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How To Fix Lagging On Android For Gaming | Make Your Phone Even More Faster. Very Simple!

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Fix Lagging On Android For Gaming

It gets really more boring when operating a very slow mobile phone. But hey! Hold on! Before you go about giving away or throwing-off your precious phone, wait a minute, we’ve got a solution to your slow droid!

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Watch Video Below:

NOTE: We’ll be quite straight and brief with the steps. Meanwhile, we highly recommend you to check out the video for visual guidelines. If you’re however cool with texts guidelines only, then flow along with us below; You Can Also Check Out Easiest Way To Copy/move/transfer Files From Phone To Usb Drive Using OTG

Step 1: Go to your phone “Settings” and stroll down to “Build Number“.

Step II: Tap “Build Number” till the “steps away” is done, and then you’d get a pop up message saying “You are now a developer“. (The purpose of this is to enable the/your “Developer Option”.)

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Step III: Go back then click the “Developer Options“. (“Developer Options” is like a backend/dataroom for your phone.)

Step IV: Enable the developer option. (You can play around the stuffs in the developer options… But remember to play safe to avoid turning the whole device upside down.)

Step V: Tap “window Animation Scale“. Then click on “Animation off

Step VI: Go back again, then click on “Transition animation scale“, then click “Animation Off

Step VII: Same step goes for “animator duration scale.

Step VIII: Enable the “Force 4x MSAA“.

And boom!… You’re good to go! Get ready to have a blaze and lagging-free droid! Enjoy! Meanwhile if you face any issue or error while trying this out, kindly use the comment section below to interact with us here at All Naija Entertainment while we give you a response for fixes!…

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