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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 08)



Episode 8 (welcome to the red planet)

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I know mystery exist but there is no way am gonna believe that a child, my own daughter slept in the house and mysteriously appeared in the river bank. No, the pearls must have done that cos I can’t imagine Mirabel doing all that by herself. Is it not the same Mirabel I have been staying with for years now?… When she was giving birth to I feared she will be supernatural but as times goes on I discover she was not and I was so Happy. My mom is at the hospital,my daughter is on her way to join her on treatment as Isabella kept assuring me that Mirabel Will be fine. Talking about Isabella, her behavior changed so much ever since she was electrocuted by the pearls of light. She seem so drawn away from me and it is hurting me so much but what can I do??…. Am scared of everything, I thought am going to enjoy my Peace forever just like the angel told me but now I don’t just know what to think anymore, don’t even know what is happening not to talk of the cure and once again, I repeat, money is not everything in life only condition make one to think just freaking stressed out as we drove in silently heading to the hospital with Mirabel.


We drove hastily Into the Hospital and the nurses quickly run out to attend to us. The brought a stretcher and they drove her inside the hospital. We were not allowed to come into the ward as we sat down patiently waiting for the doctor to come out. They knew me so administering treatment was done asap even without payment cos they knew that money is not a problem.we sat quietly in panic wishing for a good news while Isabella kept Staring at the round wall like her whole life depend on it, she was not talking neither was she moving and she never replied anytime I tried initiating a conversation about our sudden predicament. After what seem like eternity the ward open and the doctor came out of the ward. He walked slowly at us holding some files in his hand he was a young man who could possibly be in his late 20s just like me and he is a very good friend of mine. we met at south Africa some years back were we went to obtain our masters. I stood up immediately I saw him and I walk up to him hastily, I tried to read the reaction on his face but I could not. He was neither smiling nor sad he was just staring at me like a confused being which got my liver cutting every second’s that pass by. I glance at Isabella who never cared about the doctor presence, she kept on staring at the sky and I wonder what she was watching in it with so much optimism and it got me wondering if she has been possessed or something.

“Ben,how is my daughter?? “.i asked calling him by his name and he exhale deeply and opened the file in his hand.
“I don’t know wisdom… I really don’t know”.he retorted shocking me more as he fling through the covers of the file and shock his head slowly. As in I don’t understand, Ben is a good friend of mine and one of the best doctors the country has ever produced. The look on his face drive me completely confused and stupidly insane,how can he say he don’t know what is wrong with my daughter?? “.i asked in my mind staring at his pitiable face and wishing for the unkempt time that he should Just pronounce something joyfully.

“You and your wife should meet me in my office “.he said and turn round immediately heading to his office. I took a quick glance at Isabella only to discover that she was on her feet already
“oh, she heard that One, I thought she don’t care”.i said within me and I move out of the premises without waiting for her. Seriously am angry with this girl, even if she is not too OK or she is traumatised isn’t she suppose to tell me as her husband huh??.


“your daughter system are still very working but she is not breathing neither has she made any impact to wake up upon all our trials.we don’t even know what is wrong with her “.doctor ben elucidated ringing a bell in my ear and I remembered what happened to me years back. This is beyond natural,why is this repeating itself.??”.

“so what is the way forward”.i asked and he shake his head again exhaling along with it.i watch gently as he open the file and shifted an X-ray closer to my side of the table and I took it immediately. I stare at the xray in my hand but could not understand what I was seeing. Right inside the file was a fish like creature with a Human head. It has fish fins exactly like a but there is something else.the bones structures of the creature was not like the Human bone,they are hardened.
“what did you see there? “.doctor ben who was patiently waiting as I went through the file quickly asked staring deep into my eye balls.
“a fish with a human head”.i replied and just then, Isabella bursted into laughter. I Just glance at her without saying any word cos even Ben was surprised which showed clearly on his expression.

“after series of thorough test and administrations of treatment which were all in vain I decided to take an xray of your daughter in other to see why her systems were still very active but she refuses to breath and that is my discovery. For the few things I took my Time to study about mysterious world combine with the multi colours on Her natural hairs, I think your daughter is a Marmaid”.he elucidated shocking the broad daylight out of me and I found myself sweating instantly inside the cold room. I took a glance at Isabella and I discovered she was not moved with the latest discovery which definitely means she had already known for long now probably that was why she was smiling all along. Mirabel as a mermaid is not a problem after all her mother was once one my major problem is, my family secret has gotten to the hand of a third party….will he blow it to the world??, only time will tell and I need to look for a way to avoid that by All means even if it means paying Ben Millions of naira to shut him up for ever… I hope it work.


LOCATION: unknown
The blue sky seem closer to the earth as the sandy hot desert emanate Turin dust calling for a sand storm. No single tree or any thing supporting life could be found on the long run,it seem as if every single living thing on that dimension has mysteriously vanished.every crook and crany of the area was plain red like a volcano except the sky which was plain blue thoroughly as if there has never been a down pour of rain there for a milinuim How I got there seem mysterious to me cos the last time I could remember was when I picked wisdom call and that was the end.

“does that mean am dead?… Does it mean am now in hell”.i asked no one in particular as that was the only explanation I could give coz this is not a feature of heaven that we have always heard about. I am lost, totally lost staring deep into the desert on the top of a hill.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder which freeze me out totally and i turned back in fear visibly seen and I find myself standing face to face with them,they were all in clean White as snow.

“please don’t hurt me”.she pleaded and they smile.
“we are not here to hurt you. We brought you here to save you”.they replied in unison maintaining a bright smile on their face. I glance at the surrounding furiously wondering while on earth someone will say he brought me to desert to save me, like seriously which two ear will hear accept that?.
“you brought me here,a red dessert to save me??… Why??.. Where exactly am I? “.i poured out and they smiled.

“one question at a time Juliet. Meanwhile, your body is still on earth but we took your spirit out of the earth to save you. The earth is in danger and the survival of the planet depend on the earthen. You Are a virtues woman and will be The prime target of darkness that is why we brought you here as we were told in the prophecy”.they replied with and lightening spark in the Blue sky radiating in their eyes.perplexity erupt my mind mind as I stare at them wondering what they were talking about. The earth in danger, it fate depending on the earthen, my body still on earth, they took my spirit.their eyes were as calm as the Blue sky which was the only thing attractive to view in the mysterious dimension, it was blue, calm and faultless and a clear reasoning Will procure that the dimension has never tasted the presence of rainfall in ages.

“which prophesy are you talking about??”.i asked and they chuckled for the first time.
You will know soon and for the records, welcome to planet Mars”.they said and disappeared leaving me stranded and stupidly drawn in confusion.
“wait…. Did I just hear them say mars… As in planet mars”.i asked rhetorically glancing through the deserts.

To be continued……

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