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COZA: 7 Facts That Needs To Be Questioned About Busola Dakolo And Coza Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s Saga.



Busola Dakolo And Coza Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Following the rape allegation between the wife of a Nigerian song writer, singer and ‘Iyawo Mi’ crooner, Timi Dakolo‘s wife, Busola Dakolo and the Senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly(COZA), Biodun Fatoyinbo which has been the back and fronts and trend all over the media (both online via social media, websites, medias and offline via mouth-to-ear and hear-says) since the outbreak on Thursday 27th And Friday 28th of June, 2019. We here at All Naija Entertainment therefore arrived at 7 key facts from the whole incident which needs to be questioned.

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While various celebrities has been reacting(has reacted) towards the issue via their social media handles, both #Team_TimiDakolo et #BusolaDakolo(istandwithbusoladakolo) hasn’t been holding it lightly, more fire has been threading from #TeamCOZA et #Biodun_Fatoyinbo(istandwithbiodunfatoyinbo) also. Someone even said, at the moment COZA‘s prayer warriors must have commence a fasting and praying feast over the clash!!! AHAHA! That might be true though.

According to the saga or allegation;

Busola Dakolo, a mother of 3 and wife of Timi Dakolo, in an interview with Y-TV, narrated how Pastor Biodun allegedly raped in the morning hours in her home and afterwards made her take in a soft drink.

Timi Dakolo had accused Fatoyinbo of taking advantage of women in COZA, and leaving them emotionally broken afterwards. Read full details here.

Here are the 7 facts derived.

1. A claim from various sources has it that the husband of the rape victim, Busola, in person of “Timi Dakolo was a former member of the church and a choir master” while;
2. The rape victim herself, Busola Dakolo was also “a former choir mistress in the church“. WAWU!
3. Same source also said that; “Both husband(Timi Dakolo) and wife (Busola Dakolo) were forced to marry each other after making two consecutive babies, when he(Timi Dakolothe husband) had denied the first pregnancy.
4. The second rape scene took even in a car after the pastor’s wife birthed his first child.
5. The first rape scene which was acclaimed to have ended up breaking Busola Dakolo‘s virginity took event in her house.
6. The first official/initial response from the rape-accused in person of Biodun Fatoyinbo, was on social media, a ‘behind keyboard-ed(typed)’ documented writing which has the brand(church – COZA)’s attachment/tag on it.
7. The first or fire-back response from a pastor in person of Wale Aladejana claims the whole event was a plot from Timi Dakolo’s family to help him(Timi Dakolo) sell his upcoming songs.

We here at All Naija Entertainment  however have different opinions to these claims from the whole scenario.
Though the whole event has been “batched or scheduled for a court judgement” – according to the Biodun Fatoyinbo’s response, we still find all awkward-ish. Starting with the first point above.

– Timi Dakolo Was A Choir Master

Hell yes! With the religious-graph increase in Nigeria, it is much more understand-able that nearly everyone has in one way, or the other ‘ve-been involved in Religious activities during their early age. In fact, one can say nearly all Nigeria celebrities(even the likes of Omawumi, Waje and others) were all once churchy(religious) in one way or the other. So saying Timi Dakolo was once a choir master and a church member of COZA ain’t really surprising! That’s pretty normal.

– Busola Was Once A Choir Mistress.

Just like the first optics attached to Timi Dakolo being a choir master at COZA, same stuff is applicable to this also.

– They Had Knacked(Had Sex) Each Other And Were Forced To Marry.

Wawu! Here comes the real deal! A quick question!
Can two people whom were forced to marry each other loved each other to the extent of showcasing and professing it every now and then on social media“?


View this post on Instagram



A post shared by Timi dakolo (@timidakolo) on

Lmao! The answer sounds puzzling right? Well, we had same here at All Naija Entertainment.

In conclusion,
we don’t really think this is true, cos you can never force love!.
You can only force a horse to river but can never force it to drink water“.
So where-ever that fact is coming from, the source need to be questioned deeply of where he/she’s sourced-out his/her facts regarding this.

– Second Rape Scene Took Event In A Car.

Oops! That’s pretty absurd! Inside car kwa?!
There’s a funny saying that; “having sex inside car is one of the sweetest experience one should have“. Though the saying might be true and funny at the same time ‘but’….
Wait, what’s ‘but‘?
‘But’ remember Ice Prince‘s Kizz Daniel‘s Fvck You cover lyrics had a part where he mentioned Ubber driver knacking her ex-babe inside a car with a back-flip style. Oops! Ahaha!
No more ‘but‘ guys! Let’s hit the nail on the head.
What were you thinking when he stopped his car, pushed you to the passenger’s seat, removed your top, rolls your trouser/skirt down, unhook your bra and pants you down without making a single move rather than to stare at him while unhooking his pants to un-box his ‘dick‘ to ‘knack you‘. And you didn’t make any noise?
Shuu! That probably means you’d enjoyed his ‘dick‘ during the first knacking nah! Cos for you to refuse making/showing any repelling sign means you really love what he’s doing!. Madam probably enjoyed the dick!

