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ISABELLA – Battle For Supremacy (Season 3 Complete Episodes)



ISABELLA is not just a story to read but a story to read and benefit something amazing from!. We do hope that you get to learn from this. Written By Etz Sky Prince
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15 years ago the unimaginable happened on the earth. An event that almost destroyed every crook and crany of the earth crust including the multi Lives existing within and beyond the spherical earth. A fierce battle launched on the earth when a mermaid fell in love with a human and she refused to go back as instructed by her mother who is the queen of the mermaids of that part of the universe, Africa and Nigeria to be precised. Though only those who were involved in it knew what happened as they tried so hard to cover up the tracks properly away from the world to avoid digging deep into the unknown. But can they??.. Only time shall tell.

**Deep inside isiama river**

So many changes had occurred in the clave during the past years as it was bound by all the mermaid claves to experience changes as they grow censoriously aged. A big statue of Isabella was made in the middle of the glowing Palace as commanded by Luciana rebounded with Every ointment and precious glowing stones and rubys to mark the departure of the once greatest isiama mermaid and the greatest mermaid the whole of the world has ever produce “Isabella “.the queen mother sat on her glowing beautiful throne staring at the Beautiful Palace and her royal servants and ambassadors singling lullaby to put smile on her moody face, she has been like that for months now and the Kingdom was throw down in deep worried as she refused to cheer up nor tell anyone about what was bordering her. Of course everyone had a clue on what it might be but they could not just understand why the sudden mood swing when it has been over 10 years since her daughter chooses to battle against her like for the love of the humans. At the beginning after her departure the queen mother was filled with hatred cursing and vowing everyday under her breath to pay her back in her own coin and as times goes on she became friendly and accommodative once again only to switch into a mood which no one in the kingdom was able to decipher a meaning to. Tracy sat down at the left hand side of the queen ,she had assumed the position of Isabella as the princess of isiama ever since Isabella chooses…….. Continue Reading Here



Isabella Episode 76Battle For Supremacy Episode 01

Isabella Episode 77 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 02

Isabella Episode 78 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 03

Isabella Episode 79 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 04

Isabella Episode 80 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 05

Isabella Episode 81 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 06

Isabella Episode 82 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 07

Isabella Episode 83 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 08

Isabella Episode 84 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 09

Isabella Episode 85 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 10

Isabella Episode 86 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 11

Isabella Episode 87 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 12

Isabella Episode 88 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 13

Isabella Episode 89 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 14

Isabella Episode 90 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 15

more episodes loading…….

============= NOT COMPLETED YET =============

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2 years ago

why can’t I open episode 13-15 for battle of supremacy

1 year ago

Please why cant i access Isabella Episode 88 / Battle For Supremacy Episode 13 and the continuation .

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