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[STORY] Accidental Marriage (Episode 05)

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Accidental Marriage

Episode 05.

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‘After I spoke to your father in the village about all that happened yesterday, he was mad at me for giving his daughter’s hand in marriage in such a manner without his consent.’ I thought he understood, knowing that you are not growing younger again. He totally disapproved of everything that happened because he has his own plan for your marriage. He wants you to come home as soon as possible.’ Antonia’s uncle told her. ‘I will like to speak to my father directly sir. How were you able to reach him?’ That was a big stress. ‘You know the problem of network in our village. I have to call our kinsman living in the neighbouring village to be able to speak to your father.’

‘What did your uncle say?’ Ola asked Antonia when she arrived. ‘My father wants me to come home as soon as possible and we are going together. Carry along all the money you intend paying for my bride price and some extra. You know there is no ATM machine in our village. Three days later they set out for the journey. Ola’s father did not allow any representative from the family to go along with him because he was not in support of his moves. Only his friend who is from the same village with Antonia followed him.

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Halfway to their destination the driver of the bus dozed off and lost control of the steering. The bus somersaulted severally and ended up in a deep ditch. It was a fatal accident that claimed 4 lives in the bus. Ola and his friend died instantly along with the driver of the bus because the effect of the accident was more on the front seaters. The fourth person died in the hospital after he lost so much blood. Antonia and other passengers sustained different degree of injuries. It was a narrow escape for Antonia. She was in the in ICU for 2 weeks and was discharged from the hospital after 6 weeks.

It was this sad news that brought Tosin back home when she heard of Ola’s death. Antonia’s uncle arranged a meeting between the 4 families, i.e Tosin’s family, Ola’s family, David’s family and Antonia’s family. The meeting was all blame games. It was a long meeting because Ola’s family felt cheated. They lost the bride price, they lost the bride on whom dowry was paid and ultimately lost their son. The same wise man who initially advised that David and Tosin should be left to be together was invited to the meeting to help give his wise counsel to end the troubles.

It was resolved in the meeting with the wise counsel of the wise man that;

Tosin should be allowed to marry David.
David’s family to return all the bride price paid by Ola’s family to them.
David family should give a portion of their family land each to Antonia and late Ola as compensation.
Fresh bride price should be paid to Tosin’s father by David’s family.


These resolutions still did not go down well with the parties involved. Will returning the bride price bring back our son to life? Or will a piece of land serve as exchange for the life of our son? Ola’s family appealed. Is Tosin a princess to give the fortune of the family as her bride price? Two pieces of land and double bride price just for one uneducated girl is really high to pay. David family was unhappy. Tosin’s father insisted he will not give his daughter to David for marriage. The case was therefore transferred to the king of the land.

How do you think the story will end after David became extremely wealthy later in life?

To be continued…….

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