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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 10)



Episode 10 (the remarkable dream).

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LOCATION: Moscow,Russia
The military forces move to and fro doing what they had always been doing daily .some were training heavily while others were busy moving heavy weapons into some vans which were located at a shipment close to the river at ammonia. At the entry of the base stood professor Stan an advance prof. who could possibly be in his late 60th judging from the rate of the White hairs in his head and the stretching of his skin. He passed through the gate after thorough check heading straight to the lieutenant office which was separated from the Main base at the right hand side.

Lieutenant John Boscow sat on his chair with a pen in his hand, with the look on his face and the uneasiness in his expression shows that he was in hurry probably heading somewhere or waiting for someone. Right in the table opposite him are loads of files, books and a computer while on the wall stood different varieties of weapons ranging from knives and guns and a world map. He is a young man ranked with complete five stars on his shoulder.
After some minutes a knock was heard on the close door and he usher who ever was there to come in which prompted the door opened and prof. Stan walked in majestically with a small gadgets system in his hand.
“welcome Stan”.lieutenant Boscow said amidst smile and he shake hand with the prof ushering him a seat.
“thanks lieutenant”.the prof. Said sitting down comfortably.
“without so many word’s cos I know you are Always busy ,i called you cos I succeeded in having some little clue concerning that area destroyed in Nigeria 15 years ago”.the prof. Elucidated and lieutenant Boscow eyes gladdens.
“yes, go on. Does that mean we can send someone to observe the area again?”.
“not yet. Take a look at this”.prof. stan said shifting his tab to the lieutenant
“that building was also destroyed the same day and it has become abandoned completely by everyone till today. It was burned down to the ground and from the look of things it seems it was struck by a heavy lightening…the same lightening force that destroyed that whole community”.he explained further while the lieutenant glance at the screen with rapt attention.
“whatever cause this is not natural and I want to know that thing…dig deeper get me every possible observation and clue if possible bring the who or thing for me we need everything we can gather to fight the Americans in the next war”.lieutenant Boscow ordered without a trace of smile in his face which shows he was more than serious.
mirabel glance at the wide ocean at her front wondering how she got there. The water was calm and clean rushing slowly to an unknown destination. At the bank of the river after the sandy bank lays a very thick and scary forest with thick and long trees shading it from photosynthesis even though the weather was super cool without a Trace of the sun at that particular phase of time. She took a step followed by another as she head toward the Ocean taking a step at a time. Suddenly, a sword appeared on the top of the water with an eye at the handle it was moving like a normal eye and the bow was silver in colour. Dark smokes were emanating from the sword immensely turning every area it touched into dankness including the Blue water then another sword appeared at the right hand side but unlike the latter it was emanating snows from the blade and the eye was golden. It clear the darkness from the right side and turned the water beneath it to ice. Mirabel was stunned beyond words at the sight she was seeing, she was scared to the core and her eyes started shaking vehemently on the floor. She has not even adapt to the shock when another happened. Right there at the presence a mouth appears on the snow sword and it spoke.
“don’t be scared Uriel.. You have a huge destiny to fulfilled”.it said shocking Mirabel more.
“am not Uriel my name is Mirabel”.
“you are Uriel chosen to fulfill the new prophesy and with me you can do it easily”.the dark sword added amidst shout.
“pick me up instead. Light always win. With me victory is sure”.
“pick me instead. Darkness is always stronger than light. Pick me up and watch as you Will destroy them all with a strike..if you doubt the power of darkness ask your mother… Pick me up Uriel “.
“am not Uriel, leave me alone!!!!!”.
“Uriel pick me up”.
“Uriel pick me up instead”.
“accept darkness into your life”.
“accept light,light is always the best !!”.they echoed repeatedly and the little girl became frightened with tears storming down her eyes.
“mummmmy!!!!!!!”.she shouted in an echo when she could not bear the fear anymore.

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“mummy!!!!! “.mirabel shouted and woke up immediately on the hospital bed. Nurses ran towards her trying their best to calm her down as she kept on screaming with tears streaming down her face and her eyes could only procure nothing else but fear. The doctor ran into the ward followed by wisdom and Isabella and she quickly place her in a hug patting her back as she cried on her back.
“mummy am scared!!”.she cried out and Isabella tightens the hug as they both hug her in an embrace.
Just then a base voice spoke at the entrance of the hospital.


“leave her alone!!”.it said and they turned back only to sight the person they never thought they could see at that moment. Standing firmly at the entrance is…….

To be continued…..

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