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Telegram cuts down notification overload for users

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The messaging app Telegram has been updated with a number of features that should cut down on the amount of notifications and noise generated by the app.


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Up first is a new silent messaging feature, which allows you to send a message without the recipient’s phone making a notification sound. Messages will still create a notification bubble, but this won’t be accompanied by a sound, regardless of the message recipient’s do not disturb settings. This will be useful when you want to send a low priority message without distracting someone. You can activate the new feature by holding down on the send button, and selecting the “send without sound” option that appears.

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There’s also a new “Slow Mode” that group admins can enable, which restricts how many messages group chat participants can send. You have the option of restricting the number of messages people can send to between one every 30 seconds, and one every hour. Considering Telegram groups can be filled with as many as 200,000 participants, there are some cases where a feature like this could be very helpful.

Along with the silent messaging and slow mode features, Telegram has also added the ability for group owners to give their admins custom titles which will appear alongside their usernames whenever they send a message in a chat, and there are also new animated emoji and interface features for sending videos. Both the Slow Mode and custom titles features seem very similar to what you’d typically find on a Discord server.

Telegram’s latest update is available on the App Store and Google Play Store now.

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