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Okoro Daniel O.

Written by Okoro Daniel O.

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So they told you to quit your job and become an entrepreneur but didn’t tell you HOW PEOPLE WILL REJECT YOU for having a supposedly STUPID HOPE.

They told you to quit your job and “join risk-taking for profit in business” – ENTREPRENEURSHIP but didn’t tell you there will be DAYS OF HUNGER!

Oh yeah! They told ya to forgo that job of yours that’s ain’t really paying much but is at least paying bills and as well letting you enjoy tips of GOOD LIFE’s iceberg but didn’t tell you O BOY, IT’S A TOUGH ROAD.

For whatever it is,

I love entrepreneurship a lot, in fact I preach it often. Of course, the current economic situation of the country tells even more of how we need entrepreneurs. People who can invest in not only things on the internet but physical things surrounding us such as sports, farming, architecture etc.

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But why would you suddenly quit your JOB for entrepreneurSHIP without having a LIFE JACKET on?
Lmao! Guess you weren’t told the SHIP might sink along the way right?

If so, then you’ve got the wrong information if you weren’t told about that.

If you’re even smart, you can do both!

The thing is;
Whatever path you choose in life, there will always be times of pain, stress and quit-NOW threat.
Don’t just quit your job, get a skill and be a badass at it!

And please hear this sir/ma’am;
In life, we have Ali Baba and People working at Ali Baba, we have Facebook and people working at Facebook etc.
Everybody can’t be FACEBOOK! Everyone can’t be ALI BABA!!

The fact that you’re “working’ at Facebook doesn’t make you less privileged cos both Facebook and People working at facebook has one thing in common… Both people brings food to the table!.

Meanwhile, ain’t saying you should not aspire to be the FACEBOOK (business owner), but before you start giving yourself that long rope and stress; kindly ask; Am I really destined to be one or I’m meant to be the COO or the worker?
Then you win!

Get the right answer and start thriving!

And I’m not saying you should not register your whatever with CAC. But please don’t just register because you wanna snap and show us here on social media that you’ve gotten your business registered.

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Ain’t nobody cares (maybe others do, but myself don’t!) about you getting your business registered. Why should we even care? Or Issi not same you that will start running away when FIRS starts threatening your ass to pay TAX. 🙄

The real deal remains, is it adding values to the society and even to yourself? Or you’re just branding den of unemployment in disguise. 😒

Entrepreneurship is good but using your head is better!

Please Wake Up! 🤠

Above all,
No matter the decision you take, never take “those” that’d hurt you, harm your society and the world as a whole!

I’m the only crazy Okoro Daniel O that can play any type of role.


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