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[STORY] ZADIRA – Another Love Journey (Episode 18)

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Episode 18.

“I’ll confess oohh… Don’t kill me Ijele” Felicia rolled on the floor crying profusely, the ghost of Ijele has come to haunt her after Ijakpa return with the verdict of the Spirit’s court. They are only permitted to stay in the mortal world for 12hours to complete their mission after ama helped the ancestoral spirits on Iyelbu day.

“I killed Ijele and his wife!” On hearing her screams and shouts every neighbours in the Estate rush to their apartment, to see the reason for such madness. Everyone wish the worse for her ’cause of her wickedness.

“Eeehhh!” Everyone in the gathering screamed in disdain, Michael looked surprised and wanted to know why his aunt will do such thing to his parents.

“I used love charm on my husband” she continued confessing when the spirit of Ijele attacked her angrily; the ghost is ready to attack her to death.

“No wonder!” A closer neighbour who lives close to their apartment retorted.


“Hello, Ijele. Where do you drop your keys?” Mbakwe said into the phone at his right ear, he raise the foot mat and took the keys. Ijele and Mbakwe are friends from University days, but Ijele isn’t aware of the kind of friend he is.

“I’ve seen it. Thanks bro.” he tug his phone into his pocket and unlocked the door, he went in switch on the television, took glass and juice, poured in juice into the glass and drink.

“Felicia, you are so beautiful.” Said Mbakwe who has been peeping through the window to see who opened the gate, surprisingly he saw the lady he is ready to kill his friend for. He has a perfect plan.

“Baby, are you home?” Felicia said as she dropped on the couch tiredly, she has just returned from work to find her fiance house unlocked. She took the glass on the table and downed it all in one gulp, she felt dizzy and she slept off.

“Thank you, Lord” Mbakwe jumped out of his hiding, his plans of drugging the drink that he dropped on the table has worked. He unbuckled his belt and had sex with her.


“Oohh…” Felicia winces in pains, her head ache when she awoke. She saw the bleeding which simply means Ijele has deflowered her, she smile inwardly. Ijele has cowardly broke his vow of not making love to her till marriage, she giggle and went inside.

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“What! You are pregnant? “Ijele fumed in anger; that is the third time she vomited that day. His eyes widen in realisation that Felicia has carried out her threat of having sex with another man if he refused to touch her before their wedding that will commence three days away.

“When you did it without condom, you don’t know it will result to this?” Felicia retaliated pointing finger at his face, she is very angry with the way he welcomed the good news. Ijele is a man of few words, he walk away leaving ranting Felicia inside the house.


“Excuse me; have you seen the occupant of this house?” Ijele went to see his friend to complain his plight to him, he find the house locked and he stopped a passerby who lives in the area to confirm if he has seen him. It’s over three Months now that he had not call or answers his mobile phone.

“No, nobody knows his whereabouts for months now” the Youngman said and walk away leaving confused Ijele behind, that has no other person to run to with his problems. He has decided to take action on his own without anyone’s advice, he isn’t aware that his friend is in police net.


“Mama and Brother, I find the woman I want to marry.” Jackson the younger brother of Ijele announced, Ijele stopped the wedding between him and Felicia after finding out that she cheated on him. He is now married to another woman.

“Ah, ah, Jack you didn’t even bring her with you for us to see her and bless both of you” the old woman complained, she has never seen such family introduction in her life time till today. Ijele remained silent he hardly talk.

“Mama and brother, you know her and is no other person than my love Felicia Barnabas” that name only brought opposition, but under the spell of blind love Jackson didn’t budge, he instead went ahead with the marriage without their consent.

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“Mother, I thought you said you have blocked her womb. She just gave birth to that stupid baby yesterday” Felicia bark, she had sworn that Ijele’s wife will never give birth. But for three years after she gave birth to Oliver in Jackson’s house. Oliver is just three years when Ijele’s wife got pregnant.

“Yes, I did what you requested my daughter. I don’t know what went wrong” the woman defended, she is a very a powerful witch in the clan and in the State. But Felicia has run out patience already.

“Mother, you just have to end all of them, Kill all of them.” Felicia said with venom, she now realised that the unbreakable love that they once had is now in the past. Tears dropped from her eyes as her mother carried out the assignment.


“Baby, I am not comfortable with us going out today” Ijele who has been struggling with his tie said; Beauty his wife hugged him and helps him out with his tie.

“Nothing is happening honey, we are all going for the occasion tonight” Beauty declared tickling little Michael in his hand, but the baby didn’t stop crying.

“Michael should stay with Ejiro” Ijele insist, the woman hand over her child to their house girl. But the baby didn’t shut up till his parents left him with Ejiro.


“Jesssuuuu!” Beauty screamed when a big trailer knock their car out of the road, their souls left their body before they could be brought to the hospital.

“Ooh Ijele!”

To Be Continued…

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