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[STORY] AMAKA The House Help (Episode 07)

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Episode 07.

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For two months amaka didn’t leave the house again, she broke up with Christian and now spent time at home with Daniel, cause he stays at home and monitor’s his business, soon they started getting close to each other, she would always like to keep him company, at a time she started falling for him but was afraid to tell him cause she thought that he didn’t have the same feelings for her,so she decided to keep everything to herself, not until a lady visited them one day, then things changed around the house.
Amaka was in the sitting room watching movies while Daniel was in his room busy with his work as usual,she heard a knock on the door,she stood up and opened the door and saw this cute and gorgeous lady standing there,she kept on staring at her till the lady spoke out.
Lady: who are you?
Amaka: what?
Lady: did i come to the wrong house? No it can’t be!
Amaka: who are you looking for?
Lady: is this where Daniel lives?
Amaka: Daniel?
Lady: yes.
Amaka: oh you mean my boss?
Lady: your boss?
Amaka: yes.
Lady: whatever! Go and tell him that am here( walks in and sits down and amaka followed her and asked)
Amaka: tell him that who is here?
Lady: tell him that she’s here, he’ll understand.
Amaka: okay (she went into Daniel’s room and when he saw her, he dropped his laptop on the bed and asked her)
Daniel: what is it?
Amaka: someone is looking for you.
Daniel: who?
Amaka: she didn’t tell me her name?
Daniel: she?
Amaka: yes, she said that i should tell you that she’s here that you’ll understand.
Daniel: Lisa?
Amaka: i don’t know.
Daniel: am coming (he stood up and went to the sitting room and saw the lady sitting down there, she stood up immediately and hugged him)
Daniel: why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming back today?
Lisa: i wanted to surprise you, baby i missed you so much ( she kissed him)
Daniel: i missed you too, sit down, amaka will get you something to eat.
Lisa: who is she?
Daniel: she’s my house help, she’ll attend to you, i have to work.
Lisa: there you go again,always busy with work, you cant even welcome your fiancé properly.
Daniel: don’t worry, I’ll do that later! (He went back to his room and amaka went in to prepare something for her, she felt so heartbroken that she didn’t know when she started crying and right there Amaka concluded that she did the right thing by not telling him how she feels
To Be Continued…

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