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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 03)



Episode 3 (mystery of the pearls)

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“Hello, hello..madam has fainted comes the voice of ekaete my mom Calabar maid .at that point I realize that calling her was actually a bad move. I felt my momentum leaving me slowly and at that very moment I felt like fainting too but no this is not time to play fainting pranks am suppose to be stronger to hold everyone to their stand. My daughter is no where to be found and my mom is on the way to the hospital. I can’t even call the police, what will I tell them happened.. That I was laying on The bed with my daughter and she got mysteriously gone that does not seem fair. Isabella noticed the shock in my face and she knew at that moment that all is not well.
“what happened wisdom”.she asked with undiluted fear in her voice calling me by my name for the First time in years. I stare at her beautiful face and the thought of what we passed through while fighting for her love came flashing back into my memory. I remember how powerful she was, how she control the thunder and lightning with her own blazing fire. How she destroyed a full community which has become a government reserved area where all electricity power-lines are now passing through today at mbiase and no one not even a single person aside us know what happened at that place up till today. I remember the issue with uncle Nick who dares me and got shattered by a Trailer, what about Richard, the free disappearing,what about uche?.. How lightening burn him down inside his own house.. And Chief Benson Donald. Oh, gosh that was all she sacrificed for my sake, she lost all that power all because of me.i sat down on the chair without replying her and u saw mucous of tears forming on her eyes again, she does not deserve to be hurt,she is just the best.Talking about disappearance, where is my daughter??.. Oh, my mother. “Who should I go for first”.i ask in my head hitting my head hard with my palm as if that will provide a solution.
“honey, please talk to me “.she pleaded.
“mom fainted “.i replied and she quietly hold the chair To support her stand as the Ray’s of the computer continued to reflect all around the room. Just then an idea popped into my head and I glare at Her.
“am going over to Lagos to see how the issue over there is while you stay here to gather every single clue you can get hopefully she returns. I don’t think this is ordinary so telling anyone might force our past open”.i beacon on her and took my nightie that I coiled up on the chair fully prepared to zoom out of the house when something popped into my head and I turned facing her.
“remember, don’t do anything funny without informing me. I don’t want to even think of loosing you “.i warned and kissed her on the forehead and she escorted me down the stair Case into my car as I drove hastily toward the mouthpiece gate.
“open!!”.i commanded and the gate recognized my voice and it cling opened immediately while she stood watching me as I drove out heading to my private airport to fly straight to Lagos on one of my private jet.


Two black vultures with blue flames emanating from their skinny body flew into a dark Forest in an unknown location and they landed on the bare floor covered with thick trees that made it darker than the night. The only twine of light visible in the forest was the flames from the vultures body, everywhere was silent like a grave yard.they tilted their neck randomly around the forest without hearing any form of movement and slowly they turned into two human dwarfs with the fire still burning unquenchable in their body. They stood up from the floor and together they started running in circle around a particular spot where no single grass nor tree has grown for ages,when they were done running around they stretched up their hands and a Golden metal busted out of the ground with dark flames burning from it. They lifted the Golden metal like structure and turned back into vultures and slowly they flew out of the dark forest holding the Golden metal together in the sky with the dark flames burning continuously from it.


“All hail queen Tracy!!!”.the voices of all the Marmaids of isiama River both old and young,tall and short,big and Little including the aquatic creature’s ranging from the Little crabs in the River to the large whales of the sea were assembled in the coronation of a new queen. The sang and dance joyously as the “triumphant” who were the queen makers of the kingdom slowly place the crown on the Tracy head who seems unhappy even on her own glorious day.


I gasp up into reality only to discover that everything was a dream. I actually dreamt about isiama River after more than a decade.
“what is happening??”.i ask myself wishing deep down within me that a voice could just reply me and answer Me but non comes Fort it was like I was locked down in my own world. I remember I took one of the system and head to my room to continue the search there, how I slept off I don’t know and now this sudden dream about isiama River where my best friend was been crowned as the queen of isiama.
“what about my mother?? “.i asked curiously. Of course I care, even though I choose to go solo she is still my mother. Considering the fact that I hardly dream and now having the first dream in a decade today about isiama River simply means all is not well down there but what can I do when there is no way I can go down there… I don’t even think I can breathe Under the sea anymore.oh,how I missed my powers.
“talking of my daughter.. Where is she!!! “.i shouted and the ground shock to my surprise. I became very scared cos I could not fathom how I did that or what was going on as my voice continued to echo around the room to the extent that I had to cover my ears with my hands. I look up and saw a very shining light emanating from the drawer forcing itself to throw out sparkling rays inside the room as the voice continues to echo in the room. I was not scared, I am Isabella a product of mystery and I was always ready for the unexpected. I tip toad to the drawer and drew it out and there they were, the two pearls from the sword of Armageddon Rolling inside the drawer with light and dark flames emanating from them. But that was not what shock the leaving daylight out of me..
Something I have never seen or heard of in my life happened right at that moment in my two naked eyes, right there inside the drawer was…….

To be continued…..

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