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[STORY] AMAKA The House Help (Episode 13)

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Episode 13.

[Two Weeks Later]

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Daniel called amaka one evening cause he felt lonely, not having anyone to chat with, she came into his room and sat down on the sofa while he lay down on his bed, they were discussing till the ran out of topics to discuss on, then she asked.
Amaka: thought you were single when i first came here?
Daniel: i was.
Amaka: when did you start dating Lisa then ?
Daniel: i met her after that incident with your ex, we dated for a month and then i proposed to her the next month.
Amaka: so fast?
Daniel: anything wrong with it?
Amaka: no, just asking, anyway when is she coming back?
Daniel: she’s not coming back again.
Amaka: why?
Daniel: we broke up.
Amaka: when?!
Daniel: last two weeks.
Amaka: and why?
Daniel: she was cheating with your ex.
Amaka: Christian?
Daniel: i don’t know his name.
Amaka: seriously?
Daniel: you think am lieing or is it that you don’t want her to leave?
Amaka: why would i want her to leave? You love her, so if she apologized, you should take her back and see if she will cheat again.
Daniel: i don’t even know if i still love her.
Amaka: what?!
Daniel: i think i love someone else.
Amaka: whatever.
Daniel: do you want to know who it is?
Amaka: no!
Daniel: why are shouting? Are you jealous or angry?
Amaka: who is angry? Your love life is none of my business.
Daniel: are you sure?
Amaka: don’t ask me any more questions.
Daniel: why?
Amaka: am going to bed, good night! (She stood up and wanted to live, but he got up before her and closed the door)
Daniel: its too early for you to sleep, stay for 30 minutes then you can go.
Amaka: why would i? Move out of the way!
Daniel: please!
Amaka: no!
Daniel: then you’re not leaving! (Locks the door and puts the key in his pocket)
Amaka: what is it?
Daniel: what is what?
Amaka: unlock this door! Or..
Daniel: or what will happen?
Amaka: ok please i want to go and…….( before she could finish the statement, he kissed her and she stood there like a tree, not saying a word )
Daniel: amaka………, i love you.
Amaka: what?
Daniel: be my girl.
Amaka: what are you talking about?
Daniel: the girl i love is you, i want to spend the rest of my life with you please.
Amaka: can i think about this?
Daniel: what are you going to think of?
To Be Continued…..

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