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How To Start Goat Rearing Business In Nigeria With Small Capital And Make More Money

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Goat Rearing Business In Nigeria

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A fairy tale or lies you might have been told about goat rearing business is that “it’s kinda stressful“…. Permit us here at All Naija Entertainment to break your heart, cos on a normal norm or reality, it’s ain’t stressful as you’ve been told!.
Not disregarding the fact that goat rearing nature is an “extensive method” stuff, and of course, nearly everyone around us that rears goat seems to be committed to this method. But still, goat rearing is a “Semi-extensive(intensive)” form of agriculture.
Meanwhile, with the aid of a concerned Nigerian and a business mogul, whom enlightened us here at All Naija Entertainment that; Goat rearing business in Nigeria cannot only make you a thousand-naire, but a millionaire if well maintained.
According to the business mogul in person of Tsekohol Denison, whose enlightenment goes thus;

Don’t be jobless, because you can easily bank ₦1,500,000 rearing goats for meat purpose.

I know your mind is fighting you right now with words like: “This guy is lying“. Please, rinse your mind.

Back to business.

For people who have been with me on this journey of constantly educating African/Nigerian youths on agribusiness, you might notice this the second time I will be discussing Goat Rearing for business.

Goat rearing business has been highly under-tapped in our country Nigeria because the majority of our rural farmers keep goats as a side hustle.

Their focus isn’t really rearing goats for commercial purpose.

I am not assuming because I did the market survey last year in different rural markets in Benue state and I was amazed at how much money was from goat rearing.

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I went to a market last year, and the least goat was sold for ₦15,000. We(Me&Dad) had an occasion in my village and when it comes to village people matters, we give them the best.

We bought one matured goat for ₦31,000 cash. Let’s assume you the farmer and you sold 50 goats in a year at ₦30,000 each.

See money: ₦30,000×50=₦1,500,000.

That’s ₦1.5M cash.

Maybe rearing goats for meat isn’t profitable in your current locality, but is a mega money-generating business in some states.

I traveled to Imo State a few months ago and observed that goat meat was reserved for people with strong taste and equal financial backup.

Goat meat is gold for the big guys only.

Go out and ask for a small piece of goat meat in your local market, maybe you’ll understand me better.

There’s money there my fellow Nigerian youths.

How can we make this money?

Good question.

Start a commercial goat farm today.

It takes 3-5 months for a female goat to deliver and a good breed can deliver 2-3 goats at once and can deliver twice a year.

For the big guys with money, let’s do some money calculations.

Let’s assume you start the farm with a minimum of 10 goats, 3 male, and 7 female.

Now 7 reproduce a minimum of 2 goats each, that’s 14 goats in the first 6 months and a baby goat cost a minimum of ₦8000; Not bad for someone who was jobless, hunting for jobs.

Remember: Your 7 goats will reproduce the next period together with their babies. Give your farm for 3 years and you’ll worth millions of naira.

The mortality rate in goat is low. You’ll spend less money on drugs(All things being equal).

Now, feeding of goats isn’t difficult(depending on your farm location) because goats usually feed on grasses.

And if you are Nigerian youth from the south-south, make use of that green vegetation at your backyard.

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Goats feed can easily be formulated for proper nutrients to boost productivity and once you start the farm, you should learn how to do formulate standard feed.

See eh: Don’t just migrate to urban towns and be sleeping in motto park with the mindset our Nollywood sold to you, go home with sense make money.

Your community people are importing goats worth billions of naira annually from neighboring states, but your environment is favorable for rearing goats and you doing nothing?

Do something, please.

Disclaimer: The information above is just a guide, interested persons are advised to do deep.

And that’s it guys! Do you find this useful? Do you want us here at All Naija Entertainment to write more deep-tips about goat rearing in Nigeria or any other country? Kindly let us know via the comment section below……

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