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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 04)



Episode 4 (I am finished)

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“Isabella ,pick me up “.a voice commanded Inside the drawer. I said something spoke inside my drawer,i am certain it was inside my drawer.I walked closer to it only to see the pearl of darkness calling for me while the pearl of light stopped rolling immediately.i could not fathom what actually spoke there and I was almost about to turn around in other to look for what was speaking at that position when I heard it again.
” Hades reincarnate pick me up!! “.the pearl screamed and the voice and echoed all around the room shaking the wall of the house.i am a product of mystery but this one is more than me as in Greater than me. Right there in my presence my pearls are speaking to me.
“but why is the pearl of love Silent?? “.i asked within me but no reply comes forth… This is the greatest of mystery I have ever seen.I drew my hand into the drawer and picked up the pearl of darkness then I tried picking the silent pearl of light with my other hand but could not as the pearl continue to tilted away from me. I tried and tried but could not as it kept moving from one part of the drawer to the other.
“Why will I be able to pick one but could not pick the other??… I soliloquies settled down with full concentration trying to catch it with surprise and guess what!!!….i did but I regretted I did. Immediately my hand caught the pearl of light it Electrocuted me highly all around my body. I felt my Blood been surged out from me.all my body parts were striking lightening. Wait, did I just said it electrocuted me??… It will be better I say I am been continuously stricken by lightening cos this was more painful than electrical current electrocution.
“ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! “.i screamed aloud in the room in pains but no one came to my aid. It seem I was locked up in my Own world.i could not remove my hand from the pearl neither was I able to take it from the drawer, I just remain there in the position shouting while the lightening kept on doing justice to my body then just like a flat screen large TV, my memory flashed back and I started seeing the past in my painful position that was when I knew I am finished.


Lagos is a very busy state I must recommend that as the hold up from the airport to the hospital prescribed which was supposed to be a 30 Minute Drive became
an hour plus drive all because of hold mind was not at rest I could feel someone I love in pains and I thought it was my mom, sincerely that was what I thought as i beacon on the driver to try and drive faster. The driver was just staring at me from his side mirror I could not fathom why and i never cared.who will have time to be chasing rat’s when his house is on fire??.
We got to the hospital and the cab man dropped me down . I stood at the front of the gigantic building with a large billboard at the front with the inscription “SALOM NATIONAL HOSPITAL” bodly written on it in block letters. I wanted to march immediately into the hospital when i remembered I had not paid the cab man and he was not asking either rather he was just standing staring at me. I turn back facing him immediately.
“how much is your bill?? “.i asked dipping my hand into my pocket for some naira notes.
&##8220;sir please are you one Mr wisdom wealth?? “.he asked instead of replying my initial question and I nodded in affirmative. Immediately I nodded,the cab man knelt down on the floor placing his head on my feet,crying seriously as he kept on shouting “thank you sir “.to my amazement and I became surprised and embarrassed.
“please stand up”.I motioned to him trying to lift him up from the floor cos I could no longer contend with the scene been created by him any longer. All eyes were on us in the hospital parking garage which has become filled up like a market unlike when we got there earlier.
“I am one of the privileged people who’s children you granted scholarship for all Level of their education.thank you so much sir I will forever be indebted to you. You will never lack, you will continue to blossom like flowers to the extent that the blessed shall call you blessed”.he cried out then I understand the reason why he was behaving funny since and I smiled placing him on a hug immediately. I am wisdom wealth from a poor background who reached up to the greatest top by grace. I stood at the spot remembering when I was hawking snacks at mbiase,how I trek to prestigious secondary school on bare foot , how I was rejected by those in the higher class who thought I was not suppose to be in their mist because I was from a poor background. I have tasted poverty, tasted suffer and now I am tasting my surname… I am initial plan was to give him a check of a huge sum of money but due to the amount of people present I thought otherwise and I decided to give him my card instead so I can offer him a better job rather than being a cab driver.which I did and he accepted it joyously showering me with praises as I marched into the hospital irrespective of the cheering of the crowds.
The moment I stepped my feet inside the hospital I saw someone I never imagine am gonna see that day, infact I never thought I will see him again… pastor Ben.he was standing with someone whom I presumed to be the doctor of the hospital and they smiling at seriously, how did he get here??. I remembered what he did for us and it has been really long I saw him. I wonder how he got here that early even though seeing him give me some hope that all will be fine.
“good day pastor”.i greeted cheerfully with an handshake which he reciprocated likewise the doctor.
“doc. How is my mom??”.i asked.
“your mom is in coma now but I can assure you we are doing our best”.the doctor replied amidst smile.
“wisdom you need to go back home”.pastor Ben said blatantly ,immediately my ear rang a bell and I Focus all my attention and gaze on him.
“yes. The holy Spirit told Me to come said you to make a U turn back to mbiase now. I will take care of your mom,she will be fine but there is more trouble right now in your house than with your mom”.he said and I ran out immediately without waiting for any other explanation. Like seriously who does that??
“My house which possibly mean my wife is in danger!!!oh God am loosing my Sanity. “.i wish I can fly back to mbiase right now”.i thought inside me as I ran back into the waiting cab, thank God it was still there


“this is an Heavenly sword. We brought it down and it is my duty to take it back.this is the immortal sword used to Fight the battle of Armageddon long ago. I must take it back that is why am here”.she elucidated while we stood like morons watching her with perplexity and shock which prevented us from saying a single word.the light and dark pearls on the sword started glowing bright light and they flew out from the sword heading toward I and Isabella,the silver one flew close to me and the golden one hang a distance at the air close to Isabella as they shake vehemently with white and black steam emanating from them.suddenly,they interchanged and the silver one went to Isabella while the Golden one stood close to me and the angel smiled.
“wisdom,the Pearl of Light chooses you… Open your hands”.she said and I did has told. The moment I opened my palm The pearl fell on it and a Golden rope appeared on it and it become an amulet.
“Isabella,you have done more dark things than Light which is the reason why the pearl of light rejected you for wisdom even though you represent love.i know it was never your fault but the pearl has chosen another representative to own it. Now open your hands and welcome the pearl of darkness”


The display on my memory showed Me the past which was displaying in my head like a flat screen as I kept screaming with my blood and strength been surged out by the pearls of was then I realized I had really crossed the boundary of mystery, the pearl of light is not mine and I am not suppose to be in any position to touched it. I can’t drop it neither can I raise it, I…am…finished!!!.

To be continued….

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