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6 Essential (Must Know) Things To Know Before Lodging Into Any Hotel In Nigeria, Any Country In The World

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Essential (Must Know) Things To Know Before Lodging Into Any Hotel In Nigeria - ANE Travels

Lodging an hotel entails many things. Locating best hotels might seems pretty stressful but knowing what to do before moving in must not be despised.

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That’s why we picked out Things To Know Before Lodging An Hotel.

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In every business, location plays a very important role. Same cruciality goes for lodging an hotel.
When booking hotel, the first thing you should look into is the location. Of course you don’t wanna end up in an hotel in the middle of sambisa forest. LOL right? You do really know that’s true.
So before lodging into an hotel consider the location before moving in.


A popular adage says “Life First“.
Emergency management plays a significant role in every hospitality commercial enterprise. Providing the highest levels of safety standards and security ensures good marketing for every hotel by preventing an accident before it becomes a major issue causing loss of life and property.
Some hotels lack proper security, so it can be easily accessed by people trying to do something nasty.
Therefore, before lodging into an hotel consider the security standard before moving in to avoid traumatic situations.


Of course, one of the major role of an hotel is provision of shelter.
Hotels offer a variety of room types according to different budgets – from standard rooms to presidential suites.
When booking a room, pay attention to the relevant room to the pricing on their websites. They usually present the cheapest price for the standard room. The rate increases when it comes to presidential suite.
Therefore, before lodging into an hotel it is advisable to consider the room type before moving in.

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Foooood! Yes Food! It’s very essential!..
Let’s shock you! Do you know that; some hotels don’t allow bringing of food into the hotel (you can sneak it in though). Most hotels do this because of security issue because don’t wanna get implicated if something BAD happens. So when you get stopped for carrying food into the hotel, always know it’s for security reasons.
While that’s that, also take note of the meals they offer, if it’s consumable by you to avoid story that touches.
Therefore, before lodging into an hotel, it is very much recommended to check their meal supplication before moving in.


Always open” doesn’t mean the hotel bar, pool is available 24/7. Be sure you know the hours for the swimming pools, the spa, and the restaurants.
Therefore, take note of operating hours of the hotel before lodging to avoid “Had I know“.


The first thing people usually do when booking an hotel online is look at pictures on the hotel’s website or the search engine.
We here at ANETravels provides these also, for easy reach, check out videos on hotels.
Most important thing one should note when checking the pictures of the hotel is to pay attention to the pictures of the hotel itself. From research, it’s come to our consent that some hotels displays pictures of attractive sections of the area to draw swift attention, whereby dishing out no or fewer pictures of the rooms.

Of course photos showing the hotel’s surroundings are pretty nice and can provide extra information regarding the area, but the focus on their rooms and maintenance shouldn’t be despised no matter what in order to bring what they offer to guess’s awareness.

It’s quite obvious some hotels don’t look exactly same as what’s in the pictures they displays.
Therefore, it’s very important to check the details of the room to understand the actual size of the room.

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You can always write to us about an hotel you love and want to know more about. We here at ANE Travels won’t hesitate to get you necessary details you need to know about it.

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