– First Rape Scene Took Event In Her House.

Hey! Hol up guys! Before you go about thinking we’d criticize her for not crying out for help from neighborhood, let’s quickly have some quick ‘reason-together’ excepts, pros and cons perhaps!.
* An eighteen (18) year-old virgin girl must of course have friend who’s been deflowered and must have talk her through what it feels to have ‘sex‘ and all those funny and shabby girlie-stuffy-discussion and talks.
* Being betrayed by someone you trust in most cases always seems like a film-trick(magic), and an 18-years-old girl who’s acclaimed to have been trying her hands out in ‘sex’ for the first time must probably be dumb-founded and can’t know how to react.
* How we react to issues facing us as human is quite different from each other, you know that’s true, ain’t it?.

But wait, she actually opened her mouth to drank that F*cking(absurd! – not allowed on ANE) CREST!?!
WAWU! This one loud o!!!
What do you guys think about this?

– First Response Came Through Online Via Typed Document.

building a brand is literary easy compared to maintaining it when it’s finally rose to climax“.
Thank goodness! When the report of the alleged rape saga reached us here at All Naija Entertainment, our first impression was to inform people to take hold of the accused(Biodun Fatoyinbo) under proper checking so as not to commit ‘SUICIDE!!!‘. Cos moments like this is such a tempting times when suicide‘s voice would be echoing “do it! Do it!!” to ear of the victim.
It’s really a big wawu getting a response from the accused in less that 24 hours of the alleged accusation.
But that’s ain’t too cool enough though, cos we here at All Naija Entertainment had expected an ‘in-person’ speech defense/response from him instead of hiding behind keyboard response.
Ain’t everybody that’s eligible to read your response sir!!!.
Don’t also disregard the fact that out of 100% of people online only few see pictures while the rest are on FREE MODE. AHAHAH!

– Timi Dakolo’s Plot To Make Songs Sales With The Saga.

According to the response from Wale Aladejana, he said;

Timi and wife are a pawn in a conspiracy and also because it will help him sell some records which he desperately needs to sell, they will also trend for a while, she has already opened, an online platform to cash in on the drama just like @esewalter and then it’s over!” –  Read Full Details Here

WTF! Dude! That’s an hate speech!!
By the way, do you think Timi Dakolo and Busola ain’t ghat things to lose too?
You mean with over 1.5 million Instagram followers of Timi Dakolo and close 1 million followers of Busola Dakolo, the next option is to cause a chaos just to sell out tracks? You must be joking!

What’s more pretty obvious from his response was that he had to involve other people like Daddy Freeze and Chude Jideonwo into the matter.
Can’t you just make your support speech without fueling the flame and keep shut?!!
Rape case ain’t a jump-into stuff, you need to make deep diggings before knotting off your speech.
By the way, the two rape scenes doesn’t have any proof! Ain’t no CCTV footage, captured stuffs or anything!

Guys! Rape and rape case(s) ain’t a jump-into stuff. It’s quite normal to criticize things and people when it goes wrong. But please be ‘fair‘ with your criticisms.

Also, before you go about throwing bottles and beating yourself over things that doesn’t really matter. Remember; this is a big men(celebrities)’s fight, they might even end up sealing everything as a table talk, while you’re there killing yourselves. Also remember that it was Busola that was raped and not Timi Dakolo‘s wife cos they weren’t married when the whole alleged rape case took event. So TAKE IT EASY. We here at All Naija Entertainment loves you!!!! Muah!

What do you think about the ongoing trolls between Busola Dakolo, Timi Dakolo, COZA and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo – (A fight between celebrities and a religious organization (Church)?
React in the comment section guys!

Quick Checks Before You Go!

Who Is Timi Dakolo/Biography?

Timi Dakolo (born; January 20, 1981) is a Nigerian singer. He emerged winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007. With his victory, he got a recording contract with Sony BMG, in addition to other prizes. He married his sweetheart, Busola Dakolo (nee Amupitan) in 2010. They have three children

Timi Dakolo was born in Accra, Ghana to a Nigerian father, Bayelsa-native David and a Ghanaian mother, Norah, who died when Dakolo was thirteen years of age. Despite being born in Ghana, Timi has a Nigerian passport and does not claim dual citizenship. His grandmother Ateni Dakolo and his aunty Susan Larry, who lived in Port Harcourt raised him, and he credits her as his early singing teacher. So deep was their relationship that Timi declined an offer to move to Lagos with his parents, opting to stay back in Port-harcourt with his grandmother.

