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[STORY] Pastor’s Second Wife (Episode 15)

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Pastor’s Second Wife

Episode 15.

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The DNA test was conducted and the result was sent to the church directly. I wasn’t bothered about the result because I already knew what the outcome will be.

When the three weeks of adjournment elapsed, another meeting was called. This time around, the church disciplinary committee chairman and the church medical doctor were in attendance. The faces of the attendees were unfriendly this time. “Without wasting much time, can we invite Dr Hassan Yakubu for the interpretation of the DNA test result?”, the secretary to the church executive council requested, pointing at the direction of the doctor. The silence in the room was like that of the graveyard as everyone gazed at the doctor’s mouth.

He was handed over the big brown envelope. He was slow in getting the result out of the envelope. He began to read the result from the name of the medical centre, date of the test, personnel who conducted the test, the medical jargons in the result, etc. Why must he read all those contents? All we needed to hear is if Deji is Shina’s father or not. After taking about fifteen minutes reading the DNA test result in medical terminologies, no one seemed to understand everything he said. The gazing and agitation was on the increase as all expected him to interpret the result in a layman’s language.

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“Pastor Olumodeji is not the biological father of the boy according to the test result”, the doctor said. This must be a joke, I thought. Who else is Shina’s father if not Deji? I haven’t slept with any man for five years. Sis Mercy, can you tell us who is the father of your baby, why you left the church without a word and why you are taking refuge in pastor Olumodeji’s house? I was dumbfounded for a moment. There must be a mix up somewhere. The paternity of my son is certain. I know the father of my son, and he’s no other person than Deji.

Someone should explain to me what’s happening here, mummy pastor screamed. So my husband is not the father of your bastard son? I knew it, I know you’re a traitor who wants to reap where you didn’t sow. Whatsoever you’ve done to my husband, God will expose you and your evil plans. You wicked betrayer and husband snatcher. Mummy pastor took over the meeting while everyone watched her. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. I wanted to talk but I didn’t know what to say when the DNA test result says Deji is not the father of my son. With this development, mummy pastor will surely not receive me back to the house again. Where next am I going to?

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Are you guys enjoying the story at all?

To be continued…

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