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Jungle Cruise (2020): Dwayne The Rock Johnson And Emily Blunt Head Off On An Adventure In The First Trailer

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Jungle Cruise 2020

Yummy! It’s all getting ready! Disney has been sticking to the same recipe for years, but it seems to be working for them:

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  • Take two famous actors, who have already appeared in a blockbuster, say Emily Blunt (who played the new Mary Poppins), and one of the most bankable actors out there, say The Rock.
  • Write a script based on one of your flagship rides at the Disneyland parks — see Tower of Terror (yep, it really does exist), Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion or even Tomorrowland —, such as the Jungle Cruise.
  • Add action and humor, and you have a typical blockbuster which should be at least a minor hit at the box office.
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All you have to do is watch the first trailer for the latest Disney movie and you’ll quickly understand that it follows the same recipe. In short, a scientist, Lily (Emily Blunt), sets off in search of a magic tree in the depths of the jungle with her brother, and finds she must work with the captain of a boat, Frank (The Rock), to fight the German expedition and the numerous traps and wild animals threatening their survival.

We’re clearly in Uncharted, Indiana Jones and Jumanji territory. And the link to the ride seems rather tenuous, although perhaps the cruise will become more important in the movie itself.

Jungle Cruise will be released in theaters in July 2020.

Watch Trailer Below:

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