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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 11)



Episode 11 (oh!,Mirabel )

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“Leave her alone she will be fine “.we heard at the entrance and we all turned back to see pastor Ben standing gorgeously at the entrance amidst smile. Seeing him actually ease the tension in the room as the whole ward became silence with every gaze directed at the August visitor who came at the right time we actually needed him most.
“why are you all looking at me??”.he said still maintaining his smile which I reciprocate for the first time of the day. I don’t believe in pastor’s that much but standing by me is true anointed by God. He is just the best I have ever seen and I came to understand that truly, real pastors still do exist. He walked in and slowly he took Mirabel hand who stood up Immediately and followed,i wonder were the strength came from though .i tried to follow them but he stopped me with his hand and they walk out of the ward heading to God knows where Which I had no negative thoughts about Cos I trusted him and I know what ever he came to do is for our own good.



Fruits and other beautiful ointment were packed in Millions quantity Under his feet as he sat on his throne. Everywhere all around the palace was filled with naked women who were busy making out with their fellow sex using everything they could mustered be it cucumber, carrot and even some metals. They seem happy as they engaged deep into the forbidden through sexual intercourse in a universe unknowns and covered by the lesser book of Solomon from view.seating on the throne was a little boy with big eyes and the mark of the beast foretold in revelation was written boldly on his head along with all the females demons making out in the dark castle…his name is valac the most dangerous of all the demons who helped king Solomon to build the temple in Jerusalem as at 1387 B. his front stood prestigious kings academy in a wide screen as he kept smiling mischievously staring at the school which no one was able to decipher why not even the demons close to him who were busy doing what they were assigned to do which is, defiling their body and increasing the rate of sins of the flesh in the multiverse. They are the mother’s of Babylon aforementioned in the Bible,demons stolen from Lucifer by valak and a time shall come when they will storm the earth luring those whos faith is not fable from the anointing of the most high as stated clearly in revelation.
“it is time to pay a visit to the earth once again”.valac said in a deep base voice like the voice of a mighty beast smiling mischievously.

have I told you guys that adaeze, Vincent and Anabel are finally coming back to Nigeria to stay??.. Oh gosh I missed them even though we always communicate and we always visit them oversea. Adaeze his still maintaining Her World Olympics championship and she is now a top celebrity who serves as role model to billions of people out there. For the past 18 years she has won the title back to back and guess what…. She has finally resigned from the race. Anabel on the other side is now a mother to 3 kids, two boys and a girl and may I also remind you all that adaeze and Vincent had a daughter now whom Mirabel is older than with Just a year lol. tgy gave birth out of wedlock though and they are all coming back especially Anabel who is already in a flight heading back to the country. My mom is still in coma and the doctor insist that she will wake up. It sadden me any time I remember all that transpire this past week in my life. Mirabel is back on her feet but is not that strong yet. Am planning to convince adaeze and Anabel to enroll their kids in prestigious kings academy the same school that coloured my childhood.i hope by this time things will be better than before and there will be no Lilian, no uche, no Miriam, no uncle victor and no Richard to disturb them. If only I know their days in the school will be worse than mine i wouldn’t have let them stay not even an inch close to prestigious kings academy. Less I forget, I succeeded in begging doctor Steve to keep our little secret which he accept to do without collecting a dime even though i tried to convince him with more money so he can keep mute but for the unkempt time he insist he don’t need anything from me. Well, I let him go wishing he will really do as he promised even though I was having a second thought concerning that. mirabel Dream has not stopped yet and she is not strong enough yet. Everyday the colour in her hair keep getting bold and I still don’t know how am going to let her go to prestigious kings academy with those kind of mixture cos there are advance people in the town now who have studied the extraordinary unlike before. She came back after going out with pastor Ben very calm and all cheerful and I wonder what they had discussed about as she has also refused to tell us even though we tried so many times to to driver her back to that night. Mirabel unlike her mother youthful age is a talkative but even at that she has never for once mistakenly talk about that and I have no plans whatsoever to keep pushing her to speak especially Now that i know who she is, an hybrid. Oh, yes…. Isabella told me everything and we agreed never to let her know about it. According to her if she does not know about her powers it will be easy to control her but knowing fully well what is inside of her might cost severe damages in the future and the world and we have agreed to take that risk”.
I was still deep in my thoughts seating on the couch with a bottle of soft drink on the table when my phone rang and I look at the screen only to discover it was Anabel calling. I felt relieved thinking that she had arrived and I picked up the call only to hear a base voice at the other end.
“the owner of this phone involved in a very crucial accident”.
“what!!!”.i screamed on the top of my voice letting go of the phone immediately…oh Anabel.

To be continued……

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