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Episode 02.

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“I see you! I know you killed my father! I saw you the day you took his heart. I saw you when you threw white stones at him! I know you are there! I can see you. I can see the white stones in your hands!” Onyeka shouted at the ghost by the window. His mother Nneoma and his siblings looked about the room completely shocked. They looked on in amazement as Onyeka advanced toward the window, barking at a ghost no one but him could see. “Onyiy, who are you talking to? There is no one at the window!” Nneka shouted. “No! There is someone there! The ghost who killed papa is standing there! For a week now he has been coming around our house!” “Stop! Onyeka stop! Onyeka stop talking about ghost! Please I beg of you, stop!” cried Nneoma.

The ghost by the window stood shocked. It did not know there was anyone in the household who could see it like a man sees another man. Most of them in the family had seen him, but only in their dreams. While the spirit pondered how a little boy like Onyeka could see it, Onyeka ran around the house looking for something. He was looking for a bunch of broom. It was believed by their people that a bunch of broom used for long by any household could drive a spirit away. In the absence of brooms, sand picked from in-between a woman’s legs could also do the magic. Since they were inside their house, there was no way Onyeka could pick sand from between his mother’s legs or those of Nneka his sister. When he found a bunch of broom, he made a dash toward the window and let the broom y.
Before the broom could hit the window, Nneka dropped to the floor in a heap and let out a bloodcurdling cry, “Arrrgh! Mama m o!!!” That was the last thing she did that night. At the window, a strong white light exploded and the ghost vanished. Onyeka was sure the broom had touched the ghost. “The broom touched it! Mama the broom touched it!” Onyeka cried out in excitement. Nneoma did not care about her son’s claims. Her attention was fixed on Nneka who had mysteriously fainted.


“Nneka! Nneka! Please wake up Nneka!” Nneoma cried out. “Onyeka, what have you done?! I told you to shut up about ghosts but you wouldn’t listen! Now look what you have caused!” “I didn’t cause anything mama! The ghost has been coming to our house for days. It was going to kill you tonight! It was going to throw those white stones at you and leave with your heart in the morning.” “I said shut up! Shut up!” Nneoma yelled and sprang to her feet. When she reached Onyeka she served him a hot slap to the face. Much to her shock, Onyeka took the slap bravely and refused to cry. “Why are you not crying? Are you now a wizard?” Nneoma asked. Onyeka did not reply her a word. He knew he would begin to cry if he tried to say a word to his mother. “Mama, Onyiy may be right. I saw something by the window. It threw three white stones at Nneka,” said Azubuike. “What has come over these children? There was nothing by the window and no one threw white stones at Nneka!” Nneoma screamed at Azubuike. “I am sure I saw something by the window when Onyeka was running around looking for a broom. Mama believe me, I saw something. The ghost was standing there!” Azubuike insisted.

“Gbam! Gbam!! Gbam!!!” a knock on the door left them frozen with fear. “Nneoma! Nneoma!! What is going on inside your house? Is everything okay?” The voice was that of uncle Chukwudi, Nneoma’s husband’s younger brother. Nneoma ran to the door and unbolted it. Chukwudi and two other men wielding cutlasses ran into the house. “Who is after you and the children?” Chukwu asked, his eyes darting about the room. When he saw Nneka foaming from the mouth on the floor, he dropped his machete and picked her up and bolted out of the house. Little Onyeka followed behind him.

Nneoma did not want her little boy to tell Chukwudi what he saw. “Onyeka! Onyeka!! Come back Onyeka!!!” Nneoma shouted, running after her little boy. One of the two men who had arrived at their house in the company of Chukwu grabbed the little boy and dragged him back toward his mother. “Uncle Adiele please don’t take me back to my mother. She does not believe in what I saw!” “What did you see, Onyeka?” Adiele asked. “I saw a ghrrr…” Onyeka began to cough terribly and slumped to the ground. Adiele picked him up and went in the same direction as Chukwudi.


They were going to Nwaraka’s shrine. Behind Nneoma threw herself to the ground rolling around and crying in a shot while Neoma’s neighbours swarmed around her comforting her and asking Behind, Nneoma threw herself to the ground, rolling around and crying. In a shot while, Neomas neighbours swarmed around her comforting her and asking what the matter was. Inside the house, Azubuike wrapped his right hand around his little brother Arinze and held a broom against a monstrous shadow which stood at the door. He tried to cry out for help, but his tongue was tied. Slowly, the huge shadow edged into the house. The little boy held the broom firmly and tried very hard to call for help, sadly his voice gave no sound. Sticking out of the shadow figure were broken thongs of broom. Ghosts never acted like this when they were attacked with brooms, God, what is going on here? Papa, if you can see from your grave what is going on here, please rise and help us, Azubuike cried in his heart.

To Be Continued…

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