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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 09)



Episode 9 (beyond complications).

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Mars is a cold desert world. It is half the size of Earth. Mars is sometimes called the Red Planet. It’s red because of rusty iron in the ground.
Like Earth, Mars has seasons, polar ice caps, volcanoes, canyons, and weather. It has a very thin atmosphere made of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon.
There are signs of ancient floods on Mars, but now water mostly exists in icy dirt and thin clouds. On some Martian hillsides, there is evidence of liquid salty water in the ground.After the battle of Armageddon and Lucifer was casted down to earth with the sword of Armageddon in his hand he became not just the father of darkness but earth itself and as such penetrating another planet can be done by anyone but not him.taking Juliet out of the earth was the Best decision taked by the genesis but it also has a condition which they must adapt to and that condition is to stay Alive and to summon back her spirit to her body which only them can do.


The battle was fierce as the forces of Lucifer recon on a standard feet with the angels. So many lesser angels were destroyed by Lucifer using the sword of Armageddon but they never stopped as they continued to Fight with everything that made them fable.
Standing at the second heaven above the battle field which was the First heaven stood Micheal and his assistance angel head of the heavenly army “Uriel “.a beautiful female angel with charisma And the strength of a thousand star. She glanced at the battle ground watching the numbers of lesser angels that fell at each strike of the sword of Armageddon it was a fierce Fight and the forces of darkness lead by the Lucifer and Hades were gaining strong feet over the lesser angels.
“am going down”.uriel said and before Micheal could stop her she flap her wings and flew down to the First earth kicking hades down to the floor with a mighty blow.
“I thought you will never come down to join the dance”.hades elucidated as she struggle to stand up to her feet smiling mischievously.

“am here to send you to the abyss not for fun “.uriel corrected and she drew her sword out of her armor. The two arch angels clash and the momentum of their clash vibrate to every corner of the multi verse causing storm, eruption and eclipse all around the planets. Mountain burned down, Ocean flow out and quakes pierced through places which formed many of the now natural resources. Uriel was a strong and mighty angel the third most respected angel in heaven followed by hades Rapheal and Gabriel.every of her strike hit hades like rock as she dealt with hades thoroughly. Of course, hades was never a match for Uriel the assistant head of the heavenly army. Lucifer who was standing watching their clash right from the beginning leaving the lesser angels of light and darkness to fight themselves clap his hands in accolade to uriel as she landed a Final strike on hades Who started grumbling on the floor unable to stand up again.
“bravo”.Lucifer retorted smiling sarcastically.

“I hope you can also do that to me too”.he added and lifted up the sword of Armageddon heading toward Uriel for a fight. Uriel remain focused and fully ready for the challenge even though she was scared of the sword of Armageddon. Lucifer is never a match for Uriel but with the sword of Armageddon in his hand feeding him with millions of strength, power and darkness every passing seconds Uriel had no other option than to be scared. She thought of giving up but that will only smell cowardice so she raised up her sword waiting for Lucifer.a single slash from the sword of Armageddon directly on Uriel scattered her into Millions of stars and right at the presence of everyone all the little stars melted together and formed a rosary glowing star which always appear in the sky when the year is coming to an end as that was the period the battle of Armageddon took place in heaven. Michael mood became saddened and his anger increased a thousand fold. He drew his sword ready to fly down to the first heaven when the Greater one stopped him by taping his shoulder and he turned back immediately only to witness the most glorious View ever. Standing behind the greater one are the host of all arch angels in heaven whom were stopped from interfering in the war by the Supreme one but that was not all.right in the hand of the greater one was the sword of light, the most purest of the heaven waiting for his grab.
“the supreme one has given you all a go ahead. Take, use it and put an end to it all”.he said and Micheal smiled collecting the sword of light which was glowing lightening and he lifted it up chanting an heavenly war song as they all flew down to the first heaven.


“I missed her”.Micheal said soberly as he stare at the rosary star which was clear in the sky were he was standing along with Hades the arch angel of the heavenly choir.
“we all do”.hades replied with a saddened mind remembering the role she played in destroying the most strongest angel ever created.



They disappeared and left me stranded in an unknown planet. Like seriously who does that?… Wait a minute.. I don’t even know how long am gonna stay here, how long am gonna stay without seeing my son, my grand child and my daughter in-law. I really missed them but I cant argue with what they say cos I can smell sincerity in their words. The earth is in danger and the fate of the earth depend on the earthens….what if they fail to maintain that fate does that mean the planet Will be gone??… That also means I will never see my loved ones again and I might never return back to the earth again but that is not even my real problem now, they said they took my spirit from my body and brought it here which Means what is laying on earth now is just an empty vessel. What if they discover and bury me thinking I am dead..gosh no one is thinking about that. How am I even sure that I have not been buried already??….it is well”.

I sat down on the hill staring at the new area I have been kidnapped too. Oh, yes it is kidnapped cos it was done without my consent or maybe I should just tag it as adultnapped Lol.come to think of it,there is really something no one has ever thought about. here I in another planet and in Genesis chapter 1 Vs 1 it said “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth “.who created the rest of the planet…. How come they are in existence???.

To be continued…..

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