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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 07)



Episode 7 (unfair battle).

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Sometimes what you thought should not be is what will surely be and I just don’t understand why. Mirabel is an hybrid but what I just don’t understand is the kind of hybrid she will be cos what I was seeing In her hair is so Has never been heard of before in the entire mermaid race.unlike me that had dark hairs with pink hairy lines mixing them, Mirabel hairs were dark as they were before but this time silver and Golden line were mixing them at the same quantity we’d quantum.a Marmaid natural hairs are always the colour of that Marmaid tale and I have never seen or heard of a gold nor silver Marmaid tale before. I just can’t understand what I was seeing, everything seem surprising to me and I just could not help than to imagine what the future hold for us and the whole earth included. I don’t know much about hybrids except the little Luciana told us when we were little. According to her, there was once an hybrid of marman and wolf and if I should still remember vividly she told us that The hybrid single handedly destroyed three Marmaid claves from different continent. She said it took the intervention of dark Powers from Castros and the mermaids ancestral genealogy to send the hybrid out of the earth into a universe unknown and it was never heard of again.hybrids are far powerful than mermaids and they have the ability to transform into their spirit animal unlike mermaids who’s Power blinks is to release our spirit animal from our body which I was unable to do not even for once in my entire centuries that I existed as a mermaid and now as a human. hybrids can transform into it completely And I Wonder what the spirit animal of a human plus Marmaid will be,no Wonder Luciana always warned us to stay away from love when we get to the Human world which I was the First mermaid to disobeyed that.she really was not being harsh as we thought she was trying to protect the race of Marmaids and if possible,humans.but that does not stop the fact that she is wicked and self centered.
“haven’t you going to help me let’s take her to the hospital”.i heard wisdom voice who was trying to revive her pulse thinking maybe she drown inside the river and I smiled at his ignorance cos I knew she will be fine as it is normal for a mermaid that just completed her cycle.
“help me here Isabella..what are you thinking about??”.

“nothing. Am fine”.i lied cos I can’t just imagine telling him that we have brought someone who will decide the fate of the world to the earth. It is better he find out himself which I doubt he could ever do. Just then I looked up and I saw 3 invisible beings standing at the top of the water,they were invisible but I could see their spirit in form of smokes smiling at me.
“we are not alone”.i told wisdom and he look all around the surrounding then he stare at me with one awful gaze which I could easily interpret that he was getting fed up of my attitude and at the moment I regretted telling him.
“look. You are no more a mermaid. Stop this drama please let’s take this girl Home before someone sees us here”.he elucidated and immediately the ruin opened again.

“oh thankGod”.he said happily and lifted Mirabel up.before I could even stand up he jumped into the ruin leaving me behind without a single word as if I don’t care about our daughter which is not true. Is not that I don’t care,to him her waking up is more important which she will surely do but to me my greatest concern is what Mirabel will do when she has woken up,i am scared of my own daughter just as Luciana was once scared of me when I was a mermaid. Now I believe karma really exist.


Flames trickled down in an upturn manner from a building higher than any on the earth as the souls of the wicked dead work tirelessly making various weapon and mysterious object. The wicked souls were thrown down to Gehenna and somehow Lucifer got access to the abandoned universe and added it to one of his conquered world controlling the dead souls to do his bidding. Thousands of souls gathered around a dark flame and they were with the golden object gotten by the two vultures. They were heating the object into liquid with a big pot set in flames as the work continuesly in total silence. suddenly, they removed the pot from the fire and poured the liquid into a trident maker and a golden trident was made which became hardened immediately.blazing fire landed in a flash into the building and it gathered together and become a being not Just an ordinary being but Lucifer himself. He was all smiling as he saw the trident which was formed by the mysteriously object brought by the two dwarfs vultures and they all bowed down to him both great and small. He picked up the trident with a mischievous grin as lightening continued to spark all around the trident and the sound of thunder overtook the air.

“the greatest weapon of Darkness is back in my hand. They thought they can take it away forgotten that I am always smarter”.his voice echoed horribly all around and the trident spark lightening around the large hall wiping every dead soul it touches out of existence both the one they spent before they become dead souls and their existence has dead souls.The lightening erase them out completely and Lucifer laugh aloud at his achievements.
“I am unstoppable!!!”.he echoed in a loud shout and vanish out of the universe heading back to earth.


Micheal became startled watching every scene happening in Gehenna life and his anger increase a million fold. He thought of breaking the heaven breaches and go after Lucifer once and for all as he drew his sword out ready to fly down to the earth when the greater one caught up with his wings and draw him backward landing him on the floor in a boom.

“Micheal don’t even think of doing that “.the greater one commanded amidst shout pinning him to the ground.
“you and Lucifer were created the same might be stronger but with a piece of the sword of Armageddon in his hand you are no match for him”.

“but, this clash is no longer fair on the humans. He will destroy them all but little big and small.give me the Real sword of Armageddon and I will bring his head here, I thought you said you love them are you going to seat down here and watch him Wipe them out like animals?? “.Micheal asked angrily.

“fighting with the sword of Armageddon has an angel will turn you into darkness. Only the mermaid of death can use the sword of Armageddon.his plan is not for the humans. He planed to put a permanent end to the Genesis”.the greater one reply.
“and you are going to let him kill them just like that….. I thought…”
“Micheal”.the Greater one interrupted his statements.

“it is the fate of the genesis as programmed by the Lord,i have no power over fates. Lucifer is not who the earthlings should be worried of”.he said with so much enthusiasm combined with a little pitch of fear.

“then who? “.Micheal asked and the greater one pointed at the sky revealing a large screen. On the screen was a little boy seating on the back of a mighty dragon with two heads and a golden crown was resting on his head of the little boy.

“what……. Valak again!!!! “.Michael became stunned immediately he saw the screen and he dropped his sword immediately.
“yes…. Valak, Isabella’s father”.the Greater one added slowly.

To be continued……..

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