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[STORY] ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Episode 01)




15 years ago the unimaginable happened on the earth. An event that almost destroyed every crook and crany of the earth crust including the multi Lives existing within and beyond the spherical earth. A fierce battle launched on the earth when a mermaid fell in love with a human and she refused to go back as instructed by her mother who is the queen of the mermaids of that part of the universe, Africa and Nigeria to be precised. Though only those who were involved in it knew what happened as they tried so hard to cover up the tracks properly away from the world to avoid digging deep into the unknown. But can they??.. Only time shall tell.

**Deep inside isiama river**

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So many changes had occurred in the clave during the past years as it was bound by all the mermaid claves to experience changes as they grow censoriously aged. A big statue of Isabella was made in the middle of the glowing Palace as commanded by Luciana rebounded with Every ointment and precious glowing stones and rubys to mark the departure of the once greatest isiama mermaid and the greatest mermaid the whole of the world has ever produce “Isabella “.the queen mother sat on her glowing beautiful throne staring at the Beautiful Palace and her royal servants and ambassadors singling lullaby to put smile on her moody face, she has been like that for months now and the Kingdom was throw down in deep worried as she refused to cheer up nor tell anyone about what was bordering her. Of course everyone had a clue on what it might be but they could not just understand why the sudden mood swing when it has been over 10 years since her daughter chooses to battle against her like for the love of the humans. At the beginning after her departure the queen mother was filled with hatred cursing and vowing everyday under her breath to pay her back in her own coin and as times goes on she became friendly and accommodative once again only to switch into a mood which no one in the kingdom was able to decipher a meaning to. Tracy sat down at the left hand side of the queen ,she had assumed the position of Isabella as the princess of isiama ever since Isabella chooses the path of the humans. It was not easy for her anyway coz the pain of never seeing her best friend surge through her heart everyday and somehow,she blamed the queen mother for her role in the whole scenario but she still loved her deeply anyway buried down the hatchet deep in her mind.She stood up and commanded the other maidens in the kingdom up to their feet and suddenly invisible drum started beating in the Palace as they wiggles their tale happily hoping they cheer the queen mother up with their beautiful voices.
“isiama o,udo do like do
Achalugo,udo do kele do
Agbarawayin udo do kele do
Eze’wayin udo do kele do
Isiama o kele udo do kele do”.they sang joyfully dancing with their beautiful shining tales and fings rolling with sparkling light all over the palace like a modern dance floor, everywhere seems so beautiful and cheerful and slowly the queen mother started smiling,moving sceptically to the sound of the invisible drum. Joyful moments ovulate the throne room but it did not last long when suddenly, every single light In the Palace shut down and the water of life popped up with darkness rolling inside it. Everyone were shocked in panicked as they had never felt such darkness before and to worsen their fear,a whaling laughter took over the air in a very Deep vioce echoing at every corner of the Palace. Luciana screamed on the top of her voice in pains and right there in the presence of her adversary she bursted into ashes on her throne and everything returned back to normal except the sudden disappearance of the queen mother. Tracy ran and sounded the warning River trumpet and everyone in the kingdom started swimming to the palace wondering what might have happened and they were surprised when the Palace maid and ambassadors explained the sudden disappearance of the queen mother to them… Isiama River was throwed into sorrowful mood as no one was able to give a definite clue of what actually happened in the palace not even the water of life which became calmed and was unable to reveal a single clue of the sudden disappearance to the kingdom.


The angels present were stunned at the rate of darkness that stunned the earth. Micheal could be seen drawing his sword off his armor in anger and was fully ready to fly down to the earth for a war.
“Micheal,what are you trying to do?? “.hades who was standing opposite him watching the whole scenario asked with perplexity.
“can’t you see Lucifer has started again”.he replied.
“and? “.hades inquired.
“am going there to finish this once and for all”.Micheal sparkled with blazing anger visibly seen in his eyes.
“it is not your destiny to end him but the greater one destiny”.hearing the greater one, Micheal got a Little bit calmed and he glance at the Greater one throne which was standing far above the Palace. Just at the moment a white light emanate on the throne and the greater one appeared suddenly sitting on it.
“Micheal”.he called and the angel reply bowing his head in honour to the greater one.
“you are the arch angel of war and the head of the heavenly army but in this case you need to listen to the head of praises and worship,hades”.the greater one ordered in authority and he paused to glance at all angels present.
“what are we going to do my lord “.Hades asked amidst respect with her head bowing down.
“this was not part of the plan. Lucifer is manipulating the creation”.
“then we need to stop him my lord”.Micheal enunciated.
“no Micheal,their fate and that of the universe is in their hands”.just then, Gabriel the angel of messenger pointed above the sky to the 9th and greatest heaven and they saw the mighty finger sending a prophesy down to the earth.
“the genesis!!!”.everyone chorused at once in awe.
“but I thought their destiny is to watch the birth of the chosen till he has come of age which has been fulfilled long ago already?? “.hades asked filled with curiosity.
“this is really more fierce than I thought. The moments the genesis were still left alive even after the fulfillment of the greater one prophesy, I knew a day like this shall come”.Micheal said staring at the mighty finger writing the new prophesy in the sky. Just then a voice as fierce as a lion with rumbling thunder spoke invisibly and it said in an echo.. “welcome to the beginning of the very end!!! “.it echoed all around to the nine heaven and sounded like fierce Thunder in the multiverse,all angels either Great and small, birds of the sky to the fishes in the water and the ants on the ground shouted “hossanna to the highest”bending down their head in honour to the greatest of the greatest, it is the voice of the creator of the heaven and the earth, the vioce of the Supreme one.

