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[STORY] Accidental Marriage (Episode 03)

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Accidental Marriage

Episode 03.

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There was commotion in the hall because nobody showed up to give Antonia’s hand in marriage. Rev John also will not join them together without the consent of the bride’s family. On the other hand Mr Adeleke was ranting “you can’t join them together, he belong to my daughter”. While the commotion was on, Antonia excused herself to call her uncle who lives close to the church. Sir I have found a man I want to marry and he’s at the altar with me right now but the Reverend will not join us until someone in the family give my hand out. Sir, I will explain the details of my accidental, sorry coincidental marriage to you later. Please just come to first Baptist Church and stand in for the family before I miss this opportunity. Antonia’s uncle replied, But……. She cut him short, no but sir, just trust my judgment. You have to be here in 10 minutes sir.

In no time, Antonia’s uncle arrived. I am the representative of the bride’s family and I am here to willingly give our daughter’s hand in marriage to……. Of course he doesn’t know the name of the groom. The Reverend ask him some few questions and asked him to take her right hand and hand it over to him in the face of all the guests and cameras. Please don’t be quick to leave her hand. This will be my evidence in case of any litigation. He ordered the camera men to take more shots while he collect her hand from her uncle.

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The Reverend picked up his minister handbook and proclaimed “I, Rev John Apilo as the servant of the most high God hereby join you Ola and Antonia as man and wife today in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen”. And there was a low cheer from the congregation amidst mixed feelings. The whole church became divided into two factions; those who think it was not right for the Reverend to have join Ola and Antonia together and those who think it serve Tosin well.

Immediately guests had formed small small groups. How can a man marry without paying dowry? Why would Antonia take her friend’s man just like that? This is not the attribute of a good friend. A man who already paid bride price to Tosin’s father now married to Antonia, Tosin’s best lady. Different groups with different debate over Ola’s marriage with Antonia.

Ola has just married a woman he never had a day courtship with. A woman he knows nothing about. Ola became second Adam who found his wife the same day of his marriage. Adam and Ola are two men who didn’t pay dowry yet married. It was like a case of a man who has a cap but has no head to wear it on and the other who has head but has no cap to wear on it. Everything was strange and unusual about Ola and Antonia wedding as all their guests waited tirelessly for the announcement of the reception party. Lo and behold there was no reception party. Ola has ordered the groom’s driver to drive them straight to an unknown hotel immediately after the wedding.

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After a long waiting everybody dispatched and went on their ways. Food and drinks were in surplus because most guests never waited to taste anything. Tosin’s family members, relations, friends and well wishers left the wedding venue in annoyance. Tosin’s mother could not hold her tears for shame and disappointment.

Do you think doing everything possible to be with the person you love is a way of showing your love to your lover? Will you justify Tosin’s attitude?

Do you think Tosin’s father should have allowed his daughter be with David?

Do you think Ola was a smart guy? Can you do what he did?

If you were Antonia will you accept Ola’s proposal on the wedding of your friend?

To Be Continued…

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