if its really her but she looked so beautiful and clean and pregnant.. I think that girl ran away with another man..
Clive was not looking at her but kept on reading his newspaper.
Honey did you get what I said?.. She asked angrily.
Yes I did well good for her..I’m sure she has made a good wife she was very hardworking.. He said without even looking at her.
What!.. That low life was just an illiterate who got on my nerves.. She yelled.
I’m sure the man who got her pregnant is the biggest fool.. She yelled
Watch that mouth of yours.. Clive yelled as he got up. You are really annoying.. He said as he walked out of living room and banged the door.
Nonde quickly ran after him to the bedroom..
Why have you always been in her defense she is a low life with nothing to her name…
Shut up! Shut up!.. He yelled.
You make it hard for me to love you. He said and covered himself.
Nonde sat feeling emotional and frustrated
Bwalya was due the following week and Clive had already booked her to deliver from Italian hospital.. He was super excited because the last scan had confirmed they would be having twins.

Patience and Philip had further grown apart. Her idea of “the perfect marriage” was now an illusion. She was at the hype of her career and although Philip was equally successful she was still getting almost twice his salary and all their wealth put together could still not give them happiness.

Petrina had just called patience and asked her if they could have lunch. Patience was quite uncomfortable meeting Petrina after the last blow out she had with Nonde, however Petrina seemed desperate and they agreed to meet the same afternoon.
Yes I came as fast as I could what is the natter girlfriend and why are you wearing sunglasses in this enclosed place…. Patience asked.
Petrina did not answer but just looked at Patience.
What is the matter dear? The wedding is in 5days are you chickening out?.. She asked
Petrina was very emotional and tears rolled down her cheeks.
Patience got worried and then moved to sit next to her.
Talk to me mama what’s wrong?.. Is it Sydney.
Yes it’s Sydney.. She stammered
What did he do?.. Talk to me.
Petrina took a glass of water then quickly wiped her tears away..
He did nothing wrong but there is a problem… She gathered her strength and then began to explain.
Sydney lost his job a couple of days ago.. Well he just started but it seems the company deals in illegal transporting of farm inputs. The company has been shut down and all the workers retrenched. She said.
That is not all, my family is aware of this and they are asking me to slow down on the wedding process.. I don’t know what to do.
OK so this what is making you cry?.. Patience asked
Patience i can’t imagine myself moving the wedding. I have waited long enough for this marriage.. All I just need is money to settle the balance remaining with our venue then I will be all good.. She said.
No no no.. Mama this guy just stopped working you have idea when he will get another job and for all we know he might just be a conman maybe he wasn’t even working.. Perhaps he just wants to eat from you.
Patience! How can you say such a thing.. I have known Sydney for some time and that short period has already shown me how good of a man he is.. These are just temptations.. All will be good. She said
Oh I’m sure you will be.. Seems you’ve made up your mind .. I guess I can’t help you.. She said
Patience really? I thought you were my friend. You have so much money at your disposal all am asking is for a loan from you that I will definitely pay back. I need to settle my bills
I can’t believe you Petrina.. In short you want to marry this man?..
I am not marrying him, Sydney has settled my bride price and most of the wedding things it’s just the venue that we have not cleared. Theirs a 50℅ balance which we were supposed to pay this week.. Actually deadline is before our wedding which is just like 5days away. My family won’t come in to help. She pleaded.
OK how much are you looking at? Patience asked.
Its about K30, 000
No that’s too much I can give you half.
Patience it’s a lot of money I know but I’m receiving my gratuity in two months I will pay it all.. I know you have the money
You’re d–n right I have the money.. I’m just so upset with you Petrina why spend all that money on a man? Let’s go i will write you a cheque at work.. Patience said.
Petrina managed to get the money and settled the balance of the venue and also paid 6months upfront for a medium house where she would move in after the wedding.
Patience didn’t hesitate to inform Kassy about what was happening.


The wedding was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it. When it was time for the gifts Kassy went over to Petrina and whispered in her ears.
“Welcome to shipikisha club my friend”
Petrina was wondering why on earth Kassy would say such a thing but she just brushed it off and went on greeting other guests.
Nonde did not attend the wedding, when word reached her concerning the struggles Petrina was going through the job she did on Petrina was an easy one, she did not have to do anything to make Patience’s marriage anymore miserable than it already was.

The ladies arranged for lunch to meet and reflect on everything that had been happening.. Petrina couldn’t make it as she was just settling in her marriage.
Kassy agreed to pick up Patience who did not want to drive that day. They talked a lot and made up, apologising for all the times they misunderstood each other..
Look! Is that not Clive over there? Patience said as she pointed through the window.
They had just parked at the gas station to put some fuel when they saw Clive walk out of the super market with some plastics.
Yes that’s him seems like he was doing some shopping.. Kassy responded.
Yeah! Seems like… Patience responded before driving off
Nonde was already at the pizza place, she sat down as she waited for her friends to arrive.
Nonde how come you did not show up for Petrina’s wedding you broke the girl code rule..
Oh which is?.. Nonde asked
That we don’t miss each other’s wedding’s.. Kassy reminded her.
I’m sorry ladies hubby travelled for work, I had no help.. She said.
Oh that’s sad.. When did he travel?
He is still away he is only coming next Friday, he has been away for two weeks.
The ladies quickly looked at each other then looked away.
What! Why do you look like you don’t believe me? She asked.. No don’t worry we do… Patience interrupted.