Timi started singing in church at the age of twelve. In 2003 he joined the singing group Purple Love as a founding member. They dominated the Port Harcourt club circuit, but disbanded in 2005 as all its members had gained admission into the University of Port Harcourt. Around that same period, Timi won a local talent hunt contest G.E FACTO held in Port Harcourt.

In 2006, Dakolo auditioned for reality show Idols West Africa in Calabar. His songs of choice were Commissioned’s More Than I and Lemar’s Time to Grow. His vocals impressed the judges, and he was seen as a contender for the prize. A week before the viewing of the Top 24 performances, Dakolo received the news that his grandmother had died.

Dakolo first auditioned in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria with Commissioned More Than I and Lemar’s Time to Grow.  While in the competition, Timi Dakolo was never in the bottom 3. In the final three weeks of the competition it was revealed by the producers of the show that Timi had the highest number of votes each of those weeks.

While in the competition, Timi’s grandmother died, a week before the viewing of the Top 24 performances. This was a big emotional blow to him. At that time, he turned to his Christian faith for strength to pull through in the competition. Before going to Idols West Africa, Timi was a student of Communication Studies in the University of Port Harcourt.

After winning Idol West Africa in 2007, on January 1, 2008, on New Year’s Day, Timi Dakolo was shot at the lobby of the Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt. He had gone to the hotel to attend a church service in the company of his friends. The attack was a random act of violence by a faction of Niger Delta militants and did not target Timi. Although a hotel security guard was murdered in the attack, Timi escaped with a flesh wound, was rushed to the hospital, treated and discharged on the same day.

Timi Dakolo released his first single comprising three songs in October 2009.

In 2011, he released the song “There’s a Cry“. The music video was filmed in Nigeria. He is currently signed with Lone Records/Now Muzik. Timi Dakolo is one of the Judges on The Voice Nigeria.

Who Is Busola Dakolo/Biography?

Busola Dakolo is a mother of three(3) and the wife of Timi Dakolo. They met in a church, according to her she said “We met at the House on the Rock church. I was not searching then, but simply minding my own business when I spotted her.I was standing behind the choristers on the podium when I sighted this fine girl. I went to speak to her by asking her why she was frowning in church.”. Their first conversation was kinda cold:  I remember saying, “Hi, my name is Timi Dakolo,’ and she said, ‘and so?” She gave him a fake phone number: “You would not believe that she gave me a fake number and I started searching for her every Sunday until I finally caught up with her and challenged her for giving me a wrong number. It was my lucky day because that was how we started talking. This was in 2010.” Busola says “I gave him my genuine phone number but he thought it was a wrong one. Unfortunately, my phone got missing that day. After service, he followed us in a car to know where I was staying and later on, he kept coming to the house. While he kept asking me out, I realised he was different from other artistes. He turned out to be a wonderful person.” Their proposal story is unusual: I went to visit her and then put the ring in an empty plate of food. I was a little scared that she might say no but at the same time, I was convinced it was time to do it.” Busola says: “It happened early in the morning. He said he wanted to make me breakfast in bed then he came with the plate covered and stayed a few minutes. I wasn’t expecting anything more than noodles but he opened the plate and brought out a ring.”

Who Is Biodun Fatokubo/Biography?

Biodun Fatoyinbo is the senior pastor and founder of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), a church with congregation of several thousands of people, and has several Worship centres in neighbouring states.

At least twice as many people as the number of COZA congregation is believed to listen to Pastor Biodun’s  sermons all over the world, including countries like the United States of America, Mexico, and neighbouring African countries.

Biodun Fatoyinbo has been accused of sexual harrasment in recent time. A lady called Ese Walters accused him in 2013 and this was followed by Busola Dakolo, who did this after an accusation from her husband Timi Dakolo on his Instagram page. The Nigerian gospel singer, Timi Dakolo in an Instagram post, alleged that victims were being paid to keep silent.

What Is COZA/History?

Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, commonly referred to as COZA, is a Nigerian church, headquartered in the city of Abuja. It was established in the city of Ilorin in 1999. Along with the headquarter in Abuja, the church currently has four branches in Ilorin, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Dubai. It is pastored by Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo.
The Church started in Ilorin in 1999. In 2008, it moved its headquarters to Abuja. A Lagos branch was opened in 2012, another in Port Harcourt in 2016 and then in Dubai in 2017. He also pays a weekly visit to the Dubai branch.

By Okoro Daniel O.

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