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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 05)



Episode 5 (who is Mirabel??)

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Curiosity is one of the greatest enemies of humans and so many have died because of it. They are the most loved creation of the Supreme one I could not just understand why He loved them so wonder my mom call them weak and now I, Isabella princess of isiama River has also become weak and gullible like them. If only I still had my power maybe I would have been able to touch this freely or if I can’t I would have known it is dangerous but wait a Minute…. My daughter touched this two pearls some decades ago and nothing happened, does that mean…… Anyway let me focus on my pains first and just keep wishing she does not have any connection with all this. She is missing and I that is suppose to be looking for her is busy being roasted by lightening…. I had become weak to the extent that I could not even see clearly anymore just then the door popped open and wisdom ran inside, that was the last thing I remembered before I fainted.


The vultures flew into a silent and dark Palace and they turned into humans dwarfs once again.suddenly,creatures of their likes started trooping in Uncountable numbers silently. The first two vultures drop the golden object they took from the dark Forest and the flames from it started illuminating the dark room. It was silent as well as completely dark except from the little illumination of the Golden object. Suddenly, the ground open beneath and he appeared in their middle close to the first two vultures. His eyes could not been seen clearly but dark steam could be seen coming out from his body and a mighty crown could be seen on his head. He laugh wickedly with a base voice that shoke the foundation of the building and echo All around the universe as every single thing living in that universe reciprocated and vioces of dwarfs took over the air in the four corner of the universe then he stopped and lifted the Golden object in his hand with a mischievous grin.
“The earth is mine!!!”.he echoes and the dwarfs hail all around the dark castle. He is Lucifer, the rebel in heaven and the casted angel controlling the four elements of the earth.


I was hearing loud scream inside my house the very moment I got to the gate and it was no other person than my own Isabella’s.
“open”.i shouted in a commanding tune at the gate and it popped opened immediately and I quickly drives into the compound. To my utter surprised, my maids and gardeners were outside working when I drove in but non of them even dim it fit to help my wife who was screaming inside. I was very furious and for the first time in my life I was completely moved to dash them some fumilative slaps but something crept into my mind.
“what if they are actually not hearing the scream?? “.i asked within me. Considering what I have seen in my life I believe in the extraordinary and am very sure that was what is happening inside cos there is no way Isabella is gonna be shouting inside and they will not run in to find out what happened except if they are not hearing. This was not the first time it has happened, it once happened before so am not race Into the house was out the world, before I could even reply their greeting I was already inside the house heading straight to my matrimonial room where the voice was echoing from and without knocking I jacked the door opened only to see Isabella screaming so loud with lightning sparkling vehemently all around her body. I did not just wait to know if touching her will be dangerous as I quickly rushed and caught hold of whatever she was holding only to discover that it was the pearl of light,my pearl.the moment I collected it from her the lightening seized and she fainted in my hands….Mystery always exist.
Worried is an understatement. I felt my legs so weak and it seemed am gonna die. What kind of a day is this?… Hopefully money is not really everything as I was made to think when I was young all because of poverty. I always thought having money will solve all my problems and I will be forever happy. Now I have the money And I have love only to discover that Money and love are not the real necessity Of life,only conditions make one think a hill out of an ant hole, nothing but mere condition.
Just when I thought I have seen it all I heard my name being called bluntly inside my room. I thought it was Mirabella only to discover that the voice is different from Mirabel’s own.
“wisdom”.it called again this time it follows with an echo. I tilted my hand all around the house searching for what was speaking to me when the voice came again this time, with a message and description.
“stop searching for me when am in your hand.she will be fine when you give her the pearl that belong to her.
But remember,don’t touch what does not belong to you”.the voice sounded and I opened my hand only to discover that it was really the pearl of light speaking to me. Right at that moment,i had a clue on what happened to Isabella, she obviously touched my pearl.
“how can I lift the pearl of darkness which was inside the drawer without touching it?? “.i asked within me staring at the two pearls both the one in my hand and the one inside the drawer. Just then, an idea struck my mind,touching it obviously mean I should not make a skin contact with it but I can actually pick it up with something. I drew one of the bed sheet down from the bed, folded it and used it to pick the pearls from the cupboard and slowly, I open Isabella hand and drop the pearl on it. Immediately the Pearl of darkness made a contact with her palm she jerked Alive coughing spontaneously. I was so happy that I did not even know when I placed her in a hug as tears trickle down my eyes…. I love Isabella.


I woke up and the First person I saw was who I was actually yearning for. I could not just imagine loosing him for any reason in the world. The thought of leaving him alone in this wicked world make tears to trickled down my eyes.Just then, the Pearls ended our sorrowful moment as they flew out of our palm and started rolling around in circle in the room creating a mighty wave. To our utter amazement a large screen appeared in the wave and right inside the screen was Mirabel laying lifeless at the bank of a familiar river we all knew.
“isiama River!!!”.we chorus at the same time in shock.
“how the f–k did she got there??? “.i asked finding it difficult to believe that a child can sleep on the bed and suddenly appeared in a river seriously which two ear will hear that??.. Who exactly is Mirabel???.

To be continued……

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