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Complete/Full List Of Data Centers In Nigeria, Location, Owner And Founded Dates



With the operating standards of Hosting companies/firms in Nigeria, one would always thought there isn’t a single Data Center powering various hosting packages they offers.

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Nigeria being the largest in Africa, with the population rate the country carries, it’d always beat one’s imagination on how funny her Tech’s graph ain’t hiking up speedily in terms of making big stuffs. Although, one shouldn’t however despised how surprising the internet usage has grown so far though.

Due to massive complaints on how stressing hosting in a Nigeria Hosting Company can be from various individuals whom had already hosted their business online through building web-pages(websites), we here at All Naija Entertainment had to carry out a survey on Data Centers that are available within the country itself.

Before we gets down to business, let’s quickly have a stroll-check and a break-down on what a Center is and it’s usefulness or purpose.

What Is/Meaning Of Data Center.

Data center comprise two keywords which are “Data” and “Center“. Whilst Data means raw materials or A representation of facts or ideas in a formalized manner capable of being communicated or manipulated by some process, “Center” also means An area that is approximately central within some larger region.
Wherefore, Data Center means Facility used to house large networked computer systems and associated components, e.g. for distribution of data or providing cloud computing services.

Importance/Uses/Benefits Of Data Center.

In most of the cities, our life relies on the functioning and availability of one or multiple data centers. It is not an overstatement. Most of the things in every segment of human activity such as energy, lighting, telecommunications, internet, transport, urban traffic, banks, security systems, public health, entertainment and even our physical integrity are controlled by data centers. Continue Reading…..
For full information on Data Center and it’s purpose, check out here.

Why Do You Needs A Data Center?

Organisations dependent on technology to deliver critical and sensitive services — software applications, payments, real time transactions — to customers. Common examples in this first group includes, banks, fintech companies and telcos. Generally, any company storing large volumes of data and relying on the integrity of this stored data for internal and external business processes.

Why Pay For A Data Center?

Even though costs usually depend on space allotted and operational cost of the infrastructure, data centres are generally expensive. Most companies that need them cannot afford one so they resort to shared data centres. If and when they can afford one, it is not economically advisable to own them as cost and burden of operation can be a distraction.

Data centre outsourcing or colocation as it is called is a speedier, nimbler and commercially more viable alternative to owning the infrastructure.

Lists Of Data Centers In Nigeria And Their Locations.

So far, as of 2019, Nigeria’s got 7 working Data Centers in Country and here’s the list.

1. Rack Centre Limited

Address/Location: Plot 18, Jagal Close, Oregun Lagos, Jagal Cl, Lagos
Phone/Contact Number: 01 700 5500
Owner(s)/Founder(s): Loading…
Founded Date: Loading….

About Rack Centre Limited

Rack Centre is the first and only truly carrier neutral state-of-the-art Tier III Constructed Facility Certified data centre in Africa offering colocation, content distribution, interconnect and Cloud services.

The most connected Tier III constructed facility certified in Africa; it features connection to over 30 of the major carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Nigeria, Tier 1 networks, pan Africa international carriers, and direct connection to all 5 undersea cables serving the South Atlantic Coast of Africa; every country on the Atlantic coast of Africa is directly connected to Rack Centre.

Its CloudonGround™ services offers locally hosted comprehensive Cloud and content distribution marketplace. CloudonGround™ brings the hosting of world class Cloud services to Nigeria reducing the entry threshold to high quality Cloud services to the West African region. Rack Centre’s extensive connectivity enables consumption of global Cloud services. Continue Reading Here…[Know More About Rack Centre Limited]

2. Dataflex Nigeria Limited

Address/Location: 227B Muri Okunola St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Phone/Contact Number: 01 271 3340
Owner(s)/Founder(s): Loading…
Founded Date: Loading….

About Dataflex Nigeria Limited

Dataflex is a leading IT Solutions and Services Company operating in Nigeria for over 30 years. We have evolved to become an organization driven by the desire to offer solutions to meet client requirements through strategic partnerships with world-class technology partners. With a total staff strength of 65, we collaborate to deliver exceptional customer experience to our clients.

Our business model is centered around partnering with multinational technology organizations. We collaborate to resell industry solutions that address the unique requirements of our clients. Continue Reading Here…. [Know More About Dataflex Nigeria Limited]


Address/Location: 18b Estaport Ave, Gbagada 100242, Lagos
Phone/Contact Number: 0803 758 6405
Owner(s)/Founder(s): Loading…
Founded Date: Loading….

About Excelsimo Networks

Excelsimo Networks Limited is a Nigerian telecom company, licensed to provide Internet Services by the Nigerian Communications Commission – NCC.
We are a company with experience and deep technical skills in Dedicated Internet Services Provision, managed Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point Network Connectivity, Data Center and Co-location services.
Excelsimo Networks has a state-of-the-art Teleport located at the heart of Gbagada, Lagos, with a Tier III Data Center and a redundant Internet Back bone built through our own Optics Fiber Cable for best breed quality of service, with a foot-print that covers Nigeria. We also pride ourselves as having some of the brightest minds the Nigerian telecom industry has to offer. Continue Reading Here… [Know More About Excelsimo Networks]

4. MainOne

Address/Location: 3B Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Phone/Contact Number: 0809 040 4000
Owner(s)/Founder(s): Loading…
Founded Date: Loading….

About MainOne

MainOne continues to invest significantly in bringing the benefits of digital transformation across West Africa. With the influx of private capital coupled with a huge working population, the continent is increasingly empowered to drive growth and development. Continue Reading Here….. [Know More About MainOne]

5. IBM

Address/Location: Churchgate St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Phone/Contact Number: 0806 029 5308
Owner(s)/Founder(s): Loading…
Founded Date: Loading….

About IBM

Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, Watson lets you learn more with less data. No matter how you use Watson, your data and insights belong to you − and only you.
Build with advanced data and AI tools on IBM Cloud – the full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private and hybrid environments. Continue Reading Here…. [Know More About IBM Nigeria]

6. Alausa Datacenter Ikeja

Address/Location: Loading…
Phone/Contact Number: Loading..

Owner(s)/Founder(s): Loading…
Founded Date: Loading….
More Information About Alausa Datacenter Ikeja loading……

What do you think about these Data Centers? React in the comment section guys! Don’t forget to share with friends and keep tabs on All Naija Entertainment for latest updates and trends.

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