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[STORY] Pastor’s Second Wife (Episode 02)

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Pastor’s Second Wife

Episode 02.

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I am sure you are aware your friend is pregnant again. That was his first statement when we met in his office. I chose his office for the venue of the meeting to avoid suspicion. “Which of my friend sir?” I asked him sarcastically. The way he looked at me, I could read surprise on his face. “You mean you are not aware?” He asked.

I didn’t say anything until he gave the answer to my question. “Stella of course”, he replied shamefully. Of course, that was what I wanted. Who is responsible for her pregnancy sir? I queried my pastor again. He looked at me with disbelieve. But this time I was ready for pastor, it wasn’t going to be business as usual. I refused to look at his face so I won’t feel bad.

Sister Mercy I need you to do this last favour for me and I will never come to ask for more, he said. What favour sir? Are you the one responsible for the pregnancy this time again?
I thought you are a man of God? This is the fifth time you are impregnating your own member and you are not ashamed of this evil act sir. Your wife has been looking unto God for the fruit of the womb for almost ten years and you can’t give her a baby.

Instead of killing all these babies why don’t you keep this one? Maybe that is the last baby you will ever have in your lifetime. I have made a covenant with my God that I will never be part of this again. I don’t want to further stain my hands with innocent blood. Please count me out sir.

Immediately, I picked my bag to walk out on him. He quickly stood up from his seat and grabbed me. ”Please Sister Mercy you can’t go, he almost went on his knees begging me. While I was struggling to force my way out, his right hand touched my breast and I felt a sensation that turned me on immediately.

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He did not remove his hand from my breast, and on a deep look into his eyes; you could read on my face saying; “what is happening?” My legs were glued to the floor, my voice became faint. I tried to explain to my mind what was happening but I couldn’t.

This must be a spell, but I wanted more of the touch from his soft hand so I didn’t resist him. Our eyes communicated without a word from both of us.

Rather than leaving my breast he held it firmer and tried to squeeze it, then my voice opened up, what do you think you are doing pastor? I quarreled. “I am sorry, this is the hand work of Satan”, he said and disengaged from me.

When I left his office, I began to wonder what transpired between me and pastor Olumodeji. Did he use charm on me or what? Was that the same thing he did to Stella that he was able to impregnate her for five times? I called Stella immediately. Where are you Stella? “I have been trying to call you since but unable to”, she said. “Did he call you?” She asked.

Yes he did and that is why I am calling you now. We need to talk.
How will I tell my friend what just happened between me and pastor; a man she’s pregnant for? I went to see him to solve a problem but another problem had arisen. At this time, I stopped blaming my friend for getting pregnant for him five times.

It is not her fault. There’s something different with pastor Olumodeji’s touch that an average woman cannot resist. I tried to lift that thought of the touch out of my mind but it kept flashing back lustfully. I told Stella I will be with her shortly but here I am thinking about the touch from the pastor after two hours.

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Mercy, what is wrong with you? I asked myself frankly. I have never felt this way in my life. How can I explain to my conscience that I am beginning to fall in love with my pastor because of one touch? “This is strange.” I told myself. I need to go and see Stella now, but what will I tell her?

To be continued……

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