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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 06)



Episode 6 (Rise of an hybrid)

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Sincerely am scared. I never imagined giving birth to a Child that will continue all the nasty things I did as a kid and a teen. Am certain no one knows much about when I was a teen except after the manifestation of my power for the first time in prestigious kings academy which was all because of wisdom. I have done so many nasty things That are unforgettable in my teenage age and I can’t Just stop imagining my own child doing such too because of the Power.i can still remember when my nasty behavior cost an innocent life for the first time when I was just ten. The memory is still very fresh in my head, hurting me deeply as if it was yesterday and I wish I can just run away from all my past even though I missed my powers.


A large fire ball was spotted in the sky speeding very fast like lightening struck and it landed in a loud Bang at the dark forest which was at the bank of the unknown ocean. The flames from the fire ball burned down some trees and created a large hole on the ground removing everything supporting life at that particular spot and it became a burning desert then he stood up completely naked with his large crown on his head and flames burning unquenchable on his skin but he was not feeling the heat. It was no other person but, Lucifer.
Lucifer roar in the forest and the amazon’s of darkness reciprocated the roar with echoed voices taking over the four corners of dark forest and suddenly, they started trooping out to assemble round the large burning holes. Once again the number were as large as the sands in the river bank and they were all females with The same dark flames burning in their body just like Lucifer’s and they stood sober bending down their head in shame while Lucifer stood staring at them in circle.
“where is the chosen “.Lucifer said amidst roar and they started murmuring among themselves.
“I said were is she!!!!”.he shouted in anger as fire sparkled in his eyes. Suddenly, one of the female whom I believe should be the leader walked out from the numerous crowd and stood at the edge of the large hole made by Lucifer.
“my lord….. We caught her but they interrupted and rescued her”.she spoke with a base dark voice with fear visibly seen in her face just like the rest.
“who interrupted??”.Lucifer inquired.
“those who were and are and shall always be”.she replied and Lucifer eyes sparkles lightening and the sound of thunder shoke the forest.All the four elements sparkles in his eyes out of anger as he roar continuously m then the eyes return back to burning flames and before they could say Jack, he threw a fire ball at the leader of the dark amazons which hit her greatly and busted a large hole out of her stomach and she breathed her last breath.
“I hate failures. ordinary a simple task.bring the chosen one to me and you failed me…. I will destroy the Genesis this time around, they will not survive my wrath as I finally conquered the earth “.he cursed in anger and turned into a fire ball again sparkling into the sky and he busted out of the forest leaving the dark amazons in disaster struck


The weather was a little bit hot that glorious afternoon and I decided to take a stroll in the street of mbiase even though I was not familiar with the area.though my parents were against that and I could see fear visibly in her eyes which prompted them to insist I go with some guards but I refused and I assured them that I will be fine.i walk steadily on the road like every other person minding their business when my powers signal me of an incoming danger and I look back to see two men following me behind. I switched to my supernatural ear which could hear from afar and also hear their thoughts and I discover they were kidnappers looking for a perfect opportunity to adopt Me. Immediately,an evil thought crept into my mind and a chuckle escape my lips.I diverted from the main road to a lonely bush part. At the end of the bush path layed an uncompleted building which I quickly entered and sat down on one of the window then I quickly hide myself from view with my powers before they ran into the building searching for Me.
“na here she enter just now”.one of the guys said in pidgin English as they started searching for me all around the rooms in the building that we when a nasty thought came into my mind I controlled them to clash in a serious fight right inside the building while I sat down watching live wrestling and laughing sarcastically. They fought for hours and would have continued to remain so for the rest of the day if not for the interruption of a farmer who was passing by and he saw two people fighting seriously inside a building.Instead of minding his Business he decided to interfere and separate which prompted my anger on him and I quickly controlled the two guys fighting to beat up the guy who came to separate them. Punches and slaps landed thoroughly on his body and before I could stop them one of the guy took a heavy stoned from the ground and scatter his head with it which killed him instantly. That was not my plan, I never planned to kill anybody and I never killed anyone but it was my fault as I quickly jumped down from the window,free my hold on them and ran home as fast as my legs could carry me


That was the first time I took a life. Though I was not the One that killed him unlike uncle Nick but I controlled them into the Fight. Mirabel is a naive kid unlike when I was young and having such powers will be a great disaster to the world more disastrous than what I did in my own time cos I know who I have.
“what am I going to do??”.i asked within me when an echo of my name interrupted me.
“Isabella”.wisdom shouted which prompted me out of my thought and jerked back to reality.
“what are you thinking about??… I have been calling your name for over 5 times now but you were so busy thinking about what I don’t know”.
“am sorry”.i replied.
“this is not time to be sorry let’s go out and bring her here now before someone sees her and start asking questions”.he added and I quickly stood up. Just then,the pearls spoke again.
“enter we will take you there”.they said in an echo and before I could even say anything wisdom has already jumped inside without considering if it will be harmful or not and he disappear right before my eyes in what looks like a ruin to another world then I joined him.


We appeared mysteriously at the exact place Mirabel was laying and we saw her lifeless on the floor. I quickly checked her pulse to check if she was still breathing and just as I feared her pulse had stopped. But, that was not my fear,her hair as also changed to a mixture of three colours something i have never seen before in my entire existence and what I have always been scared of was confirmed. Mirabel is not just a Marmaid,she is an hybrid.

To be continued……

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