Who are the Genesis??
Who will save the earth from this impending doom??
Who took the queen mother and where was she taken to?
Is love strong enough to battle the greatest of evil?

Find out in the final season of Isabella 3 (battle for supremacy).

Episode 01 (The mysterious disappearance)

The night was completely Dark in mbiase even though everywhere was lightened all around the massive castle which belong to the wealth family.They laid on their massive bed with their 15 years old daughter in their middle who had refused to sleep in a private room.she had returned from the state where she was studying due to some unforeseen reasons which only the family knows about.
“mummy!!! “.mirabella gasp up with a frightened look and her parents sat up immediately holding her tight to their skin in an embrace as if they were on the bid on loosing her to a mysterious being .It was probably her nightmares once again, the very thing that made her guardians call for her parents to come and take her from the state.she as refused to tell anyone anything except her parents insisting deeply that she will only speak to her parents.
“calm down my love,you will be fine “.wisdom encouraged his teen daughter who look super scared burying her head deep down inside her mother thigh. Mirabel look up to her father and glance at her mother beautiful and stunning beauty which was sparkling glowing with the fluorescent light of the beautiful room.
“Daddy, am scared”.she cried out which prompted her mommy to tighten the embrace.
“what did you see this time??”.Isabella inquired and Mirabel glance at her face once again with a doubled mind whether to tell them or not.
“it is the same thing mom”.she said settling for the latter.
“I saw them again. They are three in number wearing white gown that is long up to their feet and their eyes was glowing Silver lightening. They were standing on the top of a mighty river as the only word I could picture accurately from what they keep echoing was “it is time”….mom am going crazy, save me”.she cried out.
“you will be fine my love”.wisdom assured her patting her on the back slowly filled with fatherly love.
“mommy,tell me a story”.the teen requested and Isabella smiled.
“all right my jewel”.she replied and clear her throat while Mirabel keep staring at her face with a teary gaze wondering the kind of beautiful story her mom will have for her this time, probably about mermaids or angels cos she always enjoy her stories and it make her feel at ease.

**As narrated by Isabella**

I finished narrating the beautiful Story of my mermaid life to my little girl and she slept off immediately even before the story was completed. Of course I did not tell her the character of the story are actually I and her father, like seriously who does that?.. I made her believe it was just a fairy tale as that has always been my way of laying her to sleep even when She was a baby, oh how I missed my mermaids powers. Being powerless and leaving among humans was really not easy for me but I did anyway and am happy I did, I have the best husband in the world, I have love and I have peace…. Talking of peace, did I really have that now (chuckle).i felt some eyes staring at us today at the airport when I went to pick up my daughter at the airport, they seem invisible but I could felt the multiples eyes deep in my soul and now my daughter just had the same nightmares she has been having for the past 1 year, the sole reason why we brought her back to our mist so we can probably keep an eye on scared,scared of loosing everything I had fought to protect, scared of what might had happened inside the bonded isiama River, what might had happened to my friends, my mother, Tracy… I Just can’t glare the feelings that all is not gonna be fine any time soon that is if it has not started but what can I do?? powerless, am helpless the only thing I can do is to look up to the creator for protection. I took a glance at my sleeping beautiful daughter and husband and I Just could not understand what I will do if I loose them they are my world, the pillar that am standing upon and the clear road that I thread upon. My daughter dreams seem mysterious to me, am a product of mystery but this one is far beyond me.. I don’t know who to run to for help or call upon,am just scared. When I was her age that was when my powers manifested completely, could it be she is not a human??… Oh, that will be the greatest punishment ever cos I know what it takes for my human parent to tame my power as a teen,i don’t wanna experience that. When I was a kid I only dream about the arch angel Hades,what could this dream of my daughter signify??…. Oh God help me”.i cried out in my mind and rested my head on my pillow holding my sleeping daughter closer to me.


Isabella woke up early the next day and could not find her Mirabel on the bed.she remember holding and cuddling her to sleep the day before. She glance at the whole room but there was no single sight of her in the the room and the doors were still very locked the way they were before. She patted wisdom slowly who stood up and without looking far the big question popped out of his lips as he glare sceptically at the room without a single clue of Mirabel where about.

“where is Mirabel?? “.he inquired with a fearful voice amidst confusion and immediately Isabella bursted into an uncontrollably tears which she could not hold on to anymore.
“I don’t know”.she cried out slowly increasing his fear and perplexity.

To be continued……

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