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[STORY] Accidental Marriage (Episode 06)



Accidental Marriage

Episode 06.
It was all these that challenged David that compelled him to travel to the city in search of greener pasture and a better life. He vowed to make enough money to pay up all the prices and buy a better land for his family in choice places. The king’s verdict was not different from the counsel of the wise man because someone had told the king all the advice of the wise man. The wise man is a powerful member of council of advisers to the king. His counsels were as good as oracle.
On arriving Lagos, he was engaged by a wealthy man as house help. He immediately opened an account where he saves all his monthly salary as all his essential needs were met by the rich man. He needed nothing to use money for because food, shelter and clothing were all provided by the rich man. He put in for GCE and Jamb and came out with results good enough to earn him admission into the university.
“Sir, I want to run a part-time program in the Lagos State University,” he pleaded with his boss. He found favour in the sight of his boss who encouraged him and called a friend who is a dean of the faculty of Management Science. He was offered a full time course in Accounting (evening class). The degree program was for four years instead of the part-time of five years.
David was dedicated to his work and studies. Becoming successful was a do or die affair to David. He promised to make his family and Tosin his love, proud. His boss and everyone around love David so much because of his enthusiasm, dedication and determination to succeed. As David starts to speak better English, dress well and look cute, his boss’ daughters and the cook set their eyes on him. David is so lovely and charming that only few women can resist the temptation of falling in love with him.
Stella is the first daughter of Chief Ugbana, David’s boss. She stammers and loses her senses at the sight of David. She often dresses provocatively anytime David is around but none of her gimmicks got his attention as he was focused on his aim. She gave him some clothes for laundry and insisted she will come for them in his lodge at the boys’ quarter to pick them when she needs them. “Don’t bother to bring them when you are through, I will come for them myself.” She would say. The innocency and pureness of his heart will not let him suspect any fowl play.
Dorothy, the cook has never taken her eyes off the innocent guy. He gets double rations and special meals everyday. “Do you know why I have been serving your meal in a special way?” Dorothy asked David looking straight to his eyes. “No, I don’t know!” David replies. “Am I not beautiful?” Dorothy asked David. “Yes, you are beautiful and you are a nice girl.” David responded. “Thank you,” she smiled.
“Tomorrow I have a surprise for you, can you guess?”. “Yes! You will give me special food tomorrow right?” “No, guess again!”. Stella walked in, “What are you two doing there, is that your duty posts? Dorothy, how many times will I tell you not to be wearing this type of cloth again in this house, are you here to cook or to display your cleavage? Get out of this place now before I loose my temper.”
“What are you doing with that local and foolish girl? Look at the way she displayed her breast before you. I hope it is not what I am thinking? Stella asked, without letting him say a word in reply. “You know you will soon become a graduate of accounting. I don’t want to see you with that girl again in this house.
Come along with me, I have a special gift for you.” Like a sheep being led to the slaughter, he followed her to her room. “You know I don’t like those clothes you are wearing again, so I bought you these.” It was a big sack bag popularly known as ‘Ghana Must Go’ filled with all manner of designer clothes.
“Aunty Stella, I still have enough clothes oga bought for me that I have not worn.” David informed her.
“Does that mean you don’t want these once I bought for you?” “No, that’s not what I bought for you?”
“No, that’s not what I mean,… ” “Shhhhhhhh! ” Stella interrupted’ “They are designer clothes and they will look good on you.” “Thank you ma” he replied. As he stretched his hand to carry the bag, Stella grabbed him and said, “Don’t call me aunty again, my name is Stella. Stop using ma for me too, I am a small girl and you are definitely older than me.”
To Be Continued…..

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