Why does it seem like there is something fishy going on? Patience said as they drove home.
Well you don’t know Kassy but maybe she was right … Maybe he is actually away and she’s not aware that he’s in town. She continued
My point exactly I think he really is away from home and may be lying to her. These men… Will they ever change.. At least Philips is still faithful but my husband … That man is a curse upon my life.. Kassy said.
My dear you don’t know Philip… Don’t admire minus knowing dear.. My husband is equally not an angel.. Even if I don’t know what he does one thing I can assure you is that Philip is not an angel.. Patience said.
And what are you doing about it Patience? You just can’t watch him treat you like a fool, you need to put your foot down mama..asked Kassy
Oh.. Put my foot down then what?
My dear there is a saying that goes “what you don’t know won’t hurt you. That is what keeps me going. Besides I have a great career and I am in my own world”.. Patience said
The difference here is that you already know so saying what you don’t know doesn’t apply.. Fact is you already have a picture. Listen boyi Philip is a great guy he loves you and respects you. He always has….. hence he is even so discreet about what he does.. I mean at least you just suspect but I see it with both my eyes when Ted is cheating.
OK so what is your point exactly Kassy?
My point is you and I can teach each other something.. Patience teach me how you manage to ignore and endure perhaps it’s my constant nagging that’s making my husband worse and you.. I will teach how to make him stay home and start being more committed to the relationship again.
I hope it’s not the traditional nonsense because I am so not interested. Patience interrupted.
Do you want Philip back or do you want things to get to the point of you chasing after him.. Kassy asked.
Patience parked aside and then paid attention to Kassy.
OK so I know two women who can start with you right away, the women that will teach you all you need to know at a fee of course, we can meet them tomorrow or even now If you don’t mind. She said.
Not now.. I need to cook but I’m ready tomorrow promise me it has nothing to do with witchcraft..
Oh come on you’re too superstitious no witchcraft I promise.. She said.
OK where do we start with me? Kassy asked asked excitedly
Well the last woman you started commotion with concerning your husband is your very last and from now onwards.. Anything to do with your husband you pretend like you have not seen. Ignore and act as normal as possible.
Even if he comes late just let him eat his food.. silent treatment is the best he will surely start to come around I promise you.. even when you know he is been wondering about what is going on just ignore and act happy I’m telling you he will fold his tail.
I don’t think that will help Patience it has clearly not worked for you.
The difference is that I have been totally mean and not treated him well, I ignored him because I am irritated.. now I want to be there for him and I’m willing to do anything to make it work.. It’s weighing me down.. I miss him.
But I have being doing that .. Well this time mean it.. Look at you Kassy.. You are very beautiful, independent established but all you do us chase after him.. you have really lost weight you no longer care for yourself and you don’t seem happy at all.
Does it really show?.. Kassy asked as tears filled her eyes.
Yes it does and it will get better just find yourself without him.. Please Kassy…
Ted has finished me, all my time power and efforts have gone to waste everything about me feels old…
No more.. You have allowed it for way too long its time to be happy…
You are truly a good friend…
What are friends for.. Anyway let’s go we have a deal tomorrow I see those women.


Baby I need to go now it’s getting late.. Philip said as he pecked Tisa.
Mmm my love
So soon what’s the rush its only 21hrs you will go at midnight or pass the night..
No sweetie I can’t pass the night you know I only spent a night because she wasn’t at home now she’s around i can’t do that.
OK stay up to midnight please..
OK I will I promise to be with you up to midnight tomorrow OK?..
OK honey drive safely then..
OK bae I promise to be here first thing in the morning OK.. I will spend my Sunday with you she will be too busy to notice.
Philip got home and found patience in a skimpy outfit setting the table.
Uhmm! What is going on here? Philip asked in shock.
Nothing just preparing supper for my man.. She said.
Honey I didn’t see this coming I…
Shhhh.. Let’s go and bath so we enjoy this meal together… She interrupted
The excitement on his face was priceless and the night happened to be all rosy so was the morning, it was so good that he forgot to go and see Tisa.
Tisa called all morning but he ignored her call and only went to see her in the afternoon.
I’m sorry Tisa I couldn’t come on time…
It’s OK honey I have great news.. She said excitedly.
Philip was looking switched off and didn’t seem excited.. She looked at him and pulled him to the bedroom.
They hugged and kissed but Philip quickly pulled away..
Honey what is it? You never resist me.. Talk to me my love what’s going on?
I’m just tired , yes what’s the good news.. He said while folding his sleeves…
Honey I did 3 tests and they are all positive we are having a baby…
No that can’t be.. He opposed
Philip I’m sure I have been with you only since the last time which was almost a year ago. You are definitely the father…

To Be Continued….

Can you see different kinds of things happening in the marriages of these so-called four friends? Which among them do you think her marriage will work out?

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