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[STORY] AMAKA The House Help (Final Episode 15)

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Last Episode.

Lisa: You’re back?
Daniel: Yes am back, so can you tell me what’s going on now?
Lisa: nothing, Let’s talk.
Daniel: About what?
Stanley:(interrupts) Daniel is this the Amaka you told me about? (Moving close to amaka)
Daniel: yeah it is.
Stanley: dear you’re so beautiful and gorgeous.
Amaka: thanks (smiles)
Stanley: i wish i asked you out first, Daniel give her to me.
Daniel: give you what?!
Lisa: it’s not like you own her, she’s a girl, so let him have her.
Stanley: what?!
Lisa: what is what? Thought you want her?
Daniel: you mean i should hand my girlfriend to him?
Lisa: you’re joking now right?
Stanley: he’s not dear, we’re not interested in you anymore(starts laughing).did i just say we?
Lisa: you must be joking, i know you’re just trying to push me away but am so sorry for what i did, please forgive me.
Daniel: am getting married to her next month, you can come if you want, excuse me…(he left them and went inside his room and Lisa pushed amaka and said)
Lisa: you stole my man from me?
Amaka: i didn’t tell you to cheat.
Lisa: what?
Amaka: yeah and if you don’t mind, I have to go and prepare something for them to eat.
Stanley: yeah am really hungry.
Lisa: oh my God (she picked her handbag and ran out of the house)
One month later, they got married, their marriage ceremony was wow and amaka on her own looked so beautiful, and thanks to the marriage, from there Stanley met Amaka’s sister . Few months after they got married, Daniel left the country with amaka so that she would finish her studies there, and which she did and gave birth to their first kids, twins, a girl and a boy
………………and they lived happily ……

========= THE END =========

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