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What Google said about the fate of Android in the future

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The lack of a clear position on the future prospects of folding smartphones is observed not only from manufacturers, but also from Google itself, which will adapt Android to the features of smartphones with folding displays. This follows from a statement by senior Vice President of the search giant Hiroshi Lockheimer, which he made on the sidelines of the MWC exhibition. According to him, the developers of the company will make the necessary changes to Android, gradually, when they begin to understand what users want.


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At the moment, Google is actively working with Samsung and Huawei to improve the Android OS, which will make the platform convenient for owners of smartphones with a foldable display, which are the future of the industry. Manufacturers have already prompted the developers of the search giant a few ideas to improve the operating system, but, says Lockheimer, this is clearly not enough to be considered adapted for use on folding machines.

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The fate of Android-in the hands of developers

“We have a lot to learn about how users interact with foldable smartphones thanks to [Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X],” says the top Manager. — The same can be said about software developers who are no less interested in understanding the phenomenon of devices in a folding form factor. It is possible that this process will be delayed for several years, as it happened with [applications], sharpened for touch screens.”

Lockheimer’s words can be interpreted in different ways, but it is clear that Google has absolutely no idea where to go next. Instead of showing the world what folding smartphones should be like, adapting the proprietary OS to emphasize their features, the search giant took off all responsibility and shifted it to third-party developers. Needless to say, if the company a few months before the release of Android Q does not know what name will receive the update.

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