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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 12)



Episode 12 (and so it begins).

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When I heard about the accident I became stunned and fear Flow down my grips .i could not even ask for further details when the phone fell of my hand and my scream followed by the clash of the phone on the ground made Isabella to run out of the room.
“what happened…. Why are you shouting?? “.she inquired with so much concern in her voice.
“Anabel had an accident”.i manege to reply.
“what!!!!…… How,when,where???”.she asked pouring out series of questions on me and I could not answer. That was when I remember that I never seek to find out in the first place. She had to take the crash phone off the ground which had crashes on the screen and she dialed the number and from there we were able to get the hospital she was admitted… Did I just say admitted??, oh.. No I really don’t know.


We Drove hastily into the prescribed hospital and inquired about the said doctor. A nurse had to call him down from his office and we explained who we were to him immediately.
“oh, you are the man I called half an hour ago?? “.he asked and I nodded in affirmative. I noticed the change in his expression immediately, he seem moody and sad.
“doctor how is my friend and her family?? “.i asked and he shake his head slowly.
“we found the car crashed over a tree and the only thing we could see completely fit and untouched was a laptop resting at the back of the car and a note written in bold letter asking who ever find the laptop to find one Mr.s Isabella wealth and give it to her “.
“that is my wife name”.
“am Isabella wealth”.Isabella said for the first time slowly.
“follow me”.the doctor said and we did as instructed. We walk through the passage which was the exact place he came out from earlier and we found ourselves standing face to face with a door with the tag “doctor office”.bodly stamped on the door post. He placed his finger print at the door knob and the door came crash open and he invited us in. He took the laptop from the table and exhale deeply then he hand it over to Isabella along with the written note without telling us about the condition of the victims. That was when I knew that something is wrong.
“doctor how is my friend and her family?? “.i asked once again in a curious manner.
“am sorry we lost them even before we got there “he said and I felt confused unable to adapt with whatever he was talking about.
“wait, you mean the 3 of them?? “I asked again.
“I can lead you to the morgue if you want to”.
“of course we want to “.Isabella bashed in amidst tears holding the laptop to her chest. We got there and our fear was confirmed, laying flat on the bed was Annabelle, James, Christian and Myra. Hot tears stem down my eyes as I saw them in that position I regretted not objecting to their return maybe by Now they would have been alive. The thought if all we have done together from school period to this very time. Isabella had already busted into severe tears holding up to her cold hands firmly that was when I noticed something on her face and I quickly went to open the cloth used to cover James, Myra and Christian, just as I thought my fear was confirmed. Their expression said it all that they were scared but on Annabelle face, even when she was dead a cheerful smile remain stagnant on her face which got me wondering how come someone will be smiling in an accident scene that wiped the entire family out. But who will I ask??…no one.


To cut the long story short, Vincent and Adaeze came back the next day and they could not believe that Anabel was gone. They cried and cried along with the Martin’s family also with Chris family but there is nothing anyone can do about it even though I really wish I have power over death.
After the burial was completed and everyone mood started returning to normal with less cries, Isabella brought out the laptop one cool evening and open it only to discover that it was pass-worded. She tried Anabel name but it never opened likewise Chris name then my name and it never give way. Suddenly,she decided to try her name which she does and it opened revealing video on the screen. I sat down on the couch wondering why on earth Anabel will use Isabella name to lock her laptop but no definable result comes forth. Isabella clicked on the video on the screen and we became shocked at what we saw. Seating in the middle of a dark room with the wall covered by a black cloth all around was Anabel. She was wearing a dark gown which covered her head to the very ground revealing only her face and standing on the air was a burning candle which was defying the law of gravity. I have seen mermaids, seen angels but a candle burning in the air??… Who the hell is Anabel, another mysterious being or was this Photoshop?
“welcome Isabella ” .her voice sounded from the played video which got my attention focused more once again.
“I know my life is in danger and I know am going to die this week. I also know if you see this video you will be wondering who I am, well my name is Anabel Martin’s which you know I am a member of the daughters of Athena and we are the witches of Wiccan a secret witches society formed in the 1950 century by Athena the ancient Greek goddess. The candle you are seeing here is my life span and as you can see it is going down. I can’t Just die without warning you Isabella, I was chosen to replace Hydra the last witch representing Africa in our coven. We have each person representing each continent. I know I will die soon cos I have already lost the battle of protecting you, I have already been killed in the spirit. I tried to prevent him from breaching into the earth cos I know he is coming for you, you are powerless now, you can’t feel spiritual things anymore, but please be very careful. I sacrificed myself trying to protect you and my death will be in vain if you die too…. When the time comes, fight with everything you can summon and don’t let emotions to cover your judgement.. I love you Isabella, say “hi” to wisdom, adaeze and Vincent for me especially Mirabel”.the video stopped and the laptop shot down immediately. All efforts to power it up prove abortive and we decided to let it go staring at the laptop on the table in total silence unable to provide a suitable explanation to what Anabel told us. From what I have heard so far it is obvious she knows she is gonna die which explained why she was smiling till death took her away But why she never made any impact to inform us is what I was unable to fathomed. What the hell is she talking about her being a witch??… When did that even start??. And who the hell did she said is coming to the earth??”.i asked myself rhetorically in my mind as we sat at the seating room in total silence Trying to dilute an explanation to all we have heard from the video but non come forth and right at that moment my fear for mystery and the extraordinary increased a thousand fold. So many things are happening out there especially in the dark which the normal humans will think it is superstitious just because it has never come to their notice. My family has become an hunted family likewise my house but how am I sure it is not gonna spread to the whole wide world or is this the rapture as written in the book of revelation??…. Only time shall tell and I have nothing to do than to hope we are Given enough time to put thing’s in place that is if we could ever do.

**some months later **

It has been months already since Anabel and her family were laid to the mother earth And less I forget, may I also quickly remind you that my mom is still in the life support machine hoping she wake up soon as the doctor kept assuring me. I missed my mom, everything is not going proper like it used to ever since the beginning of this mysterious circumstances. I missed hearing her voice early in the morning and before going to bed and I missed her ever warming advises. We all sat down in my setting room that hot Sunday afternoon chilling as we have always been doing for the past week trying to remember those old glorious days but of course we are not complete,we missed Anabel, missed those her foreign pidgin English that she usually try forcing herself to speak lol and those fun we usually catch along with her, I really do missed her. I and Isabella did not tell any of them about what we heard in the video and the laptop has refused to switch on again ever since it shot down that day on it own…and someone will still say mystery does not exist. The next day is the day programmed for Mirabel and Rosella to resumes their new school and everything has been placed on ground for that. The two teens have gotten so acquainted to each other to the extent that separating them at times is always done by shouts from we the parents. Her dream has stopped quiet alright but the hairs never stopped reflecting more which got me wondering how she will be able to cover them throughout her stay in prestigious kings academy as that was our plan which we warned her severally never to let anyone see her hair feeding her with silly excuses whenever she asked why. My friends already knew she was not a human and we also pleaded with them to make it remained a secret if possible forever and I wish it could really be so. We gist about random things and play several games and of course Play station but this time it was ps4 not 2 and as usual I dealt with the idiot till he dropped the pad which made everyone in the room to burst into laughter including Rosella his daughter lol.
“this pad are not good”.he complaint for the unkempt time and the laughter increased. That has been his excuse earlier and I swap mine with him and still yet, I ended up beating him to stupor.
“dad, why don’t you Just accept defeat and give up “.Rosella advised joining the uproar of laughter and Vincent hissed staring at her with blazing eyes that could chase away a little kid,if only look can kill Rosella would have been 50 FT down to the mother earth lol.
“by the way, is this how we are going to stay like this till night?? “.Vincent asked and I became confused finding it difficult to understand what he was talking about.
“I don’t understand”.i quickly spoke out.
“oga, I am hungry… I don’t know for the others but me gan gan is dun famished”.he said and I busted into laughter. This was the same person that I offered to choose whatever he will eat and he refused saying a bottle of wine is enough for him which I offered them.
“I thought you said you are satisfied with the wine I offered you? “.i asked.
“so if I said am not hungry you won’t beg me to eat right?? “.
“wait,me….beg you to eat.when that one start?? “.i requested to know cos his words really amused me.
“I told you before that your stupidity is proudly sponsored by your village people….. Oga tell your wife to go into the kitchen and get us something to eat”.he said in a commanding tune and immediately adaeze and Rosella that were dun laughing suddenly stopped and they stare at themselves in a unique way which got me wondering what was in their mind.
“I am hungry too “. both chorused at the same time laughing at the coincidence in their speech.rosella is a perfect example of adaeze, the same accent, beauty, speech,stubbornness and everything. They both opted for what Vincent requested for earlier which was a bottle of wine and now they have both changed their mind just because Vincent did.
“omo see love”.i teased picking up a race immediately cos I know what should be expected and just as I guess,they All lifted the couches pillow ready to stone me with them including the little cockroach Rosella lol And guess what, Mirabel was busy laughing instead of supporting me just as Rosella was doing for her parents…. Stupid girl. Well I quickly apologized and told Isabella to go and prepare anything that comes to her mind for us. When it comes to cooking I don’t think there is anyone on planet earth that can match with Isabella on any damn delicacy. If you like argue with your village people I yaff said my own.I quickly apologized to them before they pounds on an old man with gray hairs posturing out already and I quickly sat down like before picking up the PS controller once again. Wait self,do I really have gray hair,??, lol….anyway I yaff sha become an old man .


Isabella later joined us in the seating room after putting the food on the fire with the aroma already disturbing our nostril, she sent Mirabel to check on the food and from the tapping of her feets on the ground which fade out slowly But I never turned my head to see what ever they were doing as I focus all my attention into trashing nonsense out of Vincent in the Mortal Kombat shoalin monk ps4 game. Suddenly we heard a faint voice from the kitchen which we really did not paid attention to followed by a loud shout and it was no other voice than Mirabel. I quickly throw away the controller and I ran into the kitchen and as fate will have it Isabella was behind me already while the others were at Her back. I ran into the kitchen likewise Isabella without checking whatsoever that caused her shout but deep down within me I knew it was something that must be really serious and if Care is not taking it should kept secret from third parties so I quickly jammed the door after Isabella rushed in only to turn back and I saw something I have never ever seen in my life. Something that shocked even Isabella who was also raising up her head in an elevation as she stood motionless staring at her daughter and the entire room in general. We came Face to face with a kitchen that turned upside down and we discovered that we were standing on the P.o.p instead of the 3d tiles that were on the floor which were now above with Mirabel and everything in the kitchen aside us. But that was not all, Right before our very eyes we saw Mirabel hands emanating flames and every tears that fell off her eyes become huge blocks.

To be continued….

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Busayomi Abisola
Busayomi Abisola
1 year ago

Good morning, please when are having the remaining episodes? It’s bn a while u have bn keeping us here, kindly do something, thanks

Oyindamola babagbemi
Oyindamola babagbemi
1 year ago

Pls I really love this story I would love it if you can complete it, thanks

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