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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 02)



Episode 2 ( Another disaster launched).

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A glassy casket was seen on the top of a mighty ocean. It was not sinking neither was it floating it just stayed stagnant on the very top of the ocean.a figure could be seen inside the casket and slowly, the cover of the casket opened up by itself and it reveal Mirabel Sleeping inside it. How she got there no one knows neither what she was doing there but she was there right inside a casket in an unknown Ocean. The bushes surrounding the mighty ocean shock vigorously like a thousand and one wide animals were having a clash inside it and dark creatures with blazing fire burning in their body started trooping out of the forest in large numbers.They were many as the sand at the river bank and slowly,some of them swam into the River with the fire burning unquenchable even at the touch of water. they lifted the casket on their shoulder while the rest dance and scream joyfully at the River bank. They seem so happy at what no one could decipher, the merriment was just super duper and out of the world. They place the casket on the floor and started dancing,jumping and screaming around it like the occupant of the casket was the cause of all the troubles in their life’s. Suddenly, a heavy storm shock the water and a big wave swing to the direction of the dancers who stood quiet wondering the motions behind the disturbance of their merriment. The ground shock and the bank of the mighty Ocean burst opened to reveal them in all white and Silver glaring eyes,seeing them, the dancers stopped and every single of them ran back into the bush for safety, they are the three ‘Genesis’ who were and are and will always be.

**As narrated by wisdom”.**

My daughter is missing and no one in the whole building knows where what happened.for years now we have lived in peaceful harmony, no disturb from the river nor the people within, we were happy but recently I started feeling a bad omen in the air and then my daughter mysterious nightmares started. I ran into the computer house with my wife behind me and together we took the two chairs in the I.T room and we floated the eye protectors shield to cover the dim of the computers surrounding every wall in the house is well protected to the extent that no one can step into the compound without approval. I and Isabella are both computers gurus so there is no need to higher an operator when we can easily see everything going on around the house at any time we dim fit. So therefore, kidnap is not a suggestion. We started scanning every computers in the building searching for my daughter with every GPS surrounding The house.for hours, we Search and search but could not find a clue to how she mysteriously disappear. The last we saw her around the building was when she slept off on her mother’s arm which was before Isabella slept off too,that was the very end in the computer as every other thing that happened after that could not be pictured by any scene in the GPS.
“this is not ordinary”.Isabella screamed and busted into tears and I quickly rolled over my chair and place her on a tight hug. The situation was not good but seeing my wife in that condition shatter my heart,i love her so much.
“my life what are we going to do?? “.she asked further and slowly I went over to where my phone was and dialed my moms number.i thought at that juncture her soothing word’s will be the best for me, if only I knew the grieve disaster I was about to cause.she really need to know but what could she do???….. I don’t know,i really don’t know.


I was preparing a cup of coffee for myself in my new house at banana Island, Lagos when my phone rang and It was my son calling. I could not imagine anything bad could had happened that day at least not that early cos we spoke late into the night when I insisted on speaking with my grand daughter who arrived from the state the day before so I answered the call only to hear the biggest mystery in a decade, yes I called it a mystery cos he can’t just call me and told me that my Mirabel has disappear… As in a full human being disappear not a glass cup or spoon o,my own grand daughter disappeared.
“wisdom what kind of a joke is this?? “.i inquired wondering if it is his normal prank and deep down within me I pray he should laugh out and tell me April fool even when we were in August.
“mom am serious, we can’t find her or trace her to anywhere, she just disappeared mysteriously at night and we can’t find a single clue to what happened to her. Hearing the sincerity in his vioce I felt my strength being s—-d out of me and before I could control my feet to the nearby couch to hold my stand,I fainted.

To be continued….

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