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[STORY] Accidental Marriage (Episode 07)

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Accidental Marriage

Episode 07.

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Joy on her part went fetish in order to get at David. ‘Baba there is this handsome guy I want you to help me do love portion for’, she requested from the herbalist. ‘Who is the boy?’ Baba asked. ‘He is our…I mean he lives with us. Baba do a strong love portion that will steal his heart away from my sister, Stella and our cook. The boy must be mine.’ ‘Be sure the boy is not a married man, I don’t do love portion for girls to snatch people’s husband.’ ‘No Baba, he’s not married.’ ‘Are you sure? Because if he’s married, he will hate you the same way he would have loved you if he was single’. ‘No Baba he is not married.’ ‘Oya, take this, all you need to do is to rub the powder on your face and look into his eyes, that’s all. If he can look at your face, he will love you at the expense of his life.’
The battle for the heart of David became fierce among 3 women who wanted to take him away from Tosin, his love. Will food win his heart to Dorothy? Or will Stella steal his heart with material things? Will
the love portion make him fall for Joy? Hmmmmmm. David has since stopped praying like he used to do due to the pressure of work and studies. He will just manage to muster some phrases or sentences in
the morning before setting out for his daily routine. His spiritual life became so bad that even sometimes he skips Sunday service.
‘David how are you today?’ Joy greeted. ‘Look at my face very well and see if my powder is moderate’.
‘Aunty Joy, I can’t see your face, all I am seeing is head of a pig on your neck and I hate pigs so much.’
‘You must be very stupid David for insulting me.’ ‘I am sorry ma, just that I don’t know what happened that your head suddenly turned to a pig’s head.’ ‘Joy walked closed to him and gave him an uncoordinated slap’. ‘I hate you aunty joy, why will you slap me for doing nothing’. As David mentioned the word ‘hate’ Joy remembered the herbalist’s statement, “he will hate you the same way he would have loved you if he was single”. ‘David are you married?’ She asked him. ‘Yes and no’. ‘What sort of stupid answer is that?’ ‘I already have a girl I want to marry in the village. Her bride price has been paid but we’ve not done any traditional or marriage ceremony yet.’ ‘Get out of my sight right now before I rain on you dirty slaps.’
At dinner, David’s food was served in a new dish decorated with roses. When he opened the plate it was a whole chicken part that filled the dish. Along with it was a chilled 75cl fruit juice. As he ate, he began to feel a metal like object in his food. He was curious to know what it was as he stopped the food in search of the metal object. It was a silver ring well placed by Dorothy inside his food. Immediately he understood the message because David is not a novice in love affairs. He took the ring trying to hide it under his mattress when Stella barged in. ‘What is that you are trying to hide under your mattress?’
‘Nothing serious ma’, David replied. ‘I have told you not to use ‘ma’ for me again.’
Her perfume filled the whole room. Her nipples were sharp and noticeable under her transparent gown.
She looked horny and attractive. David gazed at her breast all through amidst confusion. ‘Can I sit on your bed?’ She asked. ‘Ye ye yesssss aunty…No Stella.’ ‘Better, I thought you will make that silly mistake again. Don’t you like me?’ As he tried to say something, she brought out a brown envelope from the pocket in her gown. It was a fat envelope full of cash. She gave it to him, ‘take use this for yourself.’
When David collected it he knew he has taken the price of sin. ‘If you do what I ask you to do, you will get thrice of this every week. Please put off this your shyness and touch me anywhere and anyhow.’
‘What did you say ma?’ He looked into her face with amusement. ‘David, David, oga is calling you!’ It was Dorothy’s voice from outside. David rushed out to attend to his boss. He just escaped a temptation well planned The struggle to whisk the heart of David continued among the 3 ladies daily. It was like Joseph and madam Portipher’s story resurfaced. ‘I will never cheat on my love.’ David assured himself. ‘O Lord deliver me from these temptations trying to overwhelm me’, he prayed. When it became obvious that David could not overcome the temptations by himself, he went to God in prayer and fasting for 7 days.
‘O God you must help me, I don’t want to sin against you and against my love. Neither do I want betray the trust of my boss. Help me o Lord!’


To Be Continued